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Garden Fireplace

Garden fireplaces: find the perfect one for your needs on HiFi Tower

Would you like to heat your garden or terrace in complete autonomy? If you have a beautiful patio and you want to entertain yourself with friends and relatives to chat or eat outside during the cold months, a garden fireplace can provide warmth with reduced consumption and costs. When it comes to decorating your outdoor area, a garden fireplace is a good idea if you want to get more out of it during the autumn and even the winter; you’ll be able to enjoy your spaces during the winter months, adding a feeling of warmth and cosiness, just as you would with traditional fireplaces or other kinds of indoor heaters

All you have to do is choose the type that best suits your needs and the space to be heated, picking the model that optimises the usable spaces in your terrace and preserves the heating from atmospheric agents, with a view to eco-sustainable consumption and energy saving. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of garden fireplaces available on HIFi Tower and, after carefully considering their main features, easily buy online the perfect addition to your outdoor area.

Different types of garden fireplace

This type of heater is not so widespread for professional use in the hotel and catering industry. The need to store and transport the wood means an extra effort in its maintenance, and it also requires greater attention and vigilance, both for safety and to keep the flame alive. Despite these drawbacks, many people choose this type of outdoor fires for their garden because of the incredible beauty, warmth and atmosphere they bring in any situation.

One of the first aspects to consider is the type of fireplace you are interested in and this is not easy, looking at the wide variety of models available. Among the different options, you can find more traditional fireplaces, consisting of a large cylinder where to load the wood, accompanied by a fireplace of a certain height that emits the smoke so that it is not disturbing.

Another exciting model is the open circular fireplace, designed explicitly to emphasise the sight of the wood being burnt, although keeping it well protected. A design that is also available in hexagonal or even triangular form, with different finishes and approaches A different design that will undoubtedly add a visually appealing element to your garden.

Manufacturing materials for garden fireplaces

Materials have a significant influence on how much garden fireplaces cost, and we recommend to choose a quality product to make sure your investment is efficient and that you won’t have to get rid of it in a short time.

In general, most garden fireplaces are made of steel, so that they offer considerable resistance to the effects of fire. Similar protection should also be present in the product's finishes, which should preferably come with high-quality paint that does not deteriorate under the influence of heat. As for the protection needed for the burner area, these should also be made of high quality, resistant metals which, like the rest of the product, should be immune to both fire and atmospheric agents. The higher the quality of these materials, the easier the maintenance of the fireplace will be. It is therefore advisable to check the product properly, especially when you are considering buying an entry-level model.

Where to place your garden fireplace

Don't forget to consider safety issues when choosing a location for your garden fireplace. We always recommend using a fireproof carpet to put underneath. Many outdoor fires for garden use come with an anti-spark cover, but you can also buy these accessories separately. Finally, make sure to place the garden fireplace at a safe distance from the trees. You should also avoid lighting a fire too close to your home or directly under the roof eave.

Why choose a garden fireplace?

Garden fireplaces are more than just a stove that burns wood. They are synonymous with a feeling of comfort, relaxation and social bonding. Enjoy the company of your loved ones until nightfall and create memories that will last for years. Nothing compares to nights huddled around a campfire, hours of elusive laughter surrounded by old friends, or relaxing, romantic nights spent huddled around a warm fire under the night sky. An outdoor fire is an essential item for all these experiences and is unparalleled in creating the perfect atmosphere for any situation.

There's something special about adding a garden fireplace to your home; it becomes a focal point for family gatherings, a place to snuggle up and enjoy the relaxing warmth on a chilly night, or a dramatic architectural feature.

Keep the party going and enjoy your patio later in the evening adding unparalleled warmth and a perfect source of ambient light for those late-night parties. With the addition of a garden fireplace, you can also spend more time outdoors in the spring and autumn months - and make the most out of your balcony or terrace all year round.

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