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Sound & Light - find every piece of equipment you need for your party or to be a DJ!

We help people build affordable and quality PA equipment setups. HiFi-Tower specialises in live sound equipment, light effect sets, music insturments and microphones including all-in-one packages and kits to help beginners get started.

Audio gear can include everything that makes up live sound equipment packages, such as passive speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and more. We cater to beginners and professional alike, and there’s always a great deal to be found with us. PA equipment can be suited to a wide range of events, including presentations, bands, DJ’ing, discos, parties, weddings, churches, and more.  What can be found here is mostly live sound equipment suitable for these types of application. Active PA speakers are good way to create a more compact PA equipment kit, as it cuts down on the amount needed to create a working system. This is especially important when needing a portable PA system or need to take your show on the go in the UK.

What good are DJ decks without a professional DJ mixer to control the levels. We also have the best beginner DJ mixer, perfect for helping any budding DJ control his or her sound and it can also be used with karaoke equipment! Feel free to browse through the DJ Equipment shop where you will also find stylish and professional DJ headphones as well as all the essential DJ equipment cables and adapters to get your DJ systems up and running. HiFi-Tower’s starter DJ packages are especially made for beginners. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choices of expensive DJ equipment. Choose a beginner DJ package at an affordable price, and you’ll be supplied with the necessary PA speakers, amplifier, and accessories you need to get started! The right set can also double as a home stereo system.

Moving along the Lighting & FX category, check out our low priced strobe lights. These strobe lights are flashing disco lights at variable speeds and are the perfect Lighting & FX equipment for parties, clubs and discos. What are disco lights and what is stage lighting? Just ask us anytime! Additionally we stock LED Party Lights for sale in our online lighting & FX electronics shop. Here you will find mushroom lights, outdoor lightings, discos balls and music more. Amongst our lighting effects range we also have quality moving heads and scanners which allow you to create automated lighting & FX and these work great with strobe lighting and even disco lights. When purchasing your lighting & FX equipment be sure not to forget your LED Light Effects. We have lighting brackets, strobe light stands and all the lighting cables you need to compliment lighting equipment. Once you have your disco lights in your shopping cart why not check out our DJ Mixers or DJ Decks.