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Top features
  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 400 m³ / h air flow
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Caribbean Blue Air Cooler Humidifier Fan 400m³ / h Black

Bring the cool breeze of the Caribbean to your home. The Caribbean Blue air cooler from oneConcept blows a fresh breeze into your home even on the hottest summer day. This clever device combines a fan, air conditioner and air freshener in one.

As a pure fan, the Caribbean Blue pushes a refreshing breeze at three speeds through its slats in horizontal or vertical vibration, even if the air everywhere else is stagnant. In this mode, the device moves up to 400m³ of air in an hour. When the cooling function is added, the air cooler begins to evaporate water to significantly cool the air guided over it out of its 4 litre tank. This process is based on purely physical principles, and takes place without coolant and with a very low energy requirement of 70 watts. To increase the cooling performance, the included ice packs can be frozen and added to the water tank, or you may simply add ice cubes to the water tank.

In contrast with conventional air conditioners, the oneConcept air cooler has no installation restrictions as there is no need to install an exhaust hose: simply place the Caribbean Blue where you want to cool the air. With four wheels, it moves easily.

As a special bonus, the device not only functions as an air conditioner, but also an air freshener. All of the air that is drawn into the ventilation system goes through a simple but effective filter system that declares war on the dust. All filters can be easily removed and cleaned by hand. In addition, evaporation cooling in summer dry rooms quickly ensures a significantly improved indoor climate. Operation of individual functions, as well as setting the fan speed, may be done via six large buttons on top of the device.

In terms of design, the Caribbean Blue air cooler from oneConcept knows how to score. It comes as a compact unit, which fits in many corners to allow propeller fans to long reach their spatial limits. Its casing is made of beautifully shaped black plastic with white decorative edges, and it is easy to clean with a duster or damp cloth.

Available colours: black/white, white/black (item 10028180).

Please note that the device is not a conventional air conditioner but an air cooler. The cooling effect is provided by evaporation of water / ice from the water tank of the device.

User manual PDF

Product details

Top features:

  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 400 m³ / h air flow
  • Cool for hours: two interchangeable cold packs and a water tank with a volume of 4 litres
  • At every angle: switchable horizontal oscillation for optimal ventilation
  • Mobile: four floor rollers for easy repositioning
  • All year round: air humidification function against dry heated air in winter


  • 4-litre water tank
  • Air flow: 400 m³ / h
  • Easy operation with 6 function keys
  • Ventilation slats can be moved both horizontally and vertically
  • Compact device without installation restrictions (no exhaust pipe required)
  • Includes ice packs to increase cooling performance
  • On / off switch on the top of the device (key 0)
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ | 50/60 Hz

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x device
  • 2 x icebox
  • 4 x floor rollers
  • 1 x assembly key
  • 1 x water tank
  • Multilingual instruction manual


  • 25 x 55 x 28cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 4.6kg

Customer opinions

From 36 Customer

Customer reviews from other countries

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 05.08.2022
Tested review

Laut, lauwarm, leider nix. Ich habe mir sehr viel von diesem Gerät versprochen. Doch leider nach kurzer Zeit musste ich feststellen das es nicht das ist was wir uns gewünscht haben. Die Luft wird lauwarm ausgegeben trotz der Kühlakkus. Alteswasser lädt sich nur mühsam entfernen. Fazit: nicht nochmal !

Loud, lukewarm, unfortunately nothing. I had high hopes for this device. But unfortunately after a short time I had to realize that it is not what we wanted. The air comes out lukewarm despite the cold packs. Old water is difficult to remove. Conclusion: not again!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 27.07.2022
Tested review

Es ist fast unmöglich von vorne zu sehen ,wieviel Wasser noch im Tank ist.

It is almost impossible to see from the front how much water is left in the tank.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 26.07.2022
Tested review

Das ist ein sehr einfach bedienbares Gerät, ohne groß Schnick-Schnack. Alle nötigen Dinge wie Luftkühler, Ventilator & Luftbefeuchter sind per einfachem Knopfdruck zu betätigen. Die Lamellen sind beweglich, also sie schwingen hin und her und verteilt die kühle Luft optimal. Der Geräuschpegel hält sich in Grenzen. Für das Wohnzimmer ist es optimal, aber für das Schlafzimmer eher ungeeignet, wobei auf der kleinsten Stufe geht das noch völlig in Ordnung. Man muss sich halt nur genau überlegen für welche Räumlichenkeiten und bei welchen situativen Faktoren so ein Gerät sinnvoll ist. Es könnte auch sein, dass Ihr was anderes benötigt. Aber alles in einem ist es ein sehr gutes Gerät.

This is a very easy-to-use device with no frills. All necessary things such as air cooler, fan & humidifier can be operated at the simple push of a button. The slats are movable, so they swing back and forth and optimally distribute the cool air. The noise level is within limits. It is ideal for the living room, but rather unsuitable for the bedroom, although on the lowest level it is still perfectly fine. You just have to think carefully about which rooms and which situational factors such a device makes sense for. It could also be that you need something else. But all in all it is a very good device.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 16.07.2022
Tested review

Ansich ein gutes Gerät aber mir fehlte leider die Time Funktion. Man könnte zwar mit einer Zeitschaltuhr Abhilfe schaffen. Außerdem hätte ich gerne noch eine Fernbedienungen gewünscht, womit ich mich dann entschieden hab das Gerät zurück zu schicken

In itself a good device but unfortunately I missed the time function. A timer could help. I would also have liked to have had a remote control, so I decided to send the device back

From Jeremy Rated at 14.07.2022
Tested review

Une belle arnaque ! Il paraît solide mais pas du tout, plastique très fin et facilement cassable ! De plus le système avec l'eau fuit de partout !! Vous activez le truc, et en 5 minute il y a une flaque par terre, l'eau coule de partout c'est une catastrophe, vu le prix, on peut parler d'arnaque !!

