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Top features
  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier and air purifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 360 m³ / h air flow
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CTR-1 v2 4-in-1 Air Cooler Fan Humidifier Ioniser 7 Ltr

The oneConcept CTR1 is an efficient air cooler which improves the indoor climate inexpensively and elegantly.

The basic function of the device is a smart combination of fan and air conditioning, which emits a cool flow of air to the room. The cooling of the blown air is achieved by the evaporation of water / ice from the 8-litre water tank. Apart from cooling the air, the oneConcept CTR1 also differs from conventional fans by humidifying, purifying and then ionising the air, improving the indoor climate and your overall well-being.

A fundamental advantage of the oneConcept cooler when compared with conventional air conditioning systems is its superior energy efficiency - regardless of the energy efficiency class of the air conditioner. With only 65W power consumption, the device considerably and steadily refreshes small and medium-sized rooms. Savings in operating costs in purely seasonal use can be in amounts of upwards of two or three digits. Three levels of performance and an optionally selectable automatic swivel movement allow for precise adaptation to your current weather conditions, the size of the room and seating arrangements.

Another advantage of the oneConcept air cooler is the complete elimination of installation restrictions: even mobile air-conditioning systems need an exhaust hose - and thus a window location - to dissipate warm exhaust air. In contrast, the oneConcept CTR1 can be easily moved with its four bottom rollers and side pull handles and operated anywhere.

Unlike traditional air conditioners, the device imposes no restrictions on installation in indoor or outdoor areas: closing windows and doors is not necessary. In operation, the unit requires little attention, as the hourly water consumption with 1 litre is so low that the water needs to be filled only once a day (in normal day-to-day office use). The two supplied cold packs can be alternated to support the air cooling. 

Operation is quick and easy via the remote control or directly via the operating section with LED display. 

Please note that the device is not an air conditioning system in the traditional sense, but rather an air cooler. The cooling of the blown air is achieved by the evaporation of water / ice from the water tank of the device.

User manual PDF

Product details

Top features:

  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier and air purifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 360 m³ / h air flow
  • Cool for hours: two interchangeable cold packs and a water tank with a volume of 7 litres
  • At every angle: switchable horizontal oscillation for optimal ventilation
  • Mobile and convenient: four floor rollers for easy repositioning & remote control for easy control
  • All year round: air humidification function against dry heated air in winter
  • Clean air: switchable ioniser for cleaning the air


  • 3 power levels (low, medium, high)
  • Nature mode - uneven air flow to simulate natural air flow behavior
  • Integrated adjustable timer up to max. 9 hours
  • Possibility of operation with ice packs or ice cubes
  • Water tank capacity: 8 litres
  • Removable water / ice tanks for easy filling
  • Water level indicator
  • Integrated water filtering system
  • Side-mounted transport and pull handles
  • Dust filter integrated at the rear
  • Energy saving function
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x device
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x cool packs
  • Multilingual user manual


  • 38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: about 1.5 m
  • Weight: about 7 kg

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From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 27.08.2022
Tested review

Sorgt für kühlere Luft. Leider ist das kleine Klimagerät nicht so stabil und hängt nur noch runter. Wir mussten das Gerät entsorgen.

Provides cooler air. Unfortunately, the small air conditioner is not so stable and just hangs down. We had to dispose of the device.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 23.07.2022
Tested review

Ich bin sehr begeistert und die Kühlung ist super.Ja er ist ein wenig laut aber bei 38° hatte ich ein angenehmes Zimmer und habe nicht geschwitzt.kaufempfehlung

I'm very enthusiastic and the cooling is great. Yes, it's a little noisy, but at 38° I had a comfortable room and didn't sweat. Recommended to buy

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 07.07.2022
Tested review



From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 09.06.2022
Tested review

gerne wieder

gladly again

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 09.03.2022
Tested review

Die Medien konnten nicht geladen werden. Die Luft im Raum wird schon deutlich kühler. Besonders wenn man noch die Wasserkühlung zuschaltet und noch einen Kühlakku dazu legt. Schön ist auch, dass 2 Kühlakkus dabei sind. So kann man im Sommer schnell mal wechseln und hat immer einen zweiten kühlen Akku parat liegen. Für den Preis ein solides Gerät.

The media could not be loaded. The air in the room is already noticeably cooler. Especially if you switch on the water cooling and add an ice pack. It is also nice that 2 ice packs are included. So you can quickly change in summer and always have a second cool battery at hand. A solid device for the price.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 08.03.2022
Tested review

Das Produkt gefällt mir sehr.Seine Multifunktionalität als Ventilator, Luftkühler, Luftbefeuchter und Luftreiniger ist erstaunlich. Es spart so viel Platz. Der Luftreiniger und Luftbefeuchter macht wirklich einen großen Unterschied für mich. Ich habe Allergien gegen Pollen und Staub, aber wenn der Luftreiniger eingeschaltet ist, bekomme ich keine allergische Reaktion. Es ist wirklich ein "Game Changer" für mich. Jedes Frühjahr hatte ich Niesen, laufende Nase und geschwollene Augen. Jetzt ist das vergessen. Auch im Sommer, wenn Feuchtigkeit zuschlägt, ist der Air Cooler eine tolle Sache. Wenn ich die Kühlakkus hinzufüge, spürt man richtig die kalte Luft im Raum. Es ist auch stark genug, um mein Zimmer sehr schnell zu kühlen. Es ist ein leises Gerät.Die Fernbedienung ist super einfach zu bedienen. Es hat auch eine Lüftergeschwindigkeit und einen Timer. Der Timer ist die Funktion, die ich liebe. Ich schlafe nicht gerne mit eingeschaltetem Ventilator, also schaltet er sich automatisch aus, wenn ich schlafe. Ich empfehle dieses Produkt. Es ist toll!

I really like the product. Its multifunctionality as a fan, air cooler, humidifier and air purifier is amazing. It saves so much space. The air purifier and humidifier really makes a big difference for me. I have allergies to pollen and dust but when the air purifier is on I don't get an allergic reaction. It's really a "game changer" for me. Every spring I had sneezing, runny nose and swollen eyes. Now that's forgotten. Even in summer, when humidity hits, the Air Cooler is a great thing. When I add the ice packs, you really feel the cold air in the room. It's also powerful enough to cool my room very quickly. It's a silent device. The remote control is super easy to use. It also has a fan speed and timer. The timer is the feature I love. I don't like sleeping with the fan on, so it turns off automatically when I sleep. I recommend this product. It is great!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 06.03.2022
Tested review

Mein Test nach 7 Tagen Das Gerät ist Super , es kühlt pustet wie es soll . Man stellt es in einen Raum und dieser ist nach einer gewisser Zeit deutlich runtergekühlt. Die Kühlakkus lege ich immer für 4stunden in das Gefrierfach, dann sind sie kalt genug. Nicht nur technisch sondern auch optisch sehr ansprechend, durch die Rollen auch leicht zu bewegen Es kühlt schnell runter und reinigt die Luft schön ich hab eine Pollen Allergie und wenn ich das Gerät an hab nach paar Minuten is die Luft rein merk ich sofort Kühl Akkus sind auch top Sehr gutes Klimagerät. Fernbedienung funktioniert auch.

