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Beer Dispensers

A well-poured pint at any time, with our home beer dispensers

We are sure that you already know the pleasure of enjoying a beer at home in good company. But bottles and jars sometimes spoil this sensation, and in terms of taste, pressure, the difficulty of storage, they simply cannot compete with a good draught beer. Draft beer dispensers for the home are very easy to use, perfect for enjoying a sparkling beer. In a short time, you will be serving pints like a real professional.

Canned or bottled beer is pasteurised to kill the active yeast and make it safer to drink. This type of beer lasts longer due to this process but often lacks the same fullness and taste as draught beer due to the filtering and pressurisation for storage. A beer dispenser is a machine that allows you to keep the beer cold and to be able to pour it professionally with the right foam.

Are you also on the look for kegerators on sale to keep in your kitchen, or maybe you’d like to purchase a more professional model as the perfect addition to your grill and outdoor cooking equipment and use it for your barbecues with friends? When buying a beer dispenser, you have to ask yourself some questions that are important and that you cannot ignore. On HiFi Tower you find different kegerators on sale, all easy to install, with a pleasant and modern design and various capacities so that you can enjoy your favourite drink in all situations. If you like this gourmet product very much, keep reading: we will show you all the information you need to choose a specific beer dispenser for home use and make the most of it when you draw beer.

How does a draught beer dispenser for the home work?

A beer dispenser is a small appliance that will help you serve this drink in perfect conditions, i.e. with the right pressure and temperature. The first thing you have to do is plug it into the electrical outlet, place the cold barrel. If this is not pressurised, you must connect the CO2 pressure pump. Now plug in the spout. By placing a glass at an angle, you can taste and taste your favourite craft beer at home with its corresponding amount of foam.

A home beer dispenser extracts the beer from a barrel - or keg - at the right temperature, the handle cools down, and by simply opening the tap you can pour a beer by tilting the glass and obtaining a handcrafted beer with pressure and an excellent drink. If you prefer draught beer to bottle beer and you want to taste a fresh beer at home with foam and the precise pressure as the bar you can do it if you choose a cold beer dispenser. It's a simple way to keep your beer cold without taking up space in your fridge.

Main features in a draft beer dispenser for the home

The best beer handle must have the ideal capacity for your home, an optimal cooling temperature and a series of particularities that you cannot ignore. We list here some of the main features to consider before the purchase:

  • Capacity: when choosing a beer dispenser you have to take into account that 5-litre kegs are the easiest to find, but there are different capacity levels, from 2 to 5 and 6 litres. In this sense, you must take into account the keg format of your favourite craft beer and choose your home beer dispenser accordingly.

  • Temperature: when tasting different types of beers you can play with the most appropriate temperature. If you buy a high-end keg system for home, you can choose the temperature you prefer. However, if you prefer to opt for an entry-level model, these usually cool down to about 2ºC or 3ºC.

  • Design: there are vintage, retro, modern beer dispensers. Choose the one that best suits your kitchen decoration and other small appliances.

  • Price: there are different models and of portable beer taps and they can have more or less features, depending on the money you want to invest.

  • Time to preserve the beer: draught beer can last approximately 15 days and one month once it the keg is open. Generally, the time and the state of conservation of the beer depends more on the type of barrel that you acquire.

  • Materials: when buying any accessory or kitchen utensil it is crucial to choose those that are manufactured with high-quality materials so that they last a long time and you get the maximum durability.

  • Diameter of the beer outlet: generally they have a diameter of 8 millimetres, and it is a determining factor for experts in the field.

  • Types of beer tap: we can categorise three large groups:

    • non-pressurised keg handles that need an additional CO2 tank

    • pressurised keg handles

    • beer taps for bars, with a capacity of up to 50 litres. They are not recommended for domestic use.

Using a beer dispenser: the main advantages

The idea of having a beer dispenser at home is appealing and will attract the attention of your guests. Why exactly do you need to have a beer dispenser at home? Beer is a social drink, and the right company is essential to enjoy it properly. A bar is a place to meet and share great moments, but you cannot always choose the company with which you enjoy that well-poured beer.

Let's not deceive ourselves, sometimes the beer is not so good either. Nor can you choose the music, the sporting event they broadcast or the ambient sound. Some conversations require a more intimate atmosphere. There are times when you don't want to put up with the comments of the opposing team's fans. Or you just don't feel like putting up with that person you don't like. Well, a beer dispenser for your home allows you to do all that and more.

  • It allows you to choose who you share that beer with

  • Choose the right moment to enjoy it, whether it's at a dinner party with friends, or for a sporting event. Even for a birthday party.

  • It gives you the chance to enjoy a fresh, well-draft beer without leaving home.

  • It allows you to organise social events in your house without having the fridge overflowing. You won't have to chill beers among the vegetables anymore.

  • You are guaranteed to have the beer at the optimal temperature, regardless of the type, at any time.

  • You won't have to carry bags full of bottles or cans the next day for recycling.

  • You won't waste beer by throwing away cans or bottles just because the beer is hot.

A beer dispenser does not replace bars. It merely allows you to choose when to enjoy one or the other. Everything has its moment. And the best part is that now you choose who that moment belongs to.

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