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Karaoke machines

Karaoke at home? Find the perfect karaoke machine on HiFi Tower

Singing is something that more or less everyone does. Someone really loves it, professional singers do it as a job, some others are amateurs, and maybe you also dabble in singing while in the shower. Even when you are among friends, perhaps at dinner together, the right song can be a crucial element, conveying joy immediately, even more so if you sing it all together. So why not sing in a more "professional" way while having fun? All you need to do is buy a good karaoke machine to give a twist to your evenings with friends.

On HiFi Tower you can find different types of karaoke machines for sale: from entry-level models, specially designed for kids, to more complete systems, such as karaoke machines with a screen, we got you covered for all your home singing needs. Please continue reading to get some precious advice and make the best purchase: be inspired by our eye-catching karaoke machines, combining ease of use and impressive performance in every situation, from pool-side parties to more intimate gatherings at home with your friends and family.

Karaoke machine: in what do the main models differ?

Karaoke is a source of embarrassment for some, while for others it is a real passion, a way to sing one's favourite songs and let everyone hear them. Karaoke is Japan's favourite pastime, there are competitions where a lot of good singers with singing skills worthy of attention show up, and if you too want to compete in an evening with friends to see who sings better (or worse), a karaoke system at home will give you this chance. So let's see below how to choose the best karaoke machine and recognise a good quality model.

First of all, to choose the best karaoke machine it is essential to distinguish the various types that can be found on the market. You can buy professional karaoke systems, karaoke players for home use and unique models for children, and here we try to outline their main differences:

  • Professional karaoke players: these systems are equipped with separate components such as amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixers, CD + G players (compact disc plus graphics) and so on. In short, these karaoke machines are suitable for those who want to get full functionalities and top performance. You can surely use them at home, even if for an average user they could be a bit too complex to use and make the most of their potential. A professional karaoke system, consisting of various components, can cost much more than a karaoke system sold for home use. However, choosing the best karaoke systems will give you the chance to have a system with the highest overall quality, with excellent sound and powerful speakers that will make even the walls of your home vibrate.

  • Karaoke systems for home: they are much simpler and are designed for home use. Generally, they are plug-and-play systems featuring built-in speakers and, in some cases, even screens to display text. Although karaoke systems for home use also have good audio quality, they cannot match the quality of a professional karaoke system. On the other hand, modern karaoke systems for home use offer good connectivity to TVs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

  • Karaoke machines for children: these models, like those for home use, are also of an all-in-one solution, meaning that you can start using them as soon as they are connected. Compared to homemade systems for adults, a karaoke system for children is built more robustly, considering how little children care about things. Jolting, bumping and falling can happen frequently, and karaoke systems for children are designed to be sturdy enough and resist to these occurrences. They are usually decorated with drawings of cartoon characters, fantasy or otherwise have decorations that attract the attention of children.

Which aspects to consider to buy the best karaoke machine?

Let's see now below, which are the most important characteristics that affect the performance and that you should consider to choose the best karaoke systems:

  • All in one: the best karaoke systems can be considered all in one as they offer, with just one purchase, everything you need. In particular, a good system should offer a music player, a microphone and a screen or in any case offer the possibility to connect it to a screen that we already have like the TV or a monitor.

  • Audio and quality: the best karaoke systems must be equipped with quality loudspeakers to guarantee optimal listening of the base and voice. The speakers don’t need to be extremely loud, especially if the karaoke is used in non-soundproofed environments; alternatively, you can use your stereo system, your monitor, or even the TV.

  • Microphone: pay special attention to the microphone, making sure it is included; otherwise you’ll have to purchase it separately. Wireless microphones are ideal because they allow total freedom of movement without the risk of tripping over annoying cables. If the supplied microphone is not of good quality, the tone of voice will be affected, so if you are not satisfied with the microphone, we recommend that you buy a higher quality microphone separately.

  • Music bases: initially the karaoke system used only CDs and a screen to start the music base and display the lyrics of the songs (CD + G, i.e. compact disc plus graphics). Today most karaoke systems are still equipped with a CD + G player, they can have a built-in monitor, but most of them can play music from different sources such as DVD players, televisions, laptops and smartphones.

  • Ease of use: for those who have already had a karaoke system, technology experts or someone who plays out regularly, setting up a karaoke system is no big deal. However, if you want to choose a karaoke machine for home use, make sure that it’s easy to configure by anyone. Ideally, go for a plug-and-play device, as no one likes to waste time with a device that is complicated to assemble and set up.

  • Screen: some karaoke systems do not have their screen and must be connected to a TV or tablet to display the lyrics of the songs. For more practical use, choose a karaoke system with a small built-in screen: it can have different sizes, but usually, when present, it is about 7”. These are the most autonomous models because they don't need anything else but a plug to be connected and used immediately. As they often have built-in speakers, you’ll only have to choose the songs to sing, and you are ready to go. Not everyone, however, likes to have a karaoke system with an integrated screen because it is too small to see: if this is your case, opt for a device without a monitor, and in case it has one, make sure you can connect it to a TV or similar device.

  • Volume and vocal enhancement: in a karaoke system it’s important to balance the volume of the voice and the music so that one does not cover the other. You can then choose a high-end karaoke system with vocal enhancement features, to modify the voice and improve its quality while singing.

Karaoke machines; frequently asked questions

How to create a karaoke system?

Doing karaoke at home is not so complicated and does not even require special equipment or at least requires devices that nowadays, everyone has at home. Let's start with the microphone. No doubt, holding a microphone it’s a big part of the fun and atmosphere, but consider that to sing at home you don't necessarily need your voice to reach the other block or even the neighbours. You can use your smart TV, go to YouTube and search for karaoke videos; in no time you'll find a list of songs with the lyrics changing colour according to the metric, and without the singer's voice. If you have a good home cinema or hi-fi system to connect, that’ll be just fine to start having fun.

How does a karaoke system work?

A complete karaoke system includes a screen on which the lyrics of the words run. The metric of the song is highlighted by a colour change, making it easy to perform the song at the right speed and also helping the intonation. But this is only true in theory, as much depends on the ability of the person singing. Here we come to the second element making up a karaoke system: the microphone, to capture the voice and send the audio signal to an amplifier, which will then pass it to the speakers.

What is the purpose of a karaoke system?

A karaoke player is, essentially, an entertainment tool, so that those who love to sing can try to perform their favourite songs with the support of a music base. It can be done at home or in public places, thus exposing the singers to the opinions of the public who are often also participants.

How to connect a karaoke system?

If it is an all-in-one system there are no connections to make. If the microphones are wireless, you will need to activate Bluetooth on the transmitter and the receiver, and the two devices will pair instantly. If the system is not all-in-one, it may be necessary to connect the cables connecting the audio output and the mixer, or amplifier. There is also the possibility of setting up a connection with active speakers through a cable or using wireless connectivity if you have a Bluetooth karaoke machine.

How to create a karaoke video?

Creating a karaoke video is straightforward, thanks to the many user-friendly programs that are also available free of charge. Simply load an MP3 or MIDI file and then the lyrics of the song. The program then synchronises the lyrics and music. The preview is checked and, if everything is perfect, you can save and use the file.

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