My test after 7 days The device is great, it cools as it should. You put it in a room and it cools down significantly after a certain time. I always put the cold packs in the freezer for 4 hours, then they are cold enough. Not only technically but also visually very appealing, easy to move thanks to the rollers It cools down quickly and cleans the air nicely I have a pollen allergy and when I have the device on after a few minutes the air is clean I immediately notice cool batteries also top Very good air conditioner. Remote control works too.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 12.07.2021
Tested review

Angenehme Frische , viele Funktionen, ab Lüfter-Stufe 2 ziemlich laut . Funktioniert zuverlässig. Gutes Preis - Leistung Verhältnis .

Pleasant freshness, many functions, pretty loud from fan level 2 onwards. Works reliably. Good value for money .

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 11.07.2021
Tested review

Eine angenehme Frische ist im Raum .....

A pleasant freshness is in the room .....

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 04.07.2021
Tested review

Wenn ich mir die Rezessionen so angucke erwarten die Leute bei dem Preis eine voll Klimaanlage die die Wärme im Raum einfach wegzaubert was physikalisch einfach nicht möglich ist ernergierhaltungsprinzieb auch eine normale Klimaanlage befördert die Hitze nur nach draußen über das Außenaggregat oder einen Abluft Schlauch womit das Teil auch nicht wirbt es hat eine gewisse reinigungs und Befruchtungsfunktion und sorgt duch den Wassertank mit Eisfach für einen vorgekühlten Luftstrom und macht somit die Bullenhitze erträglicher und das besser als ein Otto normal Ventilator zudem ist die Umschaltung per Fernbedienung faulheitsunterstützend was bei Hitze auch nicht unpraktisch ist wenn ich mir die Preise für normale Ventilatoren ansehe ist dieses Gerät zum kaufzeitpunkt 90 Euro absolut wert

When I look at the recessions, people expect a full air conditioning system that simply conjures up the heat in the room at this price, which is simply not physically possible also not advertised it has a certain cleaning and fertilization function and ensures a pre-cooled air flow through the water tank with ice compartment and thus makes the bull heat more bearable and that better than a normal Otto fan also the switching via remote control is laziness-supporting which is not impractical in the heat either If I look at the prices for normal fans, this device is absolutely worth 90 euros at the time of purchase

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 02.04.2021
Tested review

Da sich eines unserer Zimmer im Sommer stark aufheizt waren wir lange auf der Suche nach einer bezahlbaren Lösung. Teure, sowohl in Anschaffung als auch Unterhalt, und komplizierte Klimaanlage kam nicht infrage. Dann stießen wir auf dieses Gerät. Kühlen und Luft reinigen klingt gut. Preis auch ok. Natürlich sind die Temperaturen noch nicht so hoch das ich etwas über die Kühlung sagen kann. Jedoch erscheint mir persönlich das Gerät sehr laut. Auch in der niedrigsten Stufe ist es lauter als jeder Lüfter, etc. den ich je hatte. Das wird dazu führen, daß wir ihn, falls wir ihn behalten, immer nur temporär laufen lassen werden und zwischendurch auf ein leiseres Gerät switchen. Positiv zu erwähnen sind die leichtgängigen Rollen. Machen das Gerät sehr mobil. Die Maße sind wahrscheinlich irgendwo vermerkt. Ich habe jedoch mit einem kleineren Gerät gerechnet. Es ist also sehr präsent im Raum wenn man es nicht unter einem Tisch, o. Ä. stehen hat. Negativ ist das Display und zwar insofern das er jeweils links und rechts des Bedienfeldes stark gebraucht aussieht. Wie verkratzt oder abgenutzt. Sieht man zwar nur wenn man gegen das Licht schaut, trotzdem unangenehm bei einem Gerät > 50 EUR! Vermutlich die günstigste Möglichkeit!

Since one of our rooms heats up a lot in summer, we have been looking for an affordable solution for a long time. Expensive, both to buy and to maintain, and complicated air conditioning was out of the question. Then we came across this device. Cooling and cleaning air sounds good. Price ok too. Of course the temperatures are not so high that I can say anything about the cooling. However, the device seems very loud to me personally. Even on the lowest setting, it's louder than any fan, etc. I've ever had. This will mean that if we keep it, we will only let it run temporarily and switch to a quieter device in between. The smooth-running wheels are a positive feature. Make the device very mobile. The dimensions are probably noted somewhere. However, I was expecting a smaller device. So it is very present in the room if you don't put it under a table or similar. stand. The display is negative in that it looks heavily used on the left and right of the control panel. How scratched or worn. You can only see it if you look against the light, but it is still uncomfortable for a device > 50 EUR! Probably the cheapest option!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 01.04.2021
Tested review

Leider war der Luftkühler bei der Lieferung beschädigt. Ein Rädchen war abgebrochen. Ich kontaktierte den Hersteller und fragte nach einem Ersatzrädchen oder einem Rücksendeschein. Es kam zuerst eine Standard-E-mail in der stand, dass man sich innerhalb von zwei Tagen melden würde. Nach fünf Tagen kam eine Nachricht mit der Bestätigung der Rücknahme und der Aussage, dass ich einen vor frankierten Rücksendeschein als pdf. per E-Mail bekommen würde. In der Nachricht selber war ein Retourenlabel zum selber frankieren. Die E-Mail mit der pdf. kam leider nicht. Der Hersteller wurde daraufhin erneut kontaktiert und wieder kam die Standard-E-Mail, dass man innerhalb von zwei Tagen antworten würde. Diese sind jetzt auch schon wieder vergangen. Nachtrag: Der Verkäufer hat sich nochmals gemeldet. Das defekte Gerät wurde zurückgeschickt und ein neues geliefert. Das Gerät selber hat meiner Meinung nach viel Power und kann in einem durchschnittlichen Raum die Luft gut in Bewegung bringen und diese auch gefühlt abkühlen. Nach den anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten bin ich jetzt doch zufrieden.

Unfortunately, the air cooler was damaged upon delivery. A cog had broken off. I contacted the manufacturer and asked for a replacement wheel or a return label. First came a standard email saying they would get back to me within two days. After five days I received a message confirming the return and saying that I had a pre-paid return slip as a pdf. would receive via email. In the message itself was a return label to frank yourself. The email with the pdf. unfortunately didn't come. The manufacturer was then contacted again and again the standard email came that they would reply within two days. These are now gone. Addendum: The seller has reported again. The defective device was sent back and a new one was delivered. In my opinion, the device itself has a lot of power and can get the air moving in an average room and also cool it down. After the initial difficulties I am now satisfied.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 27.03.2021
Tested review

Since it is not summer yet, I only tried it one time. It works good. I am also satisfied with the customer service provided by the seller. I received the item the day after I ordered it. Update: Now that it is warm outside, I used this product. I cannot use it at night because it makes a loud noise. So if you are a light sleeper, this is not for you.

Since it is not summer yet, I only tried it one time. It works good. I am also satisfied with the customer service provided by the seller. I received the item the day after I ordered it. Update: Now that it is warm outside, I used this product. I cannot use it at night because it makes a loud noise. So if you are a light sleeper, this is not for you.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 12.03.2021
Tested review

Das Gerät ist etwas lauter, als mein altes Gerät, welches einen Kurzschluss hatte (war aber auch schon 10 Jahre alt). Stellt man den Lüfter auf niedrigste Stufe, dann ist die Leistung schon ganz ordentlich und der Geräuschpegel erträglich. Das Gerät kühlt sehr gut, erfrischt und reinigt auch die angesogene Raumluft spürbar. Es wirkt so sehr gut gegen zu trockene Heizungsluft im Winter und für ein angenehmes Klima im Sommer.

