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Auna PA-800 Full-Range PA Speaker Pair 8" Subwoofer 800W Max

Two professional PA speakers in bass reflex design with 400W max. performance each.

3-way system with 8" (20cm) woofer and two exponential horn systems for dynamic mids and crystal-clear high frequency ranges.

Robust housing with corner protection profiles and professional textile lining.

The Auna PA-800 PA speakers are a professional partner in providing sound for small to medium-sized parties and events.

Both PA speaker systems are designed with two bass reflex ports that extend the frequency response in the bass range and ensure a tingling bass. This is generated by the heavy-duty 8” (20cm) subwoofers, whose imprinted membranes prevent distorting vibrations. Medium and high tones are taken on by an exponential horn, which provides dynamic and powerful mids and crystal-clear highs.

With the PA-800 PA speakers, Auna pays special attention to good transport qualities and durability for a long life providing sound for your events. The stable housing is covered with a textile lining, providing protection against impact and shock. All corners are secured with plastic caps, while four rubber feet provide a secure, vibration-free standing. Both sides feature recessed handles for easy transport. Stable stereo terminals keep everything secure.

Product details


  • Two 3-way PA speakers in bass reflex design with 400W max. performance each
  • Extremely high load capacity
  • Extremely high sound pressure
  • Metal protective grille for bass
  • Side handles
  • Protection profiles on the corners
  • All bass with 4-layer voice coil and ventilated long push terminals
  • Push terminals
  • Durable and dampening carpet coating


  • 2 x PA speakers
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (one box): 30 x 57.5 x 27cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 7.2kg


  • Connections: stereo terminal
  • Subwoofer: 8" (20cm)
  • Mid-exponential horn: 17.5 x 5.0 cm
  • Tweeter exponential horn: 8 x 3.5 cm
  • Impedance: 3.2 Ω
  • Frequency range: 90 - 20,000 Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power:> 30W
  • High-quality textile lining

Operating instructions

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of John reviewed on 15/02/2017

Having been stuck at short notice for a pair of speakers I made the mistake of purchasing these. The shipping was on time and contact with the company was courteous and efficient. The product however is cheaply made and it shows. On unpacking, one of the corner protectors was noted to be broken. Glue was smeared over the fabric on the front of the other cabinet. The mid-range horn on one of the loudspeakers was dead and noted to be cracked at one of the corner screw holes. Despite being individually wrapped in plactic bags each loudspeaker was absolutely covered in dust too. Not a good impression or promising start. Contacting the company revealed that replacement parts are not available for these loudspeakers. I could have returned them but would be left in the position of having no loudspeakers to fufil my commitment. I have been unable to located a replacement mid-range horn of the correct size to replace the one that isn't working. The company did however make a goodwill gesture and refunded a small amount of money. The internals of the cabinets are not painted black in the area visible through the bass reflex ports but are the natural colour of the low quality chipboard / fibreboard used to construct the cabinets. In short my experience with the product has not been good. If I wasn't stuck I would have instantly returned them instantly. Spend a small amount extra with another well known suppler and get a better quality product. These had the potential to be decent with a little care but have failed dismally. I wouldn't be comfortable running the product at the advertised power level. They will be used for my current commitment then disposed of in favour of a pair of loudspeakers from a different company. The sound out of the working loudspeaker is acceptable for what it is but with an 8" sub don't expect any decent low frequency performance. The faulty loudspeaker sounds awful as you can imagine, missing its mid-range. Lesson learned.

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Auna PA-800 Full-Range PA Speaker Pair 8" Subwoofer 800W Max

  • Two 3-way PA speakers, with 400W max. performance each
  • Side handles
  • Protection profiles on the corners
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