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Blumfeldt Hanami CW 180 Light Tree Cherry Tree Lights Cherry Blossoms 336 LEDs Cold White

Decorative LED light tree with cherry blossoms to transform the home and garden into a romantic fairytale forest.

Sparkling magnificent lights: 336 cold white LEDs with low power consumption.

For creative decorators: customisable shape by flexible branches.

Are you ready for a magical forest? Your Blumfeldt Hanami LED light tree is constructed and set up with a few easy movements. Simply plug in the tree and let yourself be enchanted: 336 beautiful LED lights shine to make your light tree so beautiful that you will automatically be transported to a magical atmosphere. The romantic illuminations and ensuing mood elevation are impossible to escape.

The Blumfeldt Hanami light tree is there year-round. In summer evenings in the garden, when the blue dusk merges into dark night, the delicate branches of the light tree give a soothing, shimmering light. In winter, your light tree makes you forget your trees have long since lost their leaves, because it sets magical accents with its bright flowers. Your neighbors will thank you! Even indoors, you can transform your living room into an enchanted castle or an extravagant party location in no time, according to your preferences. The metal wire branches are cased in a dark plastic band, and give you additional options for creating your very own miracle tree - bend the branches into any shape you want. Why not form a heart out of the branches?

The Blumfeldt Hanami light tree is your easy solution for everyday enchantment.

Product details


  • 336 cold white LED lights in cherry blossom shape
  • May be individually designed by flexible branches
  • Easy to fix pedestal
  • 10 metre power cable
  • Low power consumption due to LED technology


  • 1 x cherry blossom light tree
  • Assembly manual in English (other languages: German)


  • Height: 180 cm
  • Width: variable adjustable
  • Weight: about 4.5 kg


  • For use in the garden and in the home
  • Easy care
  • Low power consumption due to LED technology
  • Light colour: cold white for special brightness
  • Protected IP44 transformer
  • Power supply 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz

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Blumfeldt Hanami CW 180 Light Tree Cherry Tree Lights Cherry Blossoms 336 LEDs Cold White

  • 336 cold white LED lights
  • May be individually designed through flexible branches
  • 10 metre power cable
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