The device is a bit louder than my old device, which had a short circuit (but was also 10 years old). If you set the fan to the lowest level, the performance is quite decent and the noise level is bearable. The device cools very well, refreshes and noticeably cleans the sucked-in room air. It is very effective against heating air that is too dry in winter and for a pleasant climate in summer.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 14.02.2021
Tested review

Die Luft in unserer Wohnung kann im Winter wegen der Fußbodenheizung ganz schön trocken werden, und da wir uns im Dachgeschoss befinden, kann es im Sommer sehr heiß werden. Deshalb waren wir froh, ein Gerät zu entdecken, das sowohl eine luftbefeuchtende als auch eine luftkühlende Funktion hat. Die Luftbefeuchtung funktioniert perfekt und macht sich innerhalb kurzer Zeit bemerkbar. Es ist großartig für Leute, die unter der Trockenheit leiden (und bestimmt auch für unsere zahlreichen Pflanzen), die durch Heizkörper und andere Heizungen verursacht wird. Da es momentan Winter ist, habe ich die Luftkühlung-Funktion nur eine halbe Stunde lang in einem geschlossenen Raum getestet, um zu sehen, wie sie funktioniert, und war von der Leistung beeindruckt. Es ist kraftvoll aber das Gerät ist nicht sehr laut, so dass es nicht stört, wenn es eingeschaltet ist, und ich persönlich finde das Design schick.

The air in our apartment can get quite dry in the winter because of the underfloor heating and as we are in the attic it can get very hot in the summer. That's why we were happy to discover a device that has both an air humidifying and an air cooling function. The air humidification works perfectly and is noticeable within a short time. It's great for people who suffer from the drought (and certainly our numerous plants too) caused by radiators and other heating systems. Since it's currently winter, I tested the air cooling function indoors for just half an hour to see how it worked and was impressed with the performance. It's powerful but the device isn't very loud so it doesn't get in the way when it's on and I personally think the design is sleek.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 09.02.2021
Tested review

Das Gerät gefällt mir sehr gut. Es sieht in schwarz schön modern aus. Es hat auch eine Fernbedienung und so kann man sich das aufstehen ersparen, das finde ich gut. Man kann auch Kühlakkus oder rein in den Behälter machen wenn es im Sommer sehr warm ist. Oder an verwendet das Gerät nur als Ventilator. durch das Wasser erhöht sich auch die Luftfeuchtigkeit und die Luft wird auch noch gereinigt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit.

I like the device very much. It looks modern in black. It also has a remote control so you don't have to get up, which I like. You can also put cold packs or put them in the container if it is very warm in summer. Or to use the device only as a fan. the water also increases the humidity and the air is also cleaned. I am very happy with it.

From Gerhard Rated at 13.12.2018
Tested review

Habe das Gerät für eine Dachbodenwohnung gekauft, welche im
Sommer stets unerträglich heiß ist.

Angenehme Kühlung und erfrischende Luftsäuberung durch die Ionen-Funktion. Funktioniert einwandfrei. So hatte ich mir das vorgestellt, Daumen Hoch!

I bought the device for an attic apartment, which is always unbearably hot in summer. Pleasant cooling and refreshing air purification thanks to the ion function. Works flawlessly. That's how I imagined it, thumbs up!

From Manuela Rated at 03.04.2018
Tested review

Gerade für die Schlafzimmer und Kinderzimmer im Dachgeschoß ist dieser Luftkühler optimal. Dort herrschen im Sommer doch extrem heiße Temperaturen.

Da ich kein Klimagerät mit einem Abluftschlauch wollte, ist dieser Luftkühler ideal. Zwar haben wir einen normalen Ventilator, welcher aber nicht wirklich viel bringt und nur die warme Luft rumwirbelt. Dieser Standlüfter reinigt zudem noch die Luft und kühlt mithilfe des Wassertanks inklusive den Kühlakkus und wenn man möchte zusätzlich noch Eiswürfeln die Luft richtig schön ab.

Die Luftstärken und Lautstärken lassen sich prima regeln und dies sogar mit einer Fernbedienung. Besonders gut gefällt mit der Nachtmodus, welcher wirklich sehr leise ist und somit ein ungestörtes Schlafen ermöglicht.

Den Luftkühler kann man dank der Rollen auch gut verschieben.

Ich bin begeistert und kann diesen Luftkühler nur weiterempfehlen.

This air cooler is ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms in the attic. Extremely hot temperatures prevail there in summer. Since I didn't want an air conditioner with an exhaust hose, this air cooler is ideal. We have a normal fan, but it doesn't really do much and only swirls the warm air around. This pedestal fan also cleans the air and cools the air down really nicely with the help of the water tank including the cold packs and, if you want, ice cubes. The air strength and volume can be regulated easily, even with a remote control. I particularly like the night mode, which is really very quiet and thus allows undisturbed sleep. The air cooler can also be easily moved thanks to the rollers. I am thrilled and can only recommend this air cooler.

From Aurélie Rated at 29.01.2017
Tested review

Ce rafraîchisseur d'air est de très bonne qualité, conforme aux description, facile à mettre en marche et a réglé.Il se transporte facilement grâce à ses roulette.le rafraîchisseur d'air fonctionne à l'eau et deux pain de glace (fourni avec), il est très performant, on obtient un air très frais.Grâce aux pains de glace, ce rafraîchisseur, rafraîchit et humidifie l'air avant de le ventiler, avec lui, on profite d'une sensation de fraîcheur lorsque on est placé dans le flux d' peut baisser durablement la température d'une pièce et il est très proche d'une climatisation pour rafraîchir.Je le conseille vivement ! contente de ce produit.

This air freshener is of very good quality, conforms to the description, easy to start and adjust. It is easy to transport thanks to its wheels. The air freshener works with water and two ice packs (provided with), it performs very well, you get very fresh air. in the air flow. It can permanently lower the temperature of a room and it is very close to air conditioning to cool. I strongly recommend it! happy with this product.

