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Crystal-clear signal and easy tuning: welcome to the DAB revolution, on HiFi-Tower

Are you a radio lover? If so, you must have already thought about buying a digital radio to take advantage of the new frontiers opened up by the DAB transmission system. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, tuning your receiver and enjoying unprecedented sound quality has become child's play. And the good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to buy your DAB radio.

Nevertheless, with so many models around, buying the right could be a challenge. On Hi-Fi Tower we offer you a wide selection of feature-rich DAB radios with an attractive design that can radically transform your listening experience. Before you buy yours, take a look at the information we provide below: learn more about the details and functionalities that differentiate our models, and find the best one for your needs.

DAB radio: what are the main benefits?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting: in other words, it is the digital transmission of audio through radio waves, which offers several advantages. Among the benefits of a DAB radio, you can enjoy:

  • Higher sound quality, including high-fidelity broadcasts

  • No risk of interference, crackling or loss of signal

  • A more stable tuning and single frequency for national channels, avoiding the jumps produced by radio data system (RDS)

  • Possibility to transmit data together with the audio: for example, traffic information, title/artist/album of the song which is being played, and so on

In general, DAB broadcasts are made on much higher frequencies than those used to broadcast via FM, which makes it possible for them to coexist without any type of interference or anything similar.

What are the differences between DAB and DAB+ radio?

There are currently two DAB radio standards in operation. On the one hand, there is what we know as DAB, which allows up to six channels of audio to be broadcast per frequency, encoding the audio using the MP2 codec (the same codec used for standard DTT audio). The quality is somewhat superior to FM and eliminates all types of noise and interference.

On the other hand, we have the evolution of this standard, named DAB+; what changes, essentially, is the codec, upgraded from MP2 to MP4. This makes the emissions even more efficient so that the devices can consume less energy and space. We will be able to have in 7 multiplex more than 100 channels, in addition to simultaneous data emissions.

What to consider before buying your DAB radio

Basic functions

The essential thing about a digital radio is that it should be able to receive the spectrum radio signal in AM and FM correctly; for this purpose, it must have a good receiver, either with a built-in antenna, or one that comes out on top of the device. Depending on the needs, if you are a casual or constant listener, you should also look for those that have the option of extending the signal with another antenna. Another vital feature is an easy-to-operate tuner allowing you to walk around the stations without difficulty and with precision: digital tuners are to prefer, compared to analogue ones, as they offer a more accurate tuning.

Many models have buttons to select the pre-recorded stations of your choice, so they are more convenient. Another factor to consider is the output power; the higher it is, the better you will hear the music through the speaker.

Advanced features

On the market you can find different models of DAB radios; manufacturers produce devices for the needs of other customers, so some will have advanced features such as MP3 player, alarm clock, auto power-off or auto power-on. Some may even have a voice recorder. According to what you find most favourable, according to your lifestyle, check these options to choose one model or another.<7p>


The vast majority of DAB radios come with a built-in display on which the user can see the station tuned in. Depending on the size of this display and the model, it is also possible to set the time. Some of these have LED or LCD lighting and technology. Most users prefer digital radios with a large display, providing useful information on how the radio operates; if this is also important to you, don’t forget to choose a model with proper screen size.


The concept of a portable radio is quite straightforward: it should be carried from one place to another in a comfortable, safe and simple way, to avoid damaging the device when it’s moved. Similarly, it should have a firm base allowing it to be placed on different surfaces.

Some portable DAB radios come with built-in handles in a modern design, making it easy to carry them around, without the risk of accidental slipping out of your hands. We recommend you to choose a portable model that you can carry as comfortably as possible; otherwise, the use of the device will be somewhat limited.

Power supply

The vast majority of portable digital DAB radios use disposable lithium batteries of different voltages for their operation. Others come with a dual option, as they can be connected to the power source and charged to have independent power for some time. If you want to save costs, it’s preferable to go for DAB radios with batteries included or, even better, with a dual power system. In case they do not have a wall connector, you should check and choose those that use fewer batteries for their operation, giving the same power, quality and clarity of audio.

Resistance, colour and design

Another relevant aspect that buyers mention in the comparison of DAB radios is that these products are usually made of resistant plastics, the models and designs are varied, as well as their weight and size. This particularity must be taken into account according to the needs of each user. Do you plan to take your DAB radio out for a walk, leave it at home and connect it to your hi fi system or simply move it from one room to another? Despite being portable in general, some DAB radios are a little bigger and heavier, while others are compact and fit in one hand; so pay attention to these aspects when selecting your model.

Colours are usually classic, ranging from black to white with modern designs, while others come in bright colours with which you can show your dynamic personality or place them as a nice decoration in your home.

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