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Make the most out of your outdoor area: find your garden furniture set on HiFi-Tower

When choosing the elements to furnish your outdoor area, the first step is to ask yourself: how am I going to use this space? Obviously, if you love to organise outdoor lunches and dinners, your garden furniture style and the elements you need will be very different from those who prefer to spend time with relatives and friends sipping a drink or having a quick aperitif.

In the first case, in fact, you will probably opt for a set consisting of an outdoor dining table and chairs for lunch and dinner, while in the second case a round table and chair could be enough. Or maybe, an outdoor coffee set or garden furniture sets consisting of sofa, armchairs, garden benches or some garden chairs with table attached. If, on the other hand, you wish to create a cosy corner, to read in peace outdoors or just sunbathe, a swing chair is a great solution.

If you have children, you cannot do without dedicating a small space in your private outdoor area just to them: in these cases, a rocking chair, a hammock and an inflatable mattress are equally good options to ensure maximum comfort. And what about a gazebo, to add even more charm and use your outdoor space even when it’s raining, or in the hottest summer hours?

As you can see, the options are many, but no matter which one you choose, it is always true that a garden, a terrace or even an outdoor area like a balcony is an extension of your house, therefore of its style. The ideal thing when choosing garden furniture set is to think that it is an extension of the interior, matching the look and atmosphere. Depending on the necessary functionality and your needs, on HiFi Tower you can choose many garden furniture solutions. From bistro sets to wooden garden furniture, from picnic benches to rattan dining lounge sets, we offer you a wide range of solutions to furnish your balcony or garden from scratch with quality, elegantly designed furniture made from durable materials. Discover our offers and buy your garden furniture set on HiFi Tower, to start living the outdoor spaces of your home with the same comfort of your interiors.

How to choose the best garden furniture set: what elements do you need?

Those who are lucky enough to have a garden can furnish it with a dining set, allowing you to organise evenings with friends and to take advantage of an environment not only for relaxation. Various elements allow you to enjoy your garden in the best possible way. Certainly, if an outdoor table and chairs to accommodate guests are essential, the presence of other accessories can help you to achieve a higher level of comfort.

Combining one or more armchairs with cushions can be a welcoming solution when you wish to enjoy the moment of relaxation. If you want to read or sunbathe, fitting an outdoor chaise longue or even a beach chairallows you to lie down in the greenery and simply forget about everything.

Sometimes it is essential to get some protection from the sun rays. If you install a canopy or protective screens, you have to take into account that the price may rise; on the other hand, that’s a choice you certainly won’t regret, as you will be able to enjoy your garden furniture set and your time outdoor regardless of the weather condition.

Which materials to choose for your garden furniture set?

One of the most important elements to pay attention to when choosing your garden set is the quality of the materials. In fact, many people who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space are often reluctant to buy outdoor furniture for fear of having to move everything every time the weather conditions are not optimal.

What if we told you that even wooden furniture could withstand the weather? Well yes, you will no longer have to give up the style and warmth of wood because, thanks to modern processing techniques, these complements have become more robust and long-lived, with a quality that can withstand both impacts and humidity. Among the best are teak, rattan and balau or acacia wood, which do not require special maintenance, unlike fir and pine, which, on the contrary, must be periodically treated with specific protective products.

For these reasons, wooden garden furniture is always a good option, and together with rattan, it is ideal for country or mountain houses. On the other hand, if you live by the sea, it is preferable to opt for teak or any varnished wood that does not risk being corroded by salt. Metal is an element that can look good in a garden: wrought iron is preferable for its linear design and the elegance that can give it an accurate painting. Tables, chairs and benches in this material have a very elaborate line and go well in an elegant environment rather than a more sober one.

Plastic or synthetic fibre sets are an economical alternative and, in addition to being more resistant to different climatic conditions, are also extremely easy to clean. It is also true, however, that this material does not convey an aesthetically pleasing look and, if exposed to too much sun, it tends to become too soft and brittle in the long run. Aluminium or metal furniture, on the other hand, is more appreciated for its sturdiness and stability. Still, since it is an incredibly stiff and cold material, it will be necessary to match the seats with cushions and pillows

Measurements and design: the right size for your garden furniture set

Even in outdoor living, it is necessary to assess measures and distances well. If you opt for garden sofas and armchairs, it is necessary to leave a space of at least 40-50 centimetres between each seat so that the area can be habitable and spacious enough. At the same time, the distance from the table should be at least one metre, to have all the comfort of being able to stand up without the back of the chair being too much in the way.

As for aesthetics, the refinement of the style will be closely linked to the materials, while the design of the outfit should follow a uniform line, to transform your outdoor space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing oasis. It's not always easy to find the exact spot to place your garden furniture set. If you want to save money, it is preferable to avoid areas that are most affected by the sun, so as not to have to resort to the umbrella, making the cost of you garden furniture set rise.

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