From Richard Rated at 15.12.2016
Tested review

Wer nicht die Möglichkeit hat sich eine Klimaanlage aufzustellen kann sich mit dem OneConcept CTR-1 Klimagerät eine alternative ins Haus holen. Dieses Gerät benötigt nämlich keinen Schlauch nach außen, sondern arbeitet mit kalten Wasser. Das Gerät kam hier gut verpackt innerhalb weniger Tage an. Innen im Karton ist alles noch mal mit Styropor gesichert. So war alles einwandfrei bei der Ankunft. Neben dem Gerät selbst hat man noch 2 Kühlakkus, 1 Anleitung und 1 Fernbedienung. Bevor man los legt, packt man die Kühlakkus in die Gefriertruhe. Da innen ein Gel ist reichen 2 bis 3 Stunden aus und die Akkus sind gefroren. Das Gerät selbst gefällt mir optisch sehr gut. Es ist komplett in schwarz (man bekommt es aber auch in rot oder weiß) und hat eine angenehme Form. Für den Transport sind unten Rollen vorhanden, die leicht und gut rollen. Falls man es mal tragen muss sind seitlich Griffe vorhanden. Oben ist das Bedienfeld, darunter die Lamellen durch die die kalte Luft kommt. Ganz unten ein kleines Fenster, durch das man sieht wie viel Wasser noch im Tank ist. Hinten hat man dann die Waben, die die Luft reinigt und darunter den Behälter fürs Wasser. Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach und kann entweder am Gerät selbst vorgenommen werden oder per Fernbedienung. Wenn das gerät angeschaltet ist, hat man oberhalb der Knöpfe rote LED Symbole. So sieht man auch im Dunkeln wie man das Gerät eingestellt hat. Man kann nur einen Ventilator einstellen und diesen dann durch Vane auch beweglich einstellen. Dadurch wird die Luft im Raum verteilt. Die Lamellen vorne am Gerät muss man manuell einstellen, um die Luft nach oben, unten oder direkt in den Raum rein pusten zu lassen. Durch drücken der Cool Taste wird die Luft am Wassertank vorbei geführt. In den Tank passen 8 Liter Wasser und durch die Kühlakkus und/oder Eiswürfel wird es richtig kalt. Die Luft wird durch das Wasser gekühlt und dann in den warmen Raum gepustet. Ob nun gekühlte oder ungekühlte Luft...sie wird immer durch die Waben hinten gefiltert und so gleichzeitig gereinigt. Wer dieses gerät im Schlafzimmer nutzen will und sich Sorgen um die Laufzeit oder die Helligkeit macht, den kann ich beruhigen. Das Gerät hat einen Timer und so kann man vor dem Schlafen gehen einstellen wie lange es laufen soll. Für das Licht gibt es die Dim Funktion. Damit werden die LED Lichter ausgemacht und der Raum wird nicht durch Licht heller gemacht. Die Lautstärke ist selbst auf der höchsten Stufe noch angenehm und nicht so störend das wir nicht einschlafen könnten. Der Hersteller gibt an, dass das gerät ca. 1 Liter Wasser pro Stunde verbraucht So könnte das Gerät auch die ganze Nacht laufen ohne das das Wasser zur Neige geht. Durch die kleine Größe und die Beweglichkeit mit den Rollen, kann man es sehr gut nutzen oder an die Seite stellen. Im Winter einen Gelben Sack zum Schutz drüber und in eine Ecke oder den Dachboden gestellt und es ist geschützt bis zum nächsten Sommer. Ein tolles Gerät für die kommende heiße Zeit, zu einem kleinen Preis!

Anyone who does not have the opportunity to set up an air conditioner can bring an alternative into the house with the OneConcept CTR-1 air conditioner. This device does not need a hose to the outside, but works with cold water. The device arrived well packaged within a few days. Inside the box everything is secured again with Styrofoam. So everything was perfect upon arrival. In addition to the device itself, you have 2 cold packs, 1 manual and 1 remote control. Before you get started, put the cold packs in the freezer. Since there is a gel inside, 2 to 3 hours are enough and the batteries are frozen. I really like the look of the device itself. It's all black (but you can also get it in red or white) and has a nice shape. There are castors at the bottom for transport, which roll easily and well. If you need to carry it, there are handles on the side. Above is the control panel, below it are the louvers through which the cold air comes. At the bottom there is a small window through which you can see how much water is left in the tank. At the back you have the honeycombs that clean the air and underneath the container for the water. Operation is very simple and can be done either on the device itself or by remote control. When the device is switched on, you have red LED symbols above the buttons. So you can see in the dark how you have set the device. You can only set one fan and then set it to be movable using Vane. This distributes the air in the room. The slats on the front of the device have to be adjusted manually to let the air blow up, down or directly into the room. By pressing the cool button, the air is guided past the water tank. 8 liters of water fit in the tank and the cold packs and/or ice cubes make it really cold. The air is cooled by the water and then blown into the warm room. Whether cooled or uncooled is always filtered through the honeycomb at the back and thus cleaned at the same time. If you want to use this device in the bedroom and are worried about the runtime or the brightness, I can reassure you. The device has a timer so you can set how long it should run before you go to sleep. There is a dim function for the light. This turns off the LED lights and the room is not made brighter by light. The volume is still pleasant even at the highest level and not so annoying that we couldn't fall asleep. The manufacturer states that the device consumes approx. 1 liter of water per hour. This means that the device could run all night without the water running out. Due to the small size and the mobility with the wheels, you can use it very well or put it to the side. In the winter put a yellow sack over it for protection and put it in a corner or in the attic and it's protected until next summer. A great device for the coming hot time, at a small price!

From Carlo Rated at 31.05.2016
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Con l'arrivo del caldo avevo bisogno di un ventilatore portatile sia da utilizzare sia in cucina e salotto che in camera da letto per riposare bene la notte. Così cercado su amazon ho deciso di acquistare il OneConcept CTR-1 colpito dalle sue funzioni (ben 4 in 1) e dal rapporto qualità-prezzo. Infatti difficilmente si trova un condizionatore a questo prezzo con funzioni di ionizzazione, depurazione e umidificatore d'aria! Io ho acquistato la versione nera che si abbina meglio all'arredamento della mia casa ma è disponibile anche in colore bianco e rosso. Mi è arrivato a casa in tempi brevissimi, appena 3 giorni dall'ordine ed era ben imballato e protetto. Aperto il pacco sono stato colpito dal design moderno (che ben si abbina alla mia casa) e le dimensioni, davvero compatte per un condizionatore. Devo dire molto meglio che in foto! E' dotato di 4 rotelle e due maniglie laterali che permettono di spostarlo facilmente da una camera all'altra. La parte anteriore è caratterizzata dalla griglia con le lamelle da dove esce l'aria e sopra ci sono 7 pulsanti che permettono di regolare le funzioni ed il pulsante di accensione e spegnimento. Inoltre sopra ai pulsanti si accendono delle comode spie rosse che indicano la funzione che si è selezionata. Prima di metterlo in funzione per evitare di correre rischi di manometterlo o sbagliare qualcosa ho letto le istruzioni che sono facilmente comprensibili e dettagliate. La particolarità che mi ha colpito leggendo le istruzioni è che questo climatizzatore non ha alcun bisogno del tubo che scarica l'aria calda fuori come tutti i classici condizionatori e quindi non c'è alcuna necessità di lasciare la finestra aperta o addirittura dover forare il muro. Per la funzione di condizionatore sono date in dotazione due borse di ghiaccio che vanno messe un paio d'ore in congelatore prima dell'uso. Altrimenti si può decidere di utilizzare del semplice ghiaccio in cubetti. Prima di metterlo in funzione come condizionatore basta mettere le borse di ghiaccio o i cubetti nell'apposita vaschetta posta dietro aggiungendo anche un pò di acqua fino al livello indicato sulla vaschetta. Una volta fatto ciò basta accendere in modalità ""Cool"" e vi arriverà subito un bel soffio di aria fresca e piacevole meglio di quella dei classici condizionatori a parete. Se si vuole utilizzare l'apparecchio come semplice ventilatore o deumidificatore invece non c'è alcun bisogno di mettere il ghiaccio e l'acqua nella vaschetta. Il ventilatore ha 3 livelli di potenza (basso, medio e alto) che si possono regolare premendo sul tasto ""Speed"". Premendo sul pulsante ""Mode"" invece si può scegliere tra 3 diverse modalità: classica, naturale che si contraddistingue dalla spia di un albero e modalità notte. Quest'ultima è particolarmente indicata per essere utilizzata quando si va a dormire e si lascia acceso il condizionatore in quanto la velocità è regolata automaticamente in modo da non dare fastidio così come la silenziosità in modo da non disturbare il sonno. Premendo sul pulsante ""Cool"" come detto sopra si attiva o disattiva il condizionatore. Da notare che se non si mette il ghiaccio la funzione condizionatore non si attiva e si vede lampeggiare la spia col simbolo di mancanza di acqua e ghiaccio. Avendo una camera abbastanza grande (circa 5x5) e con le finestre chiuse per fare circolare meglio l'aria ho attivato la funzione ""Vane"" che fa muovere le lamelle a destra e sinistra per convogliare e fare circolare meglio l'aria in tutto l'ambiente e devo dire che fa molto bene la sua funzione. Per attivare o disattivare la funzione di ionizzazione dell'aria basta premere sul pulsante ""Anion"". Per risparmiare energia si può premere sul tasto ""Dim"" che spegne tutti gli indicatori e spie presenti sopra i tasti. Inoltre c'è un utilissima funzione di Timer che permette di regolare facilmente quanto tempo si vuole tenere acceso il condizionatore. In questo modo anche se ci si addormenta l'apparecchio si spegnerà in automati

