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DJ Mixers

DJ Mixers at the Best Price!

When it comes to controlling and optimizing your DJ sound, a DJ mixer is the only way to go. A DJ mixer is a type of audio mixing console used by disc jockeys. The key features that differentiate DJ mixers from another type of audio mixer are their ability to redirect a non-playing source to DJ Headphones and the presence of a cross-fader, which allows for an easier transition between two audio sources so you can blend and mix easily from one song to the next. A DJ mixer is also used to create DJ mixes. We stock quality DJ mixers from basic DJ mixers to pro DJ mixers for professional set ups so come to us for all your DJ equipment needs. Whether you are looking for a cheap DJ mixer at a low price for small parties or a top quality, multi-channel DJ mixer for professional live events you have come to the right place. When it comes to parties or events we have DJ mixers covered and we are sure to have the perfect DJ Mixers for sale. Our DJ mixers don't have built-in amplifiers and are stand alone DJ mixers which feed the sound from your audio mixer source through to your PA Amplifier. DJ mixers give you control over which audio source plays through the audio mixer to the amplifier at any given time so you can fade from one song to the next during your DJ set and control Microphones at the same time as most of them include a microphone input. A mixing console is a must have piece of disco equipment to add to a DJ Kit. A DJ music mixer allows you to alter & fine tune the tone of each channel. For great deals on PA Systems, Disco Lights or a DJ mixer and low prices on all electronic and sound system products you won´t need to look further then Hifi-Tower for all your needs. "

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