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Garden Furniture

Garden furniture from A to Z: welcome to HiFi Tower

To make the most of the outdoor spaces in your home and spend relaxing, convivial moments you should choose garden furniture that, in addition to being practical and comfortable, also express elegance and good taste. Today's garden furniture is in no way inferior to indoor furniture: and the collections you can find on HiFI Tower are so beautiful and well-designed that they would not be out of place inside your flat. Featuring a wide selection of garden tables and chairs, beach and swing chairs or practical garden sets, in our gallery you can find different solutions to give a touch of elegance to your outdoor area.

When spring is approaching, the desire to live more intensely spaces such as gardens, balconies and terraces becomes irresistible. But even during the coldest months, you can still enjoy pleasant hours outside, relying on efficient radiant heaters using infrared rays to warm people and objects, or even more scenic solutions, such as a garden fireplace. As you see, there is no reason not to start immediately to transform your patio, garden or balcony into an even more comfortable, functional and beautiful area for your moments of relaxation. And on Hi Fi Tower you can find everything you need to make this little dream come true.

Garden furniture: what to look at

To choose the best garden furniture elements to match your needs, it will obviously be necessary to evaluate the size of the available space and the functions they must fulfil. The main characteristic of garden furniture sets is that it must remain exposed to the action of the sun's rays and bad weather for most of the year. For this reason, resistance to atmospheric agents is the main aspect to evaluate before the purchase, focusing on good quality products rather than trying to save money with the risk of having to replace furniture after a few years.

Secondly, outdoor furniture should be comfortable. It is not enough that they are robust and weatherproof if they are not comfortable to use. Your outdoor space can become a real living space, to experience with the same feeling of well-being that you can feel at home. Last but not least, especially when talking about outdoor table and chairs, the furnishings must also be functional, so they must not require complex and frequent maintenance.

A wide range of materials for modern patio furniture

The range of garden furniture for sale on HiFi Tower is wide and diversified in terms of materials, and you can find solutions in line with the style of your house, that go well with your indoor furniture. Until a few years ago were only certain materials - namely wood, iron, plastic - were used to manufacture patio furniture, but today the list of available materials is much longer.

Wooden garden furniture is still one of the favourite choices and it is particularly suitable for a rustic style. Nevertheless, it suits perfectly any context where a certain elegance is sought, combined with a simple and in some cases, even minimalist design. As far as metals are concerned, the most used are iron and aluminium, which are particularly malleable. The former, subjected to treatments to avoid the formation of rust, is particularly suitable for furnishing spaces with a classic taste. At the same time, the latter, with which it is possible to create original design creations, is more suitable for contemporary homes.

Of course, many solutions can combine different materials, for example, wood or HPL (high-pressure laminate) for the tabletops and metal for the supporting structures. High-Pressure Laminate is somehow a direct descendent of plastic laminate. It is one of the most durable decorative materials, with special performance features among which chemical, fire and wear resistance.

Furniture made with two-component resins, have a smaller aesthetic impact, but they also guarantee extreme durability and resistance. This material, in fact, unlike traditional plastics, is not subject to yellowing and deformation over time.

Finally, synthetic fibres or natural woven fibres, such as rattan and wicker, are particularly suitable for outdoor furniture, allowing to manufacture garden furniture without any limit of shape, thus also turning towards curved and rounded elements. Rattan garden furniture represents a simple and elegant way to create a quiet and relaxing space in your terrace, garden or on a spacious balcony.

It’s important to spend a few words about the seat cushions: they should be manufactured or covered by water-repellent and waterproof materials. Moreover, to be comfortable, they should be at least 8 cm high.

Some tips for choosing your garden furniture

To furnish an open-air space, it is necessary to distinguish the functions that will be carried out in it. So, what are generally the main outdoor activities?

  • eating meals

  • relax

  • chatting with your family and guests

  • read

  • sunbathing

The number and characteristics of your furniture will depend on the size of the areas available. If you have a large lawn area, a porch or a large terrace, you can plan to create a dining area with a garden table and chairs, or garden benches, and a relaxation area with a garden lounger or swing chair, sunbeds with a parasol and so on.

If the area is small, this does not mean that you have to give up furnishing it with taste, but simply that you will have to do without some functions and make more targeted choices. For those who, for example, plan to use the spaces mainly for outdoor dining or in any case to accommodate having the possibility to sit comfortably, an outdoor table and chairs can come extremely handy. If you prefer to use the space for relaxation, it will be preferable to opt for comfortable seats such as armchairs and chaise longue accompanied by low tables, which are ideal for reading or conversation.

Whatever space you have available, however, you may need not to occupy it all permanently. For this reason, you could focus on extendable tables, which can be opened completely only when necessary, for example, in the presence of guests. Stackable chairs and armchairs, once collected, take up little space; the latter solution is also useful for storing the furniture indoors during the winter season.

It is also important not to weigh these spaces down with too much furniture, also because outdoor furniture must be completed with the right amount of greenery, arranging vases and planter, for example. For all your outdoor decoration needs, have a look at our selection of garden fountains, trampolines to make your garden an irresistible area of the house even for your little ones.

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