With the arrival of the heat I needed a portable fan to be used both in the kitchen and living room and in the bedroom to rest well at night. So looking on amazon I decided to buy the OneConcept CTR-1 impressed by its functions (well 4 in 1) and the quality-price ratio. In fact, it is difficult to find an air conditioner at this price with ionization, purification and air humidifier functions! I bought the black version which goes better with my home decor but is also available in white and red. It arrived at my home in a very short time, just 3 days from the order and it was well packed and protected. Once I opened the package, I was struck by the modern design (which goes well with my home) and the dimensions, really compact for an air conditioner. I have to say much better than in the picture! It is equipped with 4 wheels and two side handles that allow you to move it easily from one room to another. The front is characterized by the grille with the slats from where the air comes out and above there are 7 buttons that allow you to adjust the functions and the on and off button. In addition, comfortable red indicators light up above the buttons to indicate the function that has been selected. Before putting it into operation to avoid running the risk of tampering with it or doing something wrong, I read the instructions which are easily understandable and detailed. The peculiarity that struck me when reading the instructions is that this air conditioner does not need the pipe that discharges the hot air outside like all classic air conditioners and therefore there is no need to leave the window open or even having to drill the wall . For the air conditioning function, two bags of ice are supplied which must be placed in the freezer for a couple of hours before use. Otherwise you can decide to use simple ice cubes. Before putting it into operation as an air conditioner, just put the bags of ice or cubes in the tray located behind it, adding a little water up to the level indicated on the tray. Once this is done, just turn on the ""Cool"" mode and you will immediately get a nice breath of fresh and pleasant air better than that of the classic wall-mounted air conditioners. If you want to use the appliance as a simple fan or dehumidifier instead there is no need to put ice and water in the tray. The fan has 3 power levels (low, medium and high) which can be adjusted by pressing the ""Speed"" button. Pressing the ""Mode"" button instead you can choose between 3 different modes: classic, natural which is distinguished by the light of a tree and night mode. The latter is particularly suitable for use when you go to sleep and leave the air conditioner on as the speed is automatically adjusted so as not to annoy as well as the silence so as not to disturb sleep. Pressing the ""Cool"" button as mentioned above activates or deactivates the air conditioner. Note that if you do not add ice, the air conditioner function will not activate and you will see the light flashing with the no water and ice symbol. Having a room large enough (about 5x5) and with the windows closed to circulate the air better, I activated the ""Vane"" function which moves the slats to the right and left to convey and circulate the air better throughout the environment and I must say that it does its job very well. To activate or deactivate the air ionization function, simply press the ""Anion"" button. To save energy you can press the ""Dim"" key which turns off all the indicators and lights above the keys. There is also a very useful Timer function that allows you to easily adjust how long you want to keep the air conditioner on. In this way, even if you fall asleep, the device will turn off automatically

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Dopo una primavera un po’ monella, quasi autunnale, prepariamoci alla calura estiva e alla necessità di stare al fresco. Per refrigerare l’ambiente domestico i condizionatori portatili sono una vera e propria ancora di salvezza soprattutto se non si ha la possibilita’ di installare quelli fissi in ogni ambiente della casa. I condizionatori portatili hanno il grande vantaggio di poter essere trasportati in qualunque stanza senza il benché minimo sforzo! La mia ancora di salvezza è questo comodo e pratico Condizionatore Ventilatore portatile 4 in 1. E’ un dispositivo per il raffreddamento dell'aria/ventilatore con sistema di umidificazione, funzione di purificazione dell'aria e ionizzazione. Si contraddistingue dai ventilatori tradizionali per la capacità di umidificare, pulire e ionizzare l'aria per migliorare il clima interno e di conseguenza il benessere della persona. Ha un design compatto e minimale che ben si adatta a qualsiasi tipo di ambiente in cui viene collocato. E’ leggero e comodo da spostare da una stanza all’altra grazie alle 4 rotelle e alzarlo e posizionarlo in piani superiori per mezzo delle pratiche maniglie laterali. Misura 38,8 x 81,5 x 29,5 cm e ha una forma allungata, non occupa molto spazio e pesa circa 7 kg. Nella parte posteriore trovate il cavo di alimentazione sistemato nel suo avvolgi cavo, comodo per quando non lo utilizzate e trovate anche il filtro antipolvere integrato facilmente estraibile. In basso è presente un cassetto estraibile, in pratica una vaschetta che puo’ contenere 8 litri di acqua che evaporata garantisce un getto di aria fresca. Per potenziare l’aria fresca è possibile aggiungere nella vaschetta i due accumulatori di freddo (inclusi) o nel comodo cestino dei cubetti di ghiaccio. Nella parte frontale sono presenti le lamelle da dove arriva il getto d’aria e nella parte bassa è visibile il livello dell’acqua presente nel serbatoio. Nella parte alta, invece, sono presenti i tasti per i vari comandi e il pannello digitale dove si visualizzano. Incluso anche un telecomando che permette di comandarlo anche a distanza, magari comodamente sdraiati sul divano o sul letto. Con un consumo elettrico di soli 65W questo dispositivo rinfresca in modo continuo e deciso ambienti di piccole e medie dimensioni fino ad una superficie di 50 m² con 400 m³/h di portata dell'aria. E’ perfetto per piccoli ambienti di casa o di lavoro, in ufficio o da trasportare da una stanza all’altra. Dispone di ben tre livelli di potenza con movimento oscillabile delle lamelle se attivato mediante comando che permette di adattarsi alle condizioni atmosferiche o alla grandezza degli spazi. Inoltre sono presenti tre modalita’ di ventilazione che offrono piu’ opzioni di personalizzazione, ad esempio naturale o per la notte. In funzione il dispositivo non ha bisogno di alcun intervento in quanto la sua necessità di 1 litro d'acqua all'ora è così limitata che per ambienti ridotti è necessario riempire il sebatoio solo una volta durante la giornata e i due contenitori col ghiaccio forniti sono un ottimo aiuto per un ulteriore raffreddamento dell'aria. Sono molto soddisfatta della mia scelta! Offre buone performance di raffreddamento... è funzionale, comodo, economico e inoltre ha il vantaggio di non essere permanente e di rinfrescare gli spazi che desidero!

