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Garden & Outdoor

Garden & outdoor: find all you need on HiFi-Tower

Welcome to Hi Fi Tower and our garden & outdoor section. On this page you can access a wide range of products to furnish and live your outdoor spaces in everyday life, counting on different practical solutions always characterised by a modern design and offering an excellent value for your money.

We aim to provide you with the best that the world of gardening and outdoor furniture has to offer in a single online shop, and we have selected for you a large number of offers that are not to be missed.

The products that you can find on sale belong to brands that follow the same philosophy: offering the customer quality, durable and attractive design products enhancing the interior and exterior spaces of your home and improving everyday life with innovative, yet straightforward solutions. And with the right price, because quality, functionality and beauty do not necessarily have to be synonymous with exclusivity.

Your journey to create an even more comfortable space in your patio, garden or terrace begins here. Visit our product categories, read the descriptions of our products carefully, and buy conveniently online without losing our offers.

Patio furniture: discover all our solutions for a comfortable outdoor living

Are you going to give a new look to the outdoor spaces of your home? To enjoy them at their best all year round, the choice of furnishing elements is crucial. Choosing the right outdoor table and chairs is the first step to give a new character and guarantee maximum functionality to your balcony, not only to eat but also to entertain yourself with your family and friends. Once you have chosen your garden chair, with our pads, cushions and pillows, you can add a final touch of elegance to your garden chairs, to spend unforgettable hours outside in full comfort. Try one of our Adirondack chairs: they are beautiful to look at and offer extreme robustness, making them one of the most reliable elements of your garden

To set up a corner of pure relaxation, you can also find beach chairs, comfortable garden loungers, and an incredible selection of one or two-seater swing chairs, available in different colours and designs, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere in your garden or patio. If you need to furnish your space from scratch, take a look at our garden sets: from dining lounge set to practical children picnic tables, when it comes to garden furniture, on HiFi Tower you find the garden furniture you need to transform your outdoor area into one of the most functional and comfortable parts in your home

Garden irrigation: find everything you and your plants need

Do you have a green thumb? Plants and flowers are an essential element of your terrace? That’s music to our ears! Our garden irrigation solutions, from simple plant pots made of different materials to greenhouses that guarantee the right temperature for your plants even during the coldest months, will surprise you with their innovative design and durability.

Whether you love watering your plants just with a garden hose or plan to install a more sophisticated system, we have just the thing for you. Using our irrigation sets, pumps and filters, you will be able to completely automate your garden with reliable technology solutions combining extreme ease of setting with advanced features, to meet every need. From robotic lawnmowers to handcarts and wheelbarrows, you can keep the growth of your plants under control at all times. And this also applies to your smart indoor garden, we can offer you different products, from nutrients to kits, seeds and all the accessories you need for your hydroponic planting.

A cosy patio, even during the coldest months: our outdoor heating solutions

Usually, people start to arrange gardens and terraces only when temperatures rise and summer approaches. Why wait? Thanks to innovative solutions for outdoor heating, today you can spend pleasant hours outdoors even in autumn and winter. Thanks to infrared heaters using infrared technology, you can eliminate that annoying feeling of cold and enjoy the warmth, almost as if you were kissed by the sun.

Simply turn them on, and in a few moments, people and objects will warm up. If you love the feeling of sitting and watching the fire in a fireplace, with our garden fireplaces you won't have to give up this pleasure even on your balcony. With a small footprint and an innovative design that makes it easy to escape and dispose of smoke, our garden fireplaces and fire bowls are an element that will warm you up and add an undeniable touch of class to your terrace.

Garden lights and decorations, to highlight the best your garden has to offer

There's no point in furnishing your garden with care if you can't illuminate it in the right way. For this reason, in our section dedicated to outdoor lighting, you can let yourself be inspired by the numerous solutions to illuminate the different spaces that make up your garden. From electrically or solar-powered globe lamps, to pedestal lamps and futuristic LED flower pots, you are literally spoilt for choice in deciding which shade and intensity of the light to give to the outdoor spaces of your home.

To make your garden truly unique, our set of garden decorations, which includes several models of garden water features , is undoubtedly a section of our website that you should visit. Let yourself be inspired and seduced by one of our garden fountains, and create a unique atmosphere, combining relaxation, well-being and unparalleled visual appeal. Available in different shapes, sizes and materials, our fountains are characterised by low consumption, and some are supplied with a small solar panel, to operate independently, without the need of connection to your electricity network.

Gazebos, awnings and canopies: structuring your outdoor space for maximum usability

If you are lucky enough to have a sufficiently large garden, why not divide it into different areas, dedicated to different activities? Jointed and side awnings allow you to play with the available space, creating different corners, and in addition to an elegant design, they also guarantee maximum privacy. If you want to create an exclusive area in which to place your garden table and chairs, to use it even during the hottest hours of the day when the sun beats down or maybe on a rainy day, a gazebo is certainly an interesting solution.

Gazebos are easy to assemble and disassemble, extraordinarily resistant and available in different models, it will give a completely different look to your garden, creating a space of conviviality to which your family and your guests will not be able to say no. Some models are also available with side awnings, and you will also find the necessary accessories to fix it correctly to the ground, for comfortable and safe use.

Grills & outdoor cooking: the ultimate BBQ experience with our sets and tools

Once properly furnished and arranged, it is finally time to stop, relax and enjoy your garden as you have always dreamed of. And what better occasion to inaugurate it than a barbecue with your friends? Our grills and outdoor cooking solutions allow you to set up an area to cook your favourite dishes with great ease and safety. Our charcoal and gas grills, smokers, dutch ovens and tripod grills are just a few ideas to inspire youand allow you to make a substantial leap forward when cooking outdoors for your family and friends. You can also find many barbecue utensils to express your culinary creativity at its best, including some sets that can support you in growing from grill beginner to a BBQ pitmaster in no time.

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