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Car subwoofers on HiFi Tower: find your deal and lead with the bass

Music is a great companion when you are on the road; with a proper car stereo system, you can enjoy warm, enveloping sound even without having to give up precious space in your car. If you are looking to buy a new car subwoofer for the ultimate bass sound in your vehicle, you have come to the right place! Here you can buy new subwoofer car speakers for the ultimate party on the road! Your in-car bass will never be the same after shopping with us.

HiFi Tower is the best place online to buy new car speakers and car subwoofers. Car audio doesn’t need to be complicated either – we can help you every step of the way to choose the best products to suit your needs! We’ve got a few categories of subwoofers to make sure there is the perfect one for you. Our first category is active car subwoofers, which means the car sub and amp come together in one tidy package. Buying a car subwoofer doesn’t have to be expensive when you shop with us! Check out our passive car subwoofers if you prefer to match up your own car amplifier to power your car bass. We can put together car subwoofer packages for you if you need help matching the wattage of a passive subwoofer f with a car amp.

We offer you the ultimate car bass boxes and speakers, decked out with modern design and fun touches like flashing LED lights! And we even sell Car Subwoofer Component Speakers for the ultimate in customising your car audio sound system. Why not buy some accessories for your new car subwoofer? Along with your new subwoofer car speaker setup, we’ve got an incredible selection of car amplifiers, car stereos, as well as complete car sound systems. All this listening pleasure doesn't even require any significant changes to the configuration of your system, as even a small car subwoofer will make a huge difference and give you the sound pressure you are looking for.

Car subwoofer, mids and tops: in what do car speakers differ?

Car speakers translate the electrical signals they receive from the amplifier into the acoustic signals that are picked up by our ears, ensuring that the sound which is played back is faithful to the source signal. To achieve this high fidelity, the car speakers must interact optimally with the environment in which they are installed. When choosing car speakers, it will be essential to take into account the type of music you will hear, the kind of source, the amplifiers, the position inside the car. The treble waves, for example, propagate in a straight line. In contrast, bass waves are omnidirectional, so the different car speakers will have to be positioned in a particular way, depending on whether they are for bass or treble. Depending on the frequency range to be reproduced, car loudspeakers are subdivided into:

  • car subwoofer: for faithful reproduction of ultra-low frequencies (below 80Hz)

  • mid-bass (or woofer): for frequencies from 80 to 1000Hz. They are usually installed in the car doors, to leverage their volume and use them as a sound box.

  • mid-highs: for frequencies between 1000Hz and 4000HZ. They are generally installed as dashboard speakers

  • tweeters: these are small speakers used for the highest frequencies (from 3000Hz to 20000Hz), and must be positioned pointing towards the listener's ear and without obstacles.

Size is another crucial element when purchasing car speakers, which must adapt to the internal volume and space available. In some cases, car speakers are mounted on the rear panel together with the rest of the cabling, and if the measurements are not correct some adjustments may be necessary to adapt it; for this purpose, products typically include a reference model to help with cutting and adjusting.

Passive and active car subwoofers: your sound, your lifestyle

To fully enjoy your favourite music when you're on the go, volume alone isn't enough. The sound pressure level is less important than having a car stereo system that, as we have just seen, can fully reproduce a wide range of sound frequencies.

The car subwoofer in this sense is of great importance, as it will allow you to get the optimal low-frequency reproduction for each track. If you want to upgrade the sound of your car completely, you can buy a whole set of car speakers, but even just adding a car subwoofer will immediately give new life to your existing system. The subwoofer is easy to install, and you can opt for a model with a speaker to put in the boot, an under-seat subwoofer or a model to install in the rear floor pan. Regardless of where a car subwoofer is installed, you can distinguish between two categories:

  • Active car subwoofers: an amplified car subwoofer is equipped with an internal amplifier for the input signal, whose power is calibrated to the actual capacity of your already installed car speakers. This is an advantage, as you avoid straining the cabinet and damaging it by sending excessive power, and consequently, you’ll preserve its durability. As the amplification system is already included, the price of an active car subwoofer is higher than the other models. This solution, on the other hand, is also easier to install and does not require great knowledge of electronics; it will be sufficient to connect the device to the sound source - car radio, mp3 player, etc. - and the power supply to start using it.

  • Passive car subwoofers: this solution is designed for the most experienced listeners, who know exactly what they want from their car speakers and want to sculpt the sound output precisely. Unlike an amplified car subwoofer, a passive car subwoofer does not have an amplification system, so it will have to be driven by a specific car amplifier, whose choice will affect the overall performance of the system. For the installation, it is a good idea to have a technician assist you, to avoid making mistakes that could damage the system.

    Power output and materials for car subwoofers

    To achieve optimal performance, your car subwoofer must have the right power; it is measured in watts and is one of the main elements to compare different models. The greater the power, the greater the bass boost, i.e. the "roar" of the speaker and the surround sound sensation. Given the peculiarities of this type of car speakers, whose membrane has a greater movement than normal speakers, it is important to choose products made of high-quality materials, including Kevlar, polypropylene, aluminium or even carbon fibre.

    These materials are standard in high-end or medium-high end models which, although they are more expensive, will offer excellent results that you will enjoy for a long time to come. At the same time, you’d better avoid those made of urethane or even some very cheap models made of paper or cardboard fibres, which are unlikely to maintain adequate strength over time and will end up disappointing your expectations.

    How to install your car subwoofer?

    First, you need to gather the necessary tools for the installation. To install the car subwoofer in your car, you will need at least one cable for the power connection and a signal cable, in case you are using an external amplifier. Make sure you have these accessories before proceeding with the installation. Place your car subwoofer in the right place in your car, usually in the trunk or on the floor. Next, locate the wiring that goes from the amplifier to your car battery, so that it can receive power. You may need to drill holes to hide the wire under the boot or inside the car doors, so it is recommended that a specialised technician does this type of work. Don't forget to connect a ground wire from your amplifier.

    To connect the auxiliary cables to your car's player, you will need to install another cable running inside the passenger compartment; make sure to keep it far enough from the power cable, so as not to cause interference. Depending on the model of your car subwoofer, you may need to create a specific location in your car. Extra-flat car subwoofers with metal cabinet can be placed under the seat or in the trunk, next to the amplifier. Then connect the subwoofer to the amplifier via an auxiliary connection, depending on whether your product model has one or two channels.

    Other models of car subwoofer require the placement and installation of a cabinet: in this case, the installations should be carried out by a specialised workshop. You may need to use a capacitor to prevent voltage variations from occurring while using the car subwoofer, for example, when you turn on the lights and use the subwoofer at the same time.

    Once your car subwoofer and the amplifier are installed, you can finally enjoy surround sound with a quality bass from your car stereo. Some car subwoofers have a separate control, which you can connect to the subwoofer via a 3.5 mm jack cable. You can use a cable extender to place it in the most comfortable position, making it easier to control the subwoofer.

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