After a somewhat mischievous, almost autumnal spring, let's get ready for the summer heat and the need to stay cool. To refrigerate the domestic environment, portable air conditioners are a real lifeline, especially if you don't have the possibility to install fixed ones in every room of the house. Portable air conditioners have the great advantage of being able to be transported to any room without the slightest effort! My lifeline is this convenient and practical 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner. It is an air cooler/fan with humidification system, air purification and ionization function. It differs from traditional fans for its ability to humidify, clean and ionize the air to improve the internal climate and consequently the well-being of the person. It has a compact and minimal design that adapts well to any type of environment in which it is placed. It is light and comfortable to move from one room to another thanks to the 4 wheels and to lift it and position it on upper floors by means of the practical side handles. It measures 38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm and has an elongated shape, does not take up much space and weighs approximately 7 kg. In the back you will find the power cable placed in its cable winder, convenient for when you are not using it and you will also find the easily removable integrated dust filter. At the bottom there is a removable drawer, in practice a tray that can contain 8 liters of water which, once evaporated, guarantees a jet of fresh air. To enhance the fresh air, it is possible to add the two cold accumulators (included) to the tray or ice cubes to the convenient basket. In the front part there are the slats from where the air jet arrives and in the lower part the water level in the tank is visible. In the upper part, however, there are the keys for the various commands and the digital panel where they are displayed. Also included is a remote control that allows you to control it even from a distance, perhaps comfortably lying on the sofa or bed. With an electrical consumption of only 65W, this device continuously and decisively refreshes small and medium-sized rooms up to a surface of 50 m² with 400 m³/h of air flow. It is perfect for small home or work environments, in the office or to be transported from one room to another. It has three power levels with oscillating movement of the slats if activated by command that allows you to adapt to the weather conditions or the size of the spaces. There are also three ventilation modes that offer more customization options, such as natural or for the night. In operation, the device does not need any intervention as its need of 1 liter of water per hour is so limited that for small rooms it is necessary to fill the tank only once during the day and the two containers with ice provided are a great helper for further air cooling. I am very satisfied with my choice! It offers good cooling performance... it's functional, comfortable, cheap and moreover it has the advantage of not being permanent and of cooling the spaces I want!

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Dal punto di vista estetico come potete vedere è davvero semplice ma raffinato e moderno, si adatta ad ogni stile di arredamento grazie anche al colore nero versatile, non occupando troppo spazio con la sua forma rettangolare stretta e lunga ( 38,8 x 81,5 x 29,5 cm).Presenta ben 4 rotelle per essere portato in casa in modo semplice e sicuro e due maniglie laterali che permettono di alzarlo e posizionarlo in eventuali piani inferiori o superiori della casa, considerando il peso di circa 7 kg, quindi abbastanza leggero per quanto mi riguarda!Nella parte posteriore possiede un filtro antipolvere integrato dal colore verde e a nido d'api facilmente estraibile per essere pulito. Si contraddistingue dai ventilatori tradizionali per la capacità di umidificare, pulire, rinfrescare e ionizzare l'aria per migliorare il clima interno e di conseguenza il benessere della persona. I vari comandi vengono dati un telecomando incluso nella confezione funzionante con due batterie e sulla parte frontale del condizionatore 4 in 1 vi è un pannello semi digitale : ci sono i vari bottoni che richiamano i comandi e le varie funzioni vengono visualizzate in scritta rossa digitale. Ma nel caso lo utilizzato di notte, potete oscurare il pannello nel caso le luci vi diano fastidio. Innanzitutto è necessario specificare che possiede un ' efficienza energetica maggiore, indipendentemente dalla classe di efficienza energetica del climatizzatore. Con un consumo elettrico di soli 65W questo dispositivo rinfresca in modo continuo e deciso ambienti di piccole e medie dimensioni fino ad una superficie di 50 m² con 400 m³/h di portata dell'aria. Il movimento oscillante delle lamelle frontali attivabile opzionalmente dal tasto VANE permette di adattarsi perfettamente alle condizioni atmosferiche, alla grandezza degli spazi ed alle diverse circostanze.La sua prima funzione è come normale ventilatore. Possiede 3 livelli di potenza (basso, medio, alto) , la possibilità di modulare l'aria naturalmente con un flusso non uniforme per simulare un andamento naturale. Il timer integrato è regolabile fino a max. 9 ore . Ma è solo la base di questo campione. Nella parte posteriore in basso, dove è presente anche il cavo elettrico nel suo avvolgi cavo, c'è un vano che contiene una vaschetta in plastica dove sono definiti dei livelli.Occorre riempire d’acqua fredda il serbatoio di 8 litri ed aggiungere, per potenziare l’aria fresca, o del ghiaccio, nel vano dedicato, e/o i due accumulatori in dotazione pre congelati. Dovrebbe consumare un litro di acqua ogni ora , quindi per 8- 9 h! Confronto alla funzione di ventilatore questa volta emette vapore freddo preso dall'evaporazione dell'acqua e del ghiaccio.L’aria fresca prodotta e restituiscono l’aria fresca e pulita grazie anche al filtro antipolvere posto dietro il serbatoio. Non dispone di un tubo di scarico per l'acqua che comunque va a diventare vapore, pertanto è una caratteristica molto comoda che permette di utilizzarlo in qualsiasi punto della casa senza preoccuparsi della presenza di una finestra o meno! La terza e quarta funzione consiste nella sua caratteristica a emettere aria pulita e ad essere anche un deo umidicatore e ionizzatore. Il pannello dei comandi è in inglese ma molto intuitivo e dona un aspetto futuristico al condizionatore che nei suoi diversi usi ha un rumore accettabile, addirittura nella potenza più bassa è appena impercettibile! Video review

From an aesthetic point of view, as you can see, it is really simple but refined and modern, it adapts to any style of furniture thanks also to the versatile black colour, not taking up too much space with its narrow and long rectangular shape (38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm). It has 4 wheels to be carried around the house in a simple and safe way and two side handles that allow it to be lifted and positioned in any lower or upper floors of the house, considering the weight of about 7 kg, therefore quite light as far as I'm concerned! In the back it has an integrated green honeycomb dust filter that can be easily removed for cleaning. It differs from traditional fans for its ability to humidify, clean, refresh and ionize the air to improve the internal climate and consequently the well-being of the person. The various commands are given by a remote control included in the package that works with two batteries and on the front of the 4 in 1 air conditioner there is a semi-digital panel: there are the various buttons that recall the commands and the various functions are displayed in red digital writing. But if you use it at night, you can dim the panel in case the lights bother you. First of all, it is necessary to specify that it has greater energy efficiency, regardless of the energy efficiency class of the air conditioner. With an electrical consumption of only 65W, this device continuously and decisively refreshes small and medium-sized rooms up to a surface of 50 m² with 400 m³/h of air flow. The oscillating movement of the front slats that can be optionally activated by the VANE key allows you to adapt perfectly to the weather conditions, to the size of the spaces and to the different circumstances. Its first function is as a normal fan. It has 3 power levels (low, medium, high), the possibility of modulating the air naturally with a non-uniform flow to simulate a natural flow. The integrated timer is adjustable up to max. 9 hours . But that's just the basis of this sample. In the lower rear part, where the electric cable is also present in its cable reel, there is a compartment that contains a plastic tray where the levels are defined. It is necessary to fill the 8 liter tank with cold water and add, for boost fresh air, or ice, in the dedicated compartment, and/or the two pre-frozen accumulators supplied. He should consume a liter of water every hour, so for 8-9 hours! Compared to the fan function, this time it emits cold vapor taken from the evaporation of water and ice. The fresh air produced and they return fresh and clean air thanks also to the dust filter placed behind the tank. It doesn't have a drain pipe for the water that still goes to steam, so it's a very convenient feature that allows you to use it anywhere in the house without worrying about whether there is a window or not! The third and fourth function consists in its characteristic to emit clean air and also to be a deo humidifier and ionizer. The control panel is in English but very intuitive and gives a futuristic look to the air conditioner which in its various uses has an acceptable noise, even in the lowest power it is barely imperceptible! Video review

