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Kitchen Appliances

KKitchen appliances: from A to Z, your cooking gear on HiFi-Tower

A fully-fledged kitchen is a true dream, not only for all passionate cooks and chefs but also for anyone who spends a lot of time preparing meals and snacks daily. The modern kitchen nowadays has to be, first and foremost, comfortable and beautiful: therefore, the choice of the right appliances such as fridges, ovens and hot plates is crucial.

Large household appliances are essential to ensure the basic comfort and practicality when cooking; kitchen appliances are no less important, so that food preparation becomes easy. The usefulness of kitchen appliances is evident to anyone with a busy schedule or to anyone who has experienced the kitchen as a place of work without the help of these special tools.

Wonders of technology and indispensable allies in the kitchen, kitchen appliances have nowadays a special place among the tools that help us prepare dishes and make life easier: they allow to carry out many activities quickly and effortlessly and, besides equipping our kitchen with the latest technology, sometimes they cheer it up, adding that extra touch of technological design.

Also excellent as gifts, small kitchen appliances need to be carefully chosen; in fact, there are countless appliances on the market, and each one has its function and different possible uses. On HiFi-Tower you can find a wide selection of common-use kitchen appliances from the best brands: we carefully select our items with priority given to functionality, design and convenience, because we know how important it is to live your kitchen to the fullest, and intelligently.

An overview of the main kitchen appliances

The term "kitchen appliance" refers to an electronic appliance, in some cases highly technological, or a high-level mechanical appliance, of small dimensions; such appliances often have many different functions, just as it is the case for "larger" appliances. Kitchen appliances are also usually cheaper than traditional appliances. However, the cost depends strictly on the number and quality of functions the device is equipped with, as well as - more and more often - on its aesthetics and design.

If you go around the electronics department of any shopping centre or hypermarket, you can find many types of kitchen appliances, and here is a table of the main ones that can be used in the kitchen, grouped by categories.

To cook food To heat food or drinks To process food or drinks For special treats and delicacies

The best food processors and juicers; find yours on HiFi-Tower

Kitchens can be more or less supplied and equipped: in some cases, you can go the extra mile and indulge in a few whims, in others you end up sticking only to the necessary. Some kitchen robots and blenders are so widespread that they are now considered practically indispensable. Here’s a small list of the most common ones.

Blenders and food processors

Who could do without them? They are in every household, and they can perform different functions. On the other hand, they are instrumental in the preparation of different types of smoothies, baby food, pesto and any other dish that requires to crumble, mince or reduce to a pulp one or more ingredients included in the reference recipe.

Of course, these functions can also be brilliantly fulfilled by food processors. Some users decide to give up buying mixers and blenders, others, given the increasing compactness of these small appliances, prefer to buy both one and the other. Food processors, after all, offer the possibility of blending, kneading, squeezing, assembling and centrifuging. Compared to blenders and mixers, they provide more versatility, but they are also more pricey, as their functions increase. It is true, however, that these fixtures also make it possible to optimise space. It is one thing to store two objects in the wall units and another to deal with a single product capable of performing several functions. In short: before opting for a blender or a food processor, consider the space you have available.

Juicer and fruit presses

Both types of appliances can help the user to prepare fruit or vegetable juices. The centrifuge, however, works in such a way as to quickly separate the pulp from the actual liquid, while the extractor rotates more slowly, thus avoiding high temperatures for your drink and guaranteeing the preservation of all the beneficial properties of the vegetables you use.

Kneading machine

This appliance is designed to process a large number of compounds that cannot always be treated with a standard food processor. Using this appliance, you’ll be able to prepare at home pizza, pasta or shortcrust pastry and so on. Its usefulness is evident, especially when working on large quantities of dough.

Deep and hot air fryer

The fryer is a must for lovers of well-fried food. Today you can also buy hot air fryers, the new sensation on the market. This sort of small countertop convection oven is designed to simulate deep frying without submerging the food in oil, which considerably accelerates processing times and guarantees uniform cooking of food with reduced use of fats.

Bread machine

Finally, a new entry is the bread machine. This appliance, which has become very popular in recent years, allows you to bake your own bread at home: a great advantage for everyone, but especially for allergic and intolerant people.

Read the datasheets beofr purchasing your kitchen appliances

Even small kitchen appliances include technical datasheets, like most electronic devices, and it’s imperative to read them before the purchase. Naturally, datasheets change from product to product and brand to brand. However, most sheets contain the most important information, such as:

  • the main functionalities and operating modes, especially when if it is a multifunctional appliance

  • container capacity, expressed in litres or grams. Many kitchen appliances have a graduated container, and it may vary substantially in terms of capacity. It is essential to be aware of this characteristic, especially when buying a kitchen appliance for use in large families, since an excessively reduced capacity makes it impractical to use, in some cases making the investment useless.

  • power consumption expressed in watts

  • overall size in cm and/or inches

  • accessories supplied by the manufacturer such as, for example, adapters, whips or blades, and so on

  • available rotation speeds, especially in the case of blenders, shredders, and juicers

  • presence or absence of the timer to carefully set operating times. This is of the uttermost importance with devices such as dehydrators and multicookers

  • display feature, with clear indication of the main parameters

Practical and elegant: kitchen appliances adding style to your cooking

Whether it is an object with ultra-modern lines or a small utensil with a vaguely vintage flavour, you have to choose your kitchen appliance carefully. This statement is especially true if you are lucky enough to enough space to place your kitchen appliances on your workbench. You will also choose the product based on its technical characteristics, your needs and your culinary skills, but do not forget that a little colour or the right design can furnish your rooms in the best possible way.

Manufacturers of small and large household appliances seem to have grasped this concept very well. In fact, on the market, you’ll find products that are designed to satisfy the tastes and requests of everyone. In short: nowadays buying a food processor is not only useful but as much fun as any shopping session. Have a carefully look at our product gallery and be inspired by the wide range of solutions for your kitchen.

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