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Stereo Systems

Reliability and convenience for all kinds of stereo system

In our shop you can find a wide range of devices and peripherals to listen to your music at its best. With our stereo systems, you can enjoy your favourite songs and get amazing sound quality. We offer you a wide range of stereo systems that are perfect for every occasion.

You can enjoy superb sound quality at home and outdoors. This way you can be accompanied by your favourite music everywhere.

Here you can find turntables, ghetto blasters and hifi systems. These are characterised by extreme ease of installation and use. Also by a standard of high quality.

Not only pleasing to the ear but with extreme attention to detail and eye-catching. Our home music systems meet every need.

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution but also love retro style? Our retro stereo systems guarantee the perfect mix of tradition and modernity, offering maximum versatility. Visit our product gallery to get inspired and choose the model that's right for you.

Mini hi-fi and stereo systems with lots of functionalities

The best stereo system is the one providing an ideal combination of compact size and engaging audio experience. Our offer includes stereo systems with Bluetooth interface and remote control, characterised by intuitive operation and maximum ease of use. Additional features such as LED display or remote control help to create the perfect configuration.

In our product gallery you'll find home audio systems with separate components and monoblock solutions. Also CD players and receivers for analogue and digital radio, to always tune in to the right frequency. Presets guarantee easy access to your favourite station, offering you a massive variety of music listening. Regardless of the type of playback, our stereo system and mini hifi systems will always impress you with their performance.

Retro stereo systems and sound systems for home

Do you attach great importance to aesthetic impact, as well as sound? Why not choose a retro design for your music system, then? Take a look at our vintage systems, offering a high visual impact that creates a unique atmosphere in every room.

Despite their old-fashioned appearance, our retro stereo systems feature next-generation technology. That includes a USB port to play your mp3s from external media. But also an equaliser with default settings and a convenient start-stop system.

Our karaoke systems also meet the highest requirements and are designed using high-performance components. From birthdays and corporate events to parties with friends, all our stereo systems ensure maximum flexibility of use.

From turntables to stereo systems with bluetooth: there’s a stereo system for everyone’s style

Vinyl and turntables are always a trend. They are indispensable for record lovers, constituting an iconic object whose importance goes far beyond just listening to music.

In our turntables section, you can find devices combining modern technologies. That make them perfectly suitable for use even in the digital age. Most models come with USB output for easy connection to your PC.

Thanks to their visually appealing design, they allow you to experience nostalgic moments. They add a special touch to your favourite tunes.

For maximum versatility of use, our hifi systems with turntable are equipped with built-in speakers. Also with an internal preamplifier with line output, to connect to amplifiers without requiring a dedicated phono stage. They ensure compatibility with different formats and 78 rpm rotation for older records. Combined with the automatic start and stop function, ensure you enjoy first-class music listening with maximum comfort.

Our extensive selection in the audio system category also includes the iconic ghetto blaster. The name given to the most successful playback devices for cassette tapes in the 1980s. Establishing themselves as the ultimate street stereo systems.

Thanks to the shoulder straps and comfortable handles that make them easy to carry. With an innovative design, our ghetto blasters and micro hifi systems are uncompromising in terms of technology. They can read CDs and mp3s thanks to the USB input. They can connect a microphone and play audio streams from your favourite mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity.

Stereo system for sale

The central feature of our stereo systems is the combination of functionality. Also the design to ensure top sound quality and maximum ease of use.

If you have questions about purchasing a complete surround sound system or individual models, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us by email or call us directly. Once you have found the right stereo system for your needs, you can complete your order quickly and easily.

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