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Electric fireplace

Buy an electric fireplace on Hi-Fi Tower, and let the magic begin

Electric fireplaces are the new sensation in terms of heating, and may be considered as the natural evolution of the traditional wood-fired fireplaces. Thanks to their modern and captivating design, electric fireplaces have an original style, perfectly blending with classic and tradition. They offer a safe, comfortable, functional and efficient technology, without losing sight of the key points, that is to say, charm, and elegance on which the choice of buying a traditional combustion fireplace generally focuses.

Through LED lighting and a special internal mechanism, electric fireplaces simulate the fire of a traditional fireplace. Right from the start, you will feel a pleasant warmth enveloping the whole room, thanks to a ventilation system that can heat rooms to 25 square metres. You can also choose to start only the flame effect, without heat diffusion, for a purely visually treat. If you do not have time to dedicate to the maintenance of a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace is a right choice. Convenient and easy to use, all you need is a power socket to start the magic.

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How does an electric fireplace work?

An electric stove fire has a straightforward structure, as a result of an equally elementary operation. The heat is produced through heating elements that will heat up once powered, leveraging the Joule effect to transform electrical energy into heat. This means that to light this type of fireplace you’ll just have to plug it to the power supply, without any installation work. Even smaller models can start heating the room in a few minutes, and the integration of a fan heater improving air circulation ensures the optimal the diffusion of heat inside the room.

The size and the heat produced increase as the power increases, and it is recommended to choose your electric fireplace according to your real needs. It is generally between 900 and 2000 Watts. The external structure can have different finishes, using stainless steel to ensure a more modern look or painted wood panelling better to match classic style environments.

A tempered glass hides the fake fireplace, which may look more or less realistic depending on the model you choose, but in general guarantees a good look. LED lights that illuminate reproductions of wood logs create the illusion of a flame, simulating the presence of burning embers. Some electric fireplaces incorporate a water basin and an ultrasonic nebuliser, to increase realism and generate a smoke effect.

As already mentioned, some electric fires can also be used just to create the optical effect of the flame, without actually producing heat. A useful function in hot seasons, simply to provide a more welcoming atmosphere. Most models come with a remote control to manage the few settings even more comfortably, straight from your sofa or chair.

When should you consider using an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace does not require the installation of a flue or ventilation system, and it becomes an attractive alternative to traditional wood or pellet systems, especiallywhen you live in a condominium; no building work or permits are required, and no neighbours will ever complain that they smell or see smoke, you will never have to call a chimney sweep.

You can move your electric fireplace from one room to another with extreme ease - at least when it’s not a recessed model, of course - and since no chimney is needed, you can position it wherever you like.

An electric fireplace is a turnkey product by definition; when you get it, it is ready to use, as it does not require assembly or installation, let alone testing. Once the plug is plugged in, you will be immediately operational, being able to choose the optimal temperature on and off even several times a day. All electric fireplaces you can find on Hi-Fi Tower include the sight of a flickering flame, thanks to special lights or optical fibres inside the fireplace, which appropriately create this effect.

The only downside of fake fireplaces lies in their low heat accumulation power; with the same speed with which they heat a room, once turned off they cool down. It is therefore particularly important to be able to move it from one room to another so that it can be used in as many rooms as possible. Before the purchase of your electric fireplace, we strongly recommend you to consider certain characteristics such as weight, size and transportability, which can make it easier to move it.

Ten reasons why you should consider buying an electric fireplace

  • No smoke
    Wood burning fireplaces release fumes and pollutants that are hazardous to the health of people and animals. Although to date, wood from trees that are less polluting and less prone to the release of smoke is used, electric fireplaces remain the only alternative to zero emissions. Using these electric stoves, you can forget the negative effects of fumes, both for your furniture and the health of all the inhabitants. To best protect the latter, remember that some people use infrared heaters to avoid drying out the air and maintain natural, healthy room humidity.

  • Energy efficiency
    Electric fireplaces are much more efficient than wood fireplaces. The latter disperse most of the heat outwards through the chimney, from which cold air can enter. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, keeps the rooms warm without this thermal exchange. Also, many fireplaces of this type are equipped with LED technology which allows a significant saving compared to traditional lamps and keeps the light cold to the touch, therefore not dangerous. By using this type of energy you will make your part in counteracting deforestation.

  • Cost-effectiveness
    You may have guessed that high energy efficiency makes electric fireplaces more cost-effective. One of the reasons is that they allow zone heating, warming the areas you need and keeping unused parts cool. These fireplaces will also allow you to save on possible cleaning and checks, which are necessary and frequent for wood-burning fireplaces as they are absent for this other type. Another extra expense you will not have to face is the annual one related to the control of gas systems, to ensure that the boiler is working properly.

  • Easy maintenance
    The atmosphere and the warmth guaranteed by the electric fireplaces will be very welcome as you won't have to schedule any maintenance on them. There is no ash, soot or clogged chimney: by choosing electricity, you will be protected from any such task. What's more, to turn the appliance on, you don't have to bother or get down on your knees to create embers: simply connect the power supply and control the chimney using a remote control.

  • Anyone can benefit from the use of an electric fireplace
    Thanks to the use of this device, anyone can enjoy the flame and atmosphere of a fireplace: it doesn't matter whether you are in a flat, condominium or motorhome. The flame can be ignited in any room as it is not necessary to have a chimney, but only a power outlet. On Hi-fi Tower there is a wide range of models and sizes, to meet the needs of those who have large spaces but also those who are forced to live in smaller ones.

  • Durability
    Electric fireplaces have a longer lifespan than wood or gas fireplaces because, as there is no combustion, they are less susceptible to rust and corrosion. Try it for yourself: after several years of use, yours will still look as good as it did the first day!

  • Easy installation
    The installation consists of only two steps: positioning and connection to the power supply. On the other hand, wood and gas fireplaces are expensive also because of the lengthy installation procedures that have to be observed, making it necessary to resort to a specialised technician.

  • Wide choice od designs
    There are many models on the market: from traditional to contemporary design to best suit any furnishing. Moreover, in many cases, perfect control of the intensity of the fire will be possible, thus managing to customise their operation meticulously. You will be able to find recessed models, of reduced dimensions or already incorporated in shelving. In this sense, many models can be installed inside an existing but not used fireplace.

  • Safety
    Electric fireplaces can heat even vast spaces but always remain cool to the touch. In this way, they are never dangerous for the inhabitants and especially for children or pets. Automatic overheating protection reduces the risk of possible fires.

  • They can be used throughout the year
    The effect of heat and flame are independent of each other and can therefore be used throughout the year. With flame effect electric fires you can thus enjoy the cosy view of a fire even on a summer evening!
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