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Estamos ante un aire que tiene 4 funciones en un único aparato, además el consumos es francamente bajo con lo que nos permitirá un gran ahorra en la factura de la luz. El aire tiene modalidad de enfriador, ventilador, humidificador e ionizado, además de eso nos trae un mando a distancia y alguna opción para el uso nocturno. Cuenta con 3 velocidades de potencia y toda la información se muestra con led rojos y dibujo de la función. Además tiene un temporizador de 9 horas a intervalos de 1 hora. Tiene un depósito de 8L que junto con las pastillas de frio congelado nos dará una refrigeración de unas 8 horas aproximadamente. Lógicamente tendremos que estar atento de que la pastilla siga congelada para obtener el mejor resultado. En cuestión de sonido no es demasiado elevado en el modo mínimo, en el modo máximo se nota mas y sobre todo si estás en tu habitación y quieres dormir en ese modo hace bastante ruido, pero tienes la opción nocturna que ajustara la potencia para hacerlo más llevadero por la noche. El mando a distancia cumple con todas las opciones que tiene el aparato así que era un buen aliado para evitar levantarnos a cambiar la modalidad. También comentar que el aparato no es demasiado pesado, unos 7kg sin agua, eso sí, cuando esta lleno nos costara moverlo, pero gracias a sus 4 ruedas lo podremos mover fácilmente. Conclusión. Un buen aparato para el tiempo que viene, tiene varias opciones incluso la de humidificador, que nos hace también de aromatizador si ponernos unas gotas de aceite en unos de los filtros traseros que tiene, haciendo que nos aromatice la estancia. En cuestión de frio enfría bastante lógicamente no vamos a lograr el frio de un aire acondicionado, pero se semeja, la una pega es que al no ser climatizador no parara de echar aire ya que no tiene termostato que detecte la temperatura ambiente. Saludos D Mike MQ.

We are facing an air conditioner that has 4 functions in a single device, in addition, the consumption is frankly low, which will allow us great savings on the electricity bill. The air has a cooler, fan, humidifier and ionized mode, in addition to that it brings us a remote control and some option for night use. It has 3 power speeds and all the information is displayed with red leds and drawing of the function. It also has a 9 hour timer at 1 hour intervals. It has an 8L tank that together with the frozen cold tablets will give us a refrigeration period of approximately 8 hours. Logically we will have to be careful that the tablet is still frozen to obtain the best result. In terms of sound, it is not too loud in the minimum mode, in the maximum mode it is more noticeable and especially if you are in your room and want to sleep in that mode it makes a lot of noise, but you have the night option that will adjust the power to make it louder bearable at night. The remote control complies with all the options that the device has, so it was a good ally to avoid getting up to change the mode. Also comment that the device is not too heavy, about 7kg without water, yes, when it is full it will be difficult for us to move it, but thanks to its 4 wheels we can move it easily. Conclusion. A good device for the time to come, it has several options including the humidifier, which also acts as an aromatizer if we put a few drops of oil in one of the rear filters that it has, making it aromatize the room. In a matter of cold, it cools quite logically, we are not going to achieve the cold of an air conditioner, but it is similar, the one downside is that since it is not an air conditioner, it will not stop blowing air since it does not have a thermostat that detects the room temperature. Regards D Mike MQ.

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Die Sommer in Deutschlands sind zwar nie lang, aber können an manchen Tagen doch extrem heiß werden. Mein Wohnzimmer liegt auf der Südseite und da ich nicht den ganzen Tag das Rollo unten haben möchte, hat man hier an guten Tagen um die 35 Grad drin. Eine Klimaanlage ist zu teuer, aber es gibt inzwischen ja gute Alternativen wie zum Beispiel die oneConcept CTR-1 4in1 Mobile Klimaanlage. Diese kostet derzeit auf Amazon 104,99 Euro. Die mobile Klimaanlage ist in der Farbe schwarz und hat eine Größe von 38,8 x 81,5 x 29,5 cm. Dazu hat man hinten eine Kabellänge von ca. 1,5 m. Wiegen tut das gute Stück gerade mal 7 Kilo, also ein Leichtgewicht. Mit im Lieferumfang dabei lag auch eine Fernbedienung sowie zwei Kühlakkus. Oben befindet sich das Bedienelement. Ich habe die Möglichkeit hier alles zu steuern oder mit der Fernbedienung. Die Taste, die ich gerade gedrückt habe und welches Programm ich ausgewählt habe, wird darüber mit einer roten LED angezeigt. So kann man auch im dunkeln alles gut erkennen. Sie ist sehr einfach zu transportieren, zum einen wegen der Rollen, die sich unten dran befinden, aber auch die seitlichen Griffe sind Praktisch. Die Rollen funktionieren Einwandfrei auf glatten Böden wie Laminat oder auch Parkett. Ich habe hier zum einen die Cool Taste, den Timer, die Energiespartaste, Ionen, Schaufel, Geschwindigkeit und natürlich Ein und Aus. Um die Mobile Klimaanlage in Betrieb zu nehmen, öffne ich hinten den Wassertank. Dort fülle ich 8 Liter Wasser ein. Danach kann ich Eiswürfel oder Kühlakkus ins Wasser legen um noch kühlere Luft zu bekommen. Die Schublade wieder zu und fertig ist das ganze. Nun noch den Stecker in die Steckdose und dann kann es losgehen. Nun schalte ich die Klimaanlage ein und kann zwischen niedrig, mittel und hoch auswählen, je nachdem wie ich die Luft haben möchte. Drückt man die Taste Schaufel, bläst die mobile Klimaanlage in einem sehr großen Umfang Luft in das Zimmer. Man hat den Luftzug dann nicht nur an der Stelle wo das Gerät steht, sondern man spürt ihn ganz schön stark im ganzen Raum. Bei dem Timer kann ich einstellen wie lange das Gerät laufen soll. Hier kann ich wählen zwischen 0,5 - 9 Stunden. Ganz Klasse finde ich die Cool Taste. Ist es wirklich mal mega heiß und man schwitzt nur noch, kann man die Cool Taste drücken. Dafür muss natürlich sauberes Wasser im Tank sein und die Akkus oder Eis. Sobald man diesen Modus gewählt hat, bläst das kleine Teilchen richtig kalte Luft in den Raum. Wir haben es auch schon im Schlafzimmer stehen gehabt. Dort stört einem weder das rote LED Licht, noch macht diese Klimaanlage keinen großartigen Lärm. Man kann wunderbar dabei einschlafen. Dank des Timers kann er auch die Nacht durchlaufen und geht dann von alleine aus. Pro Stunde verbraucht das Gerät ca. einen Liter Wasser, so dass man es gute 8 Stunden laufen lassen kann ehe man Wasser nachfüllen muss. Die Mobile Klimaanlage ist Top verarbeitet, auch wenn sie nur aus Kunststoff ist, die Rolle gleiten Perfekt über den Boden und ich habe die Möglichkeit alles am Gerät selber zu steuern oder über die Fernbedienung. Die ist natürlich Praktisch, wenn man abends auf dem Sofa sitzt und eine Stufe höher oder niedriger schalten möchte. Ein richtig tolles Gerät für die heißen Tage im Jahr und ich kann sie jedem weiterempfehlen.

