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Are you going to speak at an event and you need to reach a large number of people? Do you want to give directions during sports training sessions but you don't know how to make yourself heard in a rather large space? Or are you called upon to incite the fans at the stadium to sing for your favourite team? In all these cases the best solution is undoubtedly the use of a megaphone to expand your voice to comfortably reach as many people as possible in a larger or smaller area.

On Hi-FiTower you can find different megaphones, ranging from simpler to more sophisticated models featuring MP3 playback functions through a USB port, Bluetooth connection, built-in siren and the possibility to record your voice for loop playback. Read on to find out what makes a megaphone suitable for your intended use, and conveniently purchase the model that best suits your needs.

Megaphones: are they all the same?

To be able to choose the best megaphone it is important to clarify the difference between a standard megaphone and an electronic megaphone. A megaphone is a cone-shaped device used to amplify the voice and direct it in one direction. An electronic megaphone is always a megaphone in shape, but smaller in size than a normal megaphone because most of the amplification work is achieved through the electronics of its components. These electronic devices also tend to be heavier and have several functions improving the user experience.

How does a megaphone work?

Megaphones are instruments capable of amplifying the voice and directing it in a specific direction, due to their conical shape and the narrow mouthpiece at either end of the device. In general, modern megaphones are defined as electro-acoustic and consist of:

  • a microphone

  • a power amplifier with battery power supply

  • a horn speaker

All these elements are enclosed in a single housing, and some megaphones feature a separate microphone to connect to the amplifier through a cable. The megaphone basically collects the voice and amplifies it, but obviously, the vocal quality is distorted and is certainly not comparable to that amplified by a microphone, for example. But the purpose of the megaphone is making the voice audible at a great distance and not to reproduce it faithfully and sharply.

Which features to consider before buying your megaphone

For some people, megaphones look all the same and are considered a simple device with limited features. The truth is, different models on the market may differ substantially in terms of power, performance and additional features, making them suitable for use in specific situations. Let's look at the most important features you should consider to find the megaphone that best suits your needs:

  • power: to choose the best megaphone, power is the first aspect to consider. Most megaphones we find in circulation have power outputs between 5 and 50 watts and obviously, the higher the power, the louder the sound coming out of the megaphone. Consider the right output level carefully, and do not forget that the greater the power, the greater the battery consumption, with a substantial impact on the autonomy of the device. When you have to choose a megaphone for its power, look for a megaphone that offers a good trade-off between power and battery life.

  • distance: the power and shape of the megaphone are very important to understand how far you can direct the sound. Before proceeding with the purchase of a megaphone, check the distance it can reach when put into operation. Avoid megaphones that are too loud if you have to make yourself heard in a small space, and opt for more powerful models if you have to talk to large parades of people.

  • size and weight: a megaphone must have the right size and weight for those who will have to use it, this is because a device that is too big and heavy could quickly strain the arms. The bigger and heavier the megaphone will be, the less you will be able to use it for long periods without fatigue. If you use the megaphone occasionally, for example, to give instructions to the players of a training football team from time to time, almost all sizes and weights will be fine. On the other hand, if you have to talk to the megaphone for a long time, you will certainly need a model that is as light as possible but at the same time powerful enough.

  • waterproofness: this will certainly affect some categories such as lifeguards, pool trainers or boaters. A waterproof megaphone cannot be damaged even if it’s in close contact with water.

Depending on the use of the megaphone in particular situations, the more advanced models may offer additional features that improve its usability, which we list in the table below.

Some important extra features for your megaphone
removable microphone: this is an attractive solution for heavy megaphones. A removable microphone is usually small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to have a more direct visual contact with the people you are talking to. recording: some megaphones can record sentences and play them back continuously, so you don't have to repeat them all the time. For some people, e.g. some street vendors, this function is handy to have and allows you to repeat pre-recorded sentences by simply pressing on a button
AUX, USB and Bluetooth input: some megaphones are equipped with a 3.5 mm AUX input to connected other devices; others have a USB port, and some even feature Bluetooth compatibility. This function is useful if you intend to use the megaphone as a loudspeaker, but keep in mind that a megaphone will always distort the incoming signal and heavily affect the audio quality, whatever model you choose. portability: to facilitate transport, some megaphones are equipped with a folding handle and a strap to be used to wrap the wrist. These features are advantageous to reduce space when the megaphone has to be stored, and the strap also prevents the device from accidentally falling down.
siren: almost all the most powerful megaphones are equipped with a siren function, useful to attract the attention of the crowd. The siren sound is the most classic, but the most advanced megaphones can reproduce different sounds and tracks at the touch of a button torch: even if only some models are equipped with it, we can find megaphones with a torch. This function can be useful to have a useful tool which can illuminate even in low light conditions

Take a look at our product gallery, and choose in megaphone that offers you all the functionality you need. For amplification that delivers crystal-clear sound quality, whether you're out in the open or when you need to enjoy your sound, discover all the solutions available on HiFi Tower for portable PA systems.

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