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oneConcept Metal Blizzard RC Pedestal Fan 8-Piece Set 50 W 41 cm Remote Control

Eight revolutionary pedestal fans with 41 cm (16") blades, 3 speed levels and a switchable swivel function.

Fan head tilts by 20°; includes a remote for the control of the speed and swivel function.

Improved design with a stable round base.

As soon as the summer approaches and the days get longer and warmer, the workplaces threatens to become a stuffy greenhouse or the four walls of the office begin to resemble those of an oven. At this point, everyone longs for a gentle cooling breeze. 

Salvation is found in oneConcept's Metal Blizzard pedestal fans. Its 41cm large blades easily transforms stagnant air, thanks to the high performance motor, into a cool breeze. In three speeds, the device pushes stale air out of stagnation and swirls it around the room to bring a customizable cooling air flow.  Depending on your needs, you will find the opportunity to unleash a steady and quiet or a powerful and cooling breeze. The switchable oscillation function swivels the fan back and forth within a 90 ° horizontal range. This ensures that fresh air is carried to every corner of the room. In addition, the fan head tilts up to an angle of  20 ° in order to use the floor or ceiling for generating indirect air flows and ensuring optimum aeration.

To meet high demands, oneConcept improved the design of the Metal Blizzard pedestal fans and equipped it with a round base to ensure stability even when at set to its highest speed level. A remote control, included in delivery, enables convenient controlling of the speed and swivel function, without having to put in any strenuous exercise. This model also has a timer mode that enables after the selected time to turn off.

Please note that the article is delivered as an assembly kit. Installation may be completed within 10 minutes, even for those with a lower technical skill level. Only a Phillips screwdriver is required.

Product details


  • Eight 41 cm (16'') pedestal fans
  • 50 W power
  • 3 speed levels
  • Improved design: round base for even more stability
  • Includes a remote control


  • 8 x devices (assembly set)
  • 8 x remote controls
  • User manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Dimensions (one device): 60 x 137 x 60 cm (WxHwD)
  • Weight (one device): approx. 2.7 kg


  • Swivel function can be switched off and on
  • Oscillation: 90° horizontal swiveling range
  • Fan head tilts by 20° 
  • Built-in Timer Function for automatic shut up to 7.5 hours
  • Separate off switch
  • Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Remote control power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included in delivery)

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oneConcept Metal Blizzard RC Pedestal Fan 8-Piece Set 50 W 41 cm Remote Control

  • Eight 41 cm (16'') pedestal fans
  • 50 W power
  • Includes a remote control
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