Summers in Germany are never long, but some days can get extremely hot. My living room is on the south side and since I don't want to have the blind down all day, it's around 35 degrees on good days. An air conditioner is too expensive, but there are now good alternatives such as the oneConcept CTR-1 4in1 mobile air conditioner. This currently costs 104.99 euros on Amazon. The mobile air conditioner is black in color and has a size of 38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm. In addition, there is a cable length of approx. 1.5 m at the back. The good piece weighs just 7 kilos, so it is lightweight. The scope of delivery also included a remote control and two ice packs. The control panel is at the top. I have the possibility to control everything here or with the remote control. The button I just pressed and which program I selected is shown above it with a red LED. So you can see everything well even in the dark. It is very easy to transport, on the one hand because of the wheels that are located at the bottom, but also the side handles are practical. The castors work perfectly on smooth floors such as laminate or parquet. On the one hand I have the cool button, the timer, the energy saving button, ions, shovel, speed and of course on and off. To put the mobile air conditioner into operation, I open the water tank at the back. There I fill in 8 liters of water. Then I can put ice cubes or cold packs in the water to get even cooler air. Close the drawer and you're done. Now just plug it into the socket and you're good to go. Now I turn on the air conditioning and can choose between low, medium and high, depending on how I want the air to be. If you press the shovel button, the mobile air conditioner blows a large amount of air into the room. You don't only have the draft at the point where the device is, you can feel it quite strongly in the whole room. With the timer I can set how long the device should run. Here I can choose between 0.5 - 9 hours. I really like the cool button. If it's really super hot and you're just sweating, you can press the cool button. For this, of course, there must be clean water in the tank and the batteries or ice. As soon as you have selected this mode, the small particle blows really cold air into the room. We've also had it in the bedroom. There, neither the red LED light disturbs you, nor does this air conditioner make a great noise. You can fall asleep wonderfully. Thanks to the timer, it can also run through the night and then turn itself off. The device uses about one liter of water per hour, so you can let it run for a good 8 hours before you have to refill it. The mobile air conditioner is well made, even if it's only made of plastic, the rollers glide perfectly over the floor and I have the option of controlling everything on the device myself or using the remote control. This is of course practical if you are sitting on the sofa in the evening and want to switch up or down a level. A really great device for the hot days of the year and I can recommend it to everyone.

From Nathalie Rated at 21.04.2016
Tested review

Appareil compact , mobile ( roulettes ) facilement et sans effort afin de la passer d'une pièce à l'autre . Composé d'un bac réservoir d'eau + 2 packs à congeler + 1 bac à glaçons. Utilisation simple , il suffit de rempir le réservoir d'eau , d'y glisser les packs congelés et en cas de fortes chaleurs remplir le petit panier de glaçons ... Le pratique c'est qu'on peut utiliser des packs à congeler ordinaires . Ensuite , plusieurs modes de fonctionnement. Ce qui est sympa : les lamelles horizontales que l'on peut régler à sa guise vers le haut ou le bas afin de diriger l'air froid. Un programme permet de diffuser l'air froid d'un côté à l'autre de l'appareil avec des lamelles verticales qui se déplacent automatiquement. Appareil muni d'une télécommande , d'un programmateur qui permet de l'utiliser le soir et de programmer ainsi son arrêt. Prévoir tout de même , une évacuation d'air dans la pièce où est situé cet appareil car du fait de l'eau , il charge l'air en humidité . Il est aussi muni de filtres à nettoyer régulièrement pour une meilleure éfficacité . A noter que les fixations ont l'air un peu fragiles mais on ne les manipule pas tous les jours. Il rafraichit l'air très rapidement et efficacement. Pour moi , il a un bon rapport qualité prix.

Compact device, mobile (casters) easily and effortlessly in order to pass it from one room to another. Composed of a water tank tray + 2 freezer packs + 1 ice cube tray. Simple to use, just fill the water tank, slip the frozen packs into it and in case of high temperatures fill the small basket with ice cubes... The practical thing is that you can use ordinary freezer packs . Then, several modes of operation. What's nice: the horizontal slats that can be adjusted up or down as desired to direct the cold air. A program allows cold air to be diffused from one side of the appliance to the other with vertical slats which move automatically. Device equipped with a remote control, a programmer which allows it to be used in the evening and thus to program its shutdown. Provide all the same, an air evacuation in the room where this device is located because because of the water, it loads the air with humidity. It is also equipped with filters to be cleaned regularly for better efficiency. Note that the bindings look a little fragile but we do not handle them every day. It refreshes the air very quickly and efficiently. For me, it is good value for money.

From noella Rated at 19.04.2016
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Design noir style laqué et moderne,prend les traces de doigts mais vite lavé et plus de traces. Il possède des poignées sur chaque coté pour le déplacer partout facilement car il est équipé de roulettes. Le cable est d'environ 1.6 mètre donc prévoir une prise pas trop loin. Les boutons du panneau de controle sont faciles d'utilisation et intuitifs, Une télécommande est fournie ce qui est très appréciable pour changer de mode lorsqu'on est dans son canapé et qu'on a pas envie de se lever,les 2 piles AAA pour son fonctionnement ne sont pas fournies. Le bac réservoir d'eau est totalement amovible pour un entretien facile et peut contenir 8 litres,mais un minimum de 2 litres est nécéssaire pour la mise en route. Deux ""pain"" de glacière sont fournis, mais on peut utiliser ceux de nos glacières habituelles en complément pour pouvoir toujours avoir du froid et faire un roulement. On peut aussi y mettre des glaçons dans le panier prévu pour encore plus de frais, aucun produit chimique pour ce rafraichisseur,c'est un plus. Les filtres aussi sont démontables pour leur entretien aussi facile que le reste. Il fait un peu de bruit lorsqu'il est en fonction mais ça reste raisonnable,plusieurs mode et débits d'air différents. Les lamelles sont reglables pour une bonne orientation de l'air ainsi qu'un ""balayage"" est disponible pour bien répartir l'air frais partout. Il rafraichie bien l'air de quelques degrès lorsqu'il fait chaud mais il peut aussi juste ventiler et humidifier vos pièces. Le grand plus c'est sa fonction ionique qui enlève les mauvaises odeurs de cuisine ou de tabac par exemple et laisse votre pièce comme si vous venez de l'aérée. J'adore ,éfficace et pas très gourmand en energie il possède un mode économie , je recommande pour les petites et moyennes pièces. Petite astuce pour plus de fraicheur,je fais un roulement avec des glaçons + pain de glace le tout en double comme ça pendant que les un se congèlent les autres donnent le frais. La notice est en français .

Black lacquered and modern style design, takes fingerprints but quickly washed off and no more traces. It has handles on each side to move it everywhere easily because it is equipped with wheels. The cable is about 1.6 meters so provide a plug not too far. The buttons on the control panel are easy to use and intuitive, A remote control is provided which is very useful for changing modes when you're on your sofa and don't want to get up, 2 AAA batteries for its operation is not provided. The water tank tray is completely removable for easy maintenance and can hold 8 litres, but a minimum of 2 liters is required for start-up. Two ""loaf"" coolers are provided, but we can use those of our usual coolers in addition to always be cold and have a roll. You can also put ice cubes in the basket provided for even more costs, no chemicals for this cooler, that's a plus. The filters are also removable for their maintenance as easy as the rest. It makes a little noise when in operation but it's still reasonable, several different modes and airflows. The slats are adjustable for a good orientation of the air as well as a "" sweep "" is available to distribute the fresh air well everywhere. It cools the air well by a few degrees when it's hot, but it can also just ventilate and humidify your rooms. The big plus is its ionic function which removes bad cooking or tobacco odors for example and leaves your room as if you have just been aired. I love it, efficient and not very energy-intensive, it has an economy mode, I recommend for small and medium-sized rooms. Little trick for more freshness, I make a roll with ice cubes + ice block all in double like that while one freezes the others give the freshness. The manual is in French.

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CTR-1 V2 Air Cooler

  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier and air purifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 360 m³ / h air flow
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