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Enjoy total relax outdoors with our selection of garden swing chairs

Swing chairs are a symbol of pleasant outdoor relaxation, perfect when you want to take a break from the stress of everyday life and be lulled by the gentle movements of this unique piece of garden furniture. A suspended swing is an object that overcomes all barriers of time, fun, magical and romantic at the same time, and it is difficult to resist its inviting charm when you see one in the garden or on the terrace. While in the past the market offered a reduced choice of models, in recent years the introduction of more modern designs relying on sturdy weatherproof materials offers many solutions, differing from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The outdoor swing seats you can find on HiFi-Tower come with ergonomic reclining surfaces, adjustable backrests and footrests, and seating areas that impress with their comfort and functionality. All our outdoor swing chairs are a little wellness paradise - a retreat oasis where you can recharge your batteries in total relaxation. Discover our product range and take advantage of our offers at an unbeatable value for your money.

Main features of a swing chair

Garden swing chairs represent, in a way, the evolution of the traditional indoor rocking chairs, a timeless object whose invention is attributed to the brilliant Benjamin Franklin. Sophisticated and simple at the same time, a garden swing seat is essentially a suspended rocking chair, consisting of a fixed supporting structure, which acts as a base with four legs, where the seating area - consisting of a backrest and in some cases armrests - is secured by chains or ropes, allowing movement.

To offer maximum comfort, the seating area of a swing chair is generally covered with soft surfaces, such as thin mattresses or cushions in different colours, materials and sizes, making it even more pleasant to sit and swing. Another essential feature of a suspended rocking chair is the canopy, to protect from sun or rain. In some models, the backrest can be reclined to create a sort of beach rocking chair, or it can be removed entirely to transform the swing into a tilting bed.

Steel and wood: maximum durability for you outdoor swing chair

If you are thinking of buying a garden swing, the first thing to decide is what the frame material will be. Most outdoor swing seats are made of powder-coated tubular steel or treated larch wood to withstand extreme weather conditions. Tubular steel is a practically indestructible material and requires only minimal maintenance; for this reason, it is ideal for spaces that are usually exposed to atmospheric agents.

A wooden swing chair, on the other hand, looks more natural and authentic: the models you can find on HiFi-Tower are made of hard, solid larch wood, with a protective enamel coating. Real wood changes its colour over time, and small cracks may appear, but these do not compromise functionality and stability significantly. To ensure maximum durability of the product, however, it is advisable to renew the protective varnish at regular intervals, and if possible also cover the hanging chair with one of our covers, if you plan to leave it outdoors for long periods without using it. For this purpose, in our product gallery, you will also find polyester rain coverings that are perfectly suited to the sizes of our garden rockers. Thanks to its refined aesthetic lines, a wooden swing chair can be placed under a gazebo, creating a welcoming outdoor living space where you can spend unforgettable hours of relaxation.

Made to last: garden swing seats with sturdy lightweight fabric

Depending on the model, swing chairs can be adjusted in different ways; the best position is at ground level, with enough space for the swing to move - and a position that does not hinder any garden work. The outdoor hanging chairs you find in our gallery weigh at least 45 kg and are therefore able to withstand gusts of wind. Still, maximum load capacity must not be exceeded to avoid accidents that could damage the rocking chair.

Hanging garden chairs with a wide seating surface are covered with a tear-resistant polyester fabric that is gentle to the skin, and that does not heat up quickly even at high temperatures. Poly rattan, used for example in the variants with two individually suspended seats, has a very attractive design and is a strong and durable material.

Well protected and soft: enjoy comfort and privacy with our swing chairs

The reclining function is an essential feature in outdoor swing chairs, allowing to read or sleep while enjoying maximum comfort. Also, only hanging chairs with canopy can be used in any situation, thanks to water-repellent polyester providing a pleasant shade and UV protection. The cushions of our outdoor swing chairs add more comfort perfectly fit the seating area, with an appropriate softness to match each model. They also provide maximum ease of use from in terms of maintenance, as you can use a slightly damp cloth to remove light dirt .

Do you want to buy a garden swing chair offering even more comfort? No problem! Our boudoir style models allow you to enjoy your open spaces to the fullest without sacrificing privacy. If you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, you can install curtains on the front and back of the rocker as required. Our luxury garden swing seats or hammock chairs will enchant you with their sophisticated design and will prove to be the perfect place for an undisturbed nap. A hundred years after its invention, the outdoor hanging chairs still conveys relaxation and a good mood. Be inspired by our selection of products and buy the best swing chair for your needs to meet your needs and taste.

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