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Charcoal Grills

For a perfect barbecue, choose one of our charcoal grills

One of the most common habits to welcome the beautiful spring and summer days - but why not, also a great idea to create a moment of conviviality during the winter months - is to organise a barbecue with family and friends. Synonymous with cheerfulness and fun, grilling is a timeless ritual that is becoming more and more popular, and also an opportunity to taste healthy and tasty cooking. Grilling makes it possible to prepare different recipes without the addition of fat, obtaining food with extraordinary taste and consistency, which is difficult to achieve using traditional methods. No matter if you love meat, fish or vegetables: buying an outdoor charcoal grill is a great idea, and you will have a tool that will allow you to try new recipes all the time. But which charcoal bbq to choose?

The models available you can find on the market can vary considerably in shape and type and are suitable for the most diverse occasions. Barbecue purists generally prefer outdoor wood-burning barbecues, while many opt for a simpler fixed or charcoal grill with charcoal embers. If you don’t want to renounce to comfort, you can opt for a gas grill, which allows controlling the intensity of the flame as in a traditional cooker, while as a solution for a quick terrace barbecue can also fit electric grills, small in size and therefore easily transportable.

Take a look at our product gallery, and find the charcoal grill that best suits your needs. On HiFi-Tower, you can find products from the best brands, manufactured with high-quality, durable materials that will impress your guests with their elegant and attractive design. All this translates in excellent value for your money. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best.

Become a pitmaster with one of our portable barbecues

Generally, charcoal barbecues are considered the traditional method of grilling food and are very suitable for your garden and outdoor cooking in general; an optimal location, as the smoke and smells, especially during lighting, cannot disturb your neighbours. When using a charcoal grill, the unmistakable aroma is transmitted to the food that you grill on it; especially when your outdoor space is limited and doesn’t allow to install a masonry grill or a fixed grilling solution, a traditional, portable charcoal bbq grill is the easiest solution to meet your needs.

This type of garden grill is practical, as it can be easily transported outside and placed in different locations, as much as it can be conveniently stored and protected from the weather when not in use. To ensure maximum comfort, some of our models are equipped with two, three or four wheels, making it easier to move them around. Some charcoal grills on sale on HiFi-Tower are equipped with a smoker, a useful accessory you can use in combination with the main charcoal barbecue; thanks to the fumes produced by vegetable fuels - charcoal, wood chips or wood - gives the meat a more intense flavour and a softer texture.

Larger models are also equipped with different shelves, thus offering enough space to grill in full comfort, always having what you need at hand. Steaks, crispy sausages, chops, fish or vegetables can be deliciously grilled with an outdoor charcoal grill using charcoal or wood. Regardless of your favourite way of grilling, when choosing your charcoal grill, it’s important to give priority to durable materials. Stainless steel grills can withstand harsh weather conditions; in addition to their elegant appearance guaranteed by the polished metal, they will not only be protected from rust but can also be cleaned using a special grill cleaner.

Which type of charcoal grill to choose?

Now, let's take a look at the main types of charcoal grill that you can find in our product gallery, analysing the main characteristics, and the pros and cons of each one.

  • Open charcoal grill
    This type of charcoal bbq grill is generally small to medium in size; it is easy to position, needs no maintenance and, most importantly, is usually available for a lower price. Its structure is simple, with the classic thin wall, a single grill suitable for outdoor cooking, not only for gardens but also for camping weekends.

  • Charcoal bbq with lid
    This type of barbecue features great adaptability and resistance and can be kept in the garden outdoors without any cover. The cooking is effective, easy, and fast: you can load the charcoal to have your embers ready in about 25/40 minutes. After positioning the grill, you just have to choose the cut of meat or fish you want to grill, close the lid and you can simply relax with your guests by taking a look at the cooking of the chosen food.

Type of charcoal grill advantages disadvantages
Open charcoal grill
  • Affordable price

  • Height is easily adjustable

  • Easy access to the embers

  • Adaptability for positioning and storage thanks to its wheels
  • Longer cooking time

  • Only thin cuts of meat and fish can be grilled

  • Little stability

  • Lower durability as a product
Charcoal bbq with lid
  • Well-distributed food cooking thanks to the lid

  • Pleasant design, excellent stability for the grill

  • Flexibility for all types of outdoor surfaces. No protection needed in case of rain or wind
  • Higher purchase cost

Some tips to clean your charcoal grill

The durability of a charcoal barbecue basically depends on correct cleaning and maintenance, to be carried out carefully after each use, taking care to remove and eliminate incrustations caused by the melting of fats and seasonings used for food preparation. In the case of a charcoal grill, after the use, you should remove the embers and ashes with a vacuum cleaner to minimise the dispersion of combustion residues. As a first step, try to clean charcoal bbq grill with absorbent paper and special sprays to dissolve and remove the most evident grease. To perform this operation correctly, it is advisable to use special brushes to remove the most tenacious incrustations. In the end, the grill should be carefully rinsed with running water to remove residues of detergent.

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