Beach Chair

Buying a beach chair<

Do you like to spend your holiday by the lake, or would you like to make yourself comfortable in the garden? Then you should buy a beach chair. All you have to do is adjust the backrest backwards and pull out the footrests. Then you can enjoy pure relaxation. Beach chairs protect you from the sun and wind. Read about the different models here.

Beach chair - holiday feeling at home

When you think of beach chairs, you probably have images of the Baltic Sea or North Sea in your mind's eye. Beach chairs bring this feeling home. Beach chairs protect you from the wind and allow you to enjoy pleasant hours of sunshine in the partial shade. At the same time, they give the garden or terrace a maritime flair and offer privacy, because they protect against prying eyes.

The different types of beach chairs and features

Beach chairs differ in design, for example red and white checkers or blue and white stripes. They are available with extendable padded footrests and a hood that can be lowered in several stages, including a support, so that the beach chair can be used as a full lounger. This creates a horizontal lying surface. There are also neck pillows, for example with the Hiddensee beach chair, which fascinates with its curved Baltic Sea style.

Footstools and cosy neck pillows provide even more comfort. If you want to move the piece of furniture from time to time, rollers make sense. In addition, carrying handles on the side make it easier to move.

Two-seaters measure around 120 centimetres in width. This comfortably accommodates two people.

When it comes to the materials, wood such as pine wood and weather-resistant PE rattan are of high quality. Polyethylene is used for the covers. It is weatherproof, colourfast and UV resistant.

Protecting beach chairs with a cover

Without optimal weather protection, beach chairs will not last as long. A beach chair cover offers you the opportunity to make your beach chair weatherproof thanks to the robust, water-repellent fabric. This protects it from environmental influences. Handling is easy: Pull the cover over it and zip up the zippers. In addition, there are Velcro fasteners on both sides. Ventilation pockets allow air circulation. You can also stay under the closed cover in unsuitable weather.

Buying a beach chair - you have the choice

Beach chairs are a very comfortable seating option. They let you relax and enjoy the fresh air while protecting you from the cold wind. This way, you can sunbathe from spring to autumn. A beach chair even keeps out small downpours. Beach chairs usually have a lowerable backrest. You can get comfortable sitting or lying down in this sophisticated piece of furniture. Special features at a glance:

  • Extendable footrests

  • Lowerable hood

  • Front flap that can be rolled up

  • Fold-out awning for sun protection

  • Neck pillow

  • Cuddly pillow

  • Folding table to place drinks or snacks

  • Storage pockets, for example for sunglasses or newspapers

  • Weatherproof beach chair hood

  • Floor rollers


Who are beach chairs suitable for?

The purchase is worthwhile for anyone who likes to go to the beach or would like to bring this feeling into their own garden. The Baltic Sea models look a bit more playful.

What should you look out for when buying?

Classic beach chairs are offered as two-seaters. Keep in mind that the chair will take up more space if you recline the backrest and extend the footrests. It is particularly important that the material is weatherproof and durable. A high-quality model has wheels and carrying devices. Useful accessories ensure more comfort. A beach chair cover is the right protection.

Why are full recliners popular?

With the full recliner, the angle of inclination is almost 90 degrees. This way, you can create a true lying surface if necessary. Half-reclining chairs, on the other hand, can only be tilted by up to 45 to 55 degrees. In a fully reclining model, you can stretch out comfortably.

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