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Garden water features

An extra touch of class for your outdoor space? Discover our exclusive garden water features

Your garden is a magical kingdom, which can be decorated with many outstandingelements to make it more beautiful and pleasant to live in any occasion. Gazebos, special garden lights and awnings contribute to creating a more welcoming atmosphere. Yet, to make our green corner even more magical and special, whether it is a garden or a large terrace, a garden water feature cannot be missing.

Wall or column fountains, solar water features, waterfalls: on the market you can find water fountains in many different styles, to meet a specific taste or need. On HiFi-Tower you can find a wide selection of water fountains for sale, each one with its style and functionalities, making for a perfect add-on for your garden and open space. From small garden water features to bigger models, we got you covered, offering a wide selection of models from the best manufacturers of decorative garden elements.

Take a look at our product gallery, carefully check the technical specifications and conveniently buy your new garden fountain online, to give an extra touch of class to your outdoor space.

Main reasons for choosing a garden water feature

First of all, it should be pointed out that this product has not only a purely decorative and aesthetic purpose. Garden fountains have a double function: they decorate the outdoor environment and can also serve as a practical water dispensing point. If you have a green thumb, you certainly know how important it is to have running water in outdoor spaces, in summer to water plants and in every season to clean tools and collect water for every eventuality.

In this case, it is preferable to buy a large, scratch-resistant and useful material. If, on the other hand, your fountain should essentially act as a decorative element and you have a lot of space, you can choose continuous cycle gush fountains to avoid abnormal water consumption. What about a solar water feature, to minimise consumption and ensure sustainability?

How to find the best garden water feature for your space

To find the most suitable decorative fountain for your garden, you have to consider some elements such as the type, the materials that compose it, the style, the size and the consumption after installation. There are various types of garden water features on the market, each one being able to meet the different needs of users.

  • Cascade fountains are perfect for large spaces, such as terraces or gardens, as they give the environment a romantic and harmonious image.

  • Wall fountains are designed for smaller balconies or gardens, where you prefer to use one of the available walls, so as not to take too much space away from the surrounding environment.

  • Column fountains are practical, compact and functional; they can be easily used to irrigate plants through a pump.

  • Energy-saving solar water features are designed for outdoor use. They can be equipped only with the pump, which must be inserted in ponds or small tanks, or with a complete structure.

As far as the material is concerned, it is necessary to give preference to models designed to withstand time and wear and tear, which do not quickly deteriorate or undergo deformations. The most used are resin, steel, stone, wood, granite and cast iron. You can choose the one you also prefer based on the model and the style you want to give to your garden.

The style of your garden water feature also varies according to the shape and the material you choose. Generally speaking, ornaments made of wood, stone and granite will have more classic, baroque forms. Those in resin and steel, on the other hand, come with modern lines, to fit minimalist gardens with zen connotations.

Before buying the perfect garden fountain, consider how much space you have. If you have a big garden, you can opt for fountains with a large structure, even with several levels and cascades. For terrace, patio or a smaller garden, you can opt for wall or column fountains, functional but less bulky.

Garden water features: what about consumption?

Choosing a garden fountain that guarantees reduced energy consumption is crucial, especially if you need to keep it running all day long. In this case, the best ones are solar-powered, solar water features. Even on cloudy days, the solar panel provides enough energy to run the small pump, and the excess energy produced is stored in the included battery. Alternatively, you can opt for models equipped with constant circulation pumps, which allow a continuous recirculation of the same water. The most expensive models are, instead, those requiring the use of electricity, both to start the water and to turn on the LEDs. In this case, a detail to consider concerns the power supply cable: it must be long enough to allow you to install the fountain in comfort, without having to use extensions, which could ruin the final visual effect.

Installation and maintenance of a garden water feature

Two elements need to be taken into consideration when you install the garden fountain: the connection to the water mains, to bring water to the tap of the fountain, and the water drain to avoid stagnation. Most garden water features are equipped with an internal pipe, with a special connection, which will make your work easier. Choosing the location is another essential precaution that will help you during the installation, from wall fountains to solar water features. You’ll have to find the best spot, possibly close to the plants, which you can then water using the water of the fountain. In this way, your garden water feature will not only be an ornament, but it will also be useful and practical to use.

In terms of maintenance, cleaning is quite easy and straightforward: we recommend emptying and cleaning the tub well once a week, rinsing it and refilling it. Cleaning the pump or the filter, if applicable, can be more complicated. But even this activity becomes simple once you get used to it. Just make sure you have disconnected everything that‘s connected to electricity before cleaning! Each pump will have cleaning instructions that may be unique, depending on the model. Another maintenance tip is always to be extremely careful with debris and leaves that could fall into the water and get trapped inside the drains.

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