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Radiant Heaters and Garden Fireplaces

Enjoy you garden during the cold months, with our radiant heaters and garden fireplaces

Do you have a beautiful garden or terrace and you would like to use it all year round, for meals, a simple chat, to smoke? How to guarantee a pleasant temperature on any occasion, even during the coldest months? Outdoor stoves are the ideal solution to face the coldest days in full comfort and enjoy a warm, relaxing environment, keeping consumption and energy costs under control. In recent years, the market has been flooded with different outdoor heating systems, based on different technologies and designed to blend in harmoniously with your garden furniture, or to become essential pieces of garden furniture themselves: all you have to do is choose the solution that best suits your needs, also considering the space you need to heat.

If you are looking for a practical solution to keep you warm and cook at the same time, take a look at our fire bowls and garden fireplaces: you will find a wide range of items, allowing you to make the most of the scenic flames and prepare delicious meals, giving an extra touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces and creating a pleasant

On HiFi Tower you can also find a wide selection of outdoor infrared heaters. Easy to install anywhere on your terrace, thanks to their small size and elongated shape that allows them to be easily positioned under structures such as gazebos and canopies, our infrared heaters can generate heat almost instantaneously, providing a pleasant thermal sensation similar to the sun's rays. In short, thanks to our outdoor heating systems there is no reason to forget about your balcony or terrace even during autumn and winter. Below, you will find a brief description of these devices to help you make your purchase decision.

Radiant heaters: the magic of instant warm for your garden or terrace

An infrared heater is a very effective device to heat people and rooms, both indoors and outdoors. Most of the heating action of this electrical device occurs by radiation, and depending on the different models, it may have certain characteristics that differentiate it. As you can see in our product gallery, our models differ not only in the different power levels available, but also and above all in their shape: you can find infrared heaters to be mounted horizontally, but also floor-standing versions, perfect when you need to change the radiation point with ease.

Among the latter, you will also find table-shaped models, where the radiant panel is fitted in the support, effectively heating the people around it. And then there are our stylish ceiling radiant heaters, which combine the heating function with a built-in lamp, to give you all the lighting you need: choose the design that best suits the style of your space, and say goodbye to that annoying feeling of cold that has often made you give up going out and enjoying your balcony.

How does an infrared heater work?

Radiant heaters work through an infrared heating mechanism. They do not produce smoke, do not pollute and are characterised by the presence of a radiant panel, which emits radiations in the form of electromagnetic waves whose frequencies are in the infrared spectrum. Infrared rays can heat any kind of body, as they transform themselves into heat as soon as they touch the floor, people, walls, ceiling. Only a very small portion of the heat produced by these stoves is transmitted by convention, therefore touching the air. Also noteworthy is the fact that these heating devices have adjustable power. For these reasons, radiant heaters are well suited for heating various areas, such as rooms in a flat, outside spaces, like patios, verandas, balconies and gardens and common premises, such as offices.

The main advantages of infrared heaters

  • the heat is transmitted and distributed only in the area where it is really needed, as this type of heating system does not heat the air but objects and people, allowing you to feel a pleasant warmth on your skin

  • economic savings due to reduced heating consumption

  • higher initial cost, but with higher energy consumption

  • rapid, immediate heating

  • possibility of temporary heat distribution, ideal to satisfy even the most urgent needs for example when you just want to smoke a cigarette)

Garden fireplaces: beautiful to look at, perfect to keep you warm

Are you a big fan of wood fireplaces? Then, why renounce the pleasure of a burning flame also when you are outdoors? The garden fireplaces you find for sale on HiFi Tower can conveniently heat your balcony, garden or terrace creating an irresistible atmosphere that will allow you to extend your outdoor meetings enjoying a pleasant warmth and with an element of absolute visual appeal.

Take a look at our product gallery, and let yourself be inspired by the different designs of our garden fireplaces; whether you love straight or curved lines, a classic or modern look, we got you covered with a rich selection of models to satisfy every taste. All made of stainless steel, to guarantee maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and the heat generated by the flame, garden fireplaces are also easily transportable: this guarantees you extreme freedom in setting up your outdoor space, and you try different settings every time, positioning them in different corners to exploit the full potential of your balcony.

In terms of fuel, garden fireplaces work well with wood, coal and charcoal; all you need to do is ignite them, and in a few minutes a nice crackling fire will heat you and everyone present, for unforgettable moments of conviviality. Not only beautiful, but also extremely practical and functional, some of the garden fireplaces that HiFi has selected for you are also equipped with a practical wood compartment, which ensures easy access and extreme practicality and cleanliness.

Fire bowls: a decorative highlight for your garden bonfires, and much more

A good fire bowl can serve many purposes and can be useful in all seasons. In spring, summer and in the first weeks of autumn it can be used as a barbecue pit to cook food outdoors with the help of a grill, while in winter it can heat an outdoor environment or make a room that does not have a special heating system more welcoming.

Even when it is used to set up a fire, however, a fire bowl can have different uses: in winter, for example, it can serve as a container and support for spare firewood in indoor fireplace, while in summer, transported outdoors, it can be filled with ice and serve as a field fridge for picnics and gatherings in the park.

In addition to its undoubted versatility, the main advantage of a fire bowl over a barbecue is certainly in the price. These two types of product can in fact perform the same function, with the difference that the fire bowl - being less complex - can cost a fraction of the price. For a good investment, however, it is essential to choose on the right product, carefully evaluating some fundamental characteristics:

  • Materials
    This is one of the most important aspects differentiating one fire bowl from another. Those made of cast iron, for example, retain heat more efficiently by releasing it for hours after the fire is extinguished, but they are heavier to transport than their steel-made ones and take longer to cool before being disassembled. Steel fire bowls are lighter and can take on more varied forms than cast iron counterparts.

  • Feet
  • Fire bowls can have fixed, removable or folding feet. Models with fixed feet can be more difficult to carry but offer greater stability on the ground, while those with removable feet can also be used more easily as ice containers. Units with folding feet are the most practical for those who often transport the brazier from one place to another, but may be less stable.

  • Shape
    Choosing the shape is a matter of taste, but not just that. A basket fire bowl, depending on its depth, can contain more or less wood and therefore remain lit for a longer or shorter time. A cup model, on the other hand, is easier to transport and can be used easily without feet as long as the bottom is flat and makes it possible to place the brazier directly on the ground.
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