A nice scam! It seems solid but not at all, very thin plastic and easily breakable! In addition the system with water is leaking everywhere !! You activate the thing, and in 5 minutes there is a puddle on the ground, the water flows everywhere it's a disaster, considering the price, we can talk about a scam !!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 07.07.2022
Tested review

Besser als nichts.

Better than nothing.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 02.07.2022
Tested review

Generell: der oneKoncept Luftkühler tut, was er tun soll. Allerdings ist er in der Bedienung sehr umständlich - der Wasserbehälter lässt sich nicht komplett herausziehen, es gibt kein Ablassventil, jedesmal muss das gesamte Gerät auf den Kopf gestellt werden. Außerdem ist er unverständlicherweise innen komplett verbaut, so dass das Einlegen und Herausnehmen von Kühlakkus jedes Mal eine Challenge ist. Die Akkus (separat zu bestellen) halten etwa 30 Minuten, also unbedingt genug ordern. Wen das alles nicht stört, hat ein Gerät, das weniger als die Hälfte von anderen, vergleichbaren Geräten kostet und seine Arbeit brav leistet. Auch der Geräuschpegel ist im Vergleich mit anderen relativ niedrig. Gesamt 4 Sterne wegen der Umständlichkeit, ansonsten ist das Gerät ok. Wer ein Gerät sucht, das günstig und zuverlässig ist und den etwas "Aufwand" nicht stört, ist mit dem oneKoncept Luftkühler gut bedient.

In general: the oneKoncept air cooler does what it is supposed to do. However, it is very cumbersome to use - the water tank cannot be pulled out completely, there is no drain valve, the entire device has to be turned upside down every time. In addition, it is incomprehensibly completely built inside, so that inserting and removing cold packs is a challenge every time. The rechargeable batteries (to be ordered separately) last about 30 minutes, so be sure to order enough. If none of this bothers you, you have a device that costs less than half of other comparable devices and does its job well. The noise level is also relatively low compared to others. Overall 4 stars because of the inconvenience, otherwise the device is ok. Anyone looking for a device that is cheap and reliable and doesn't mind a little "effort" is well served with the oneKoncept air cooler.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 22.06.2022
Tested review

Mir ist bewusst dass man für den günstigen Preis keine Wunder erwarten kann, aber für diesen Preis holt euch lieber 2x Bodenventilatoren. Die angeblich Verdunstung zur Kühlung bringt nichts. Leider….. Ein Positiv gibt es doch. Das Gebläse ist der Leistung angepasst und dadurch sehr leise.

I'm aware that you can't expect miracles for the low price, but for this price you'd better get 2x floor fans. The alleged evaporation for cooling brings nothing. Unfortunately... There is one positive. The blower is adapted to the power and is therefore very quiet.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 22.06.2022
Tested review

It is not cool enough, especially if the temp is at 30°C+. I am very disappointed in the machine and what thet make it seems to be.

It is not cool enough, especially if the temp is at 30°C+. I am very disappointed in the machine and what thet make it seems to be.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 20.06.2022
Tested review

Bisher am WE zwei mal ausprobiert, eher kürzere Zeit, deshalb keine umfassende Auskunft möglich. Ich denke, er wird alles gut meistern. Die Lautstärke ist nicht störend, könnte aber leiser sein!

So far tried twice on the WE, rather shorter time, therefore no comprehensive information possible. I think he will handle everything well. The volume is not disturbing, but could be quieter!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 10.06.2022
Tested review

Auf den ersten Blick ganz okay, eben ein Plastikbomber aus Fernost. Von den Maßen relativ kompakt und leicht zu transportieren - auch ganz ohne Rollen. Kühlt angenehm, bereits auf Stufe 1. Soweit, so gut! Gar nicht gut finde ich die Lautstärke. Selbst auf Stufe 1 schon ähnlich laut wie ein guter Staubsauger, vielleicht nicht ganz so tief aber ähnlich laut. Die Stufen 2 und 3 brüllen regelrecht. Tagsüber mit Hintergrundgeräuschen in einem Büro sicherlich zu vernachlässigen, auf der Couch beim Fernsehen schon recht aufdringlich, im Schlafzimmer dagegen wie ich finde eine Zumutung. Zugegeben, wer mit Blick auf die Stadtautobahn lebt würde mir vermutlich widersprechen, aber mir definitiv zu laut. Da er seinen Zweck an sich erfüllt kommt er in mein Arbeitszimmer, für das Schlafzimmer muss eine andere Lösung her.

At first glance quite okay, just a plastic bomber from the Far East. Relatively compact in size and easy to transport - even without wheels. Cools pleasantly, already at level 1. So far, so good! I don't like the volume at all. Even at level 1 it is as loud as a good vacuum cleaner, maybe not quite as deep but just as loud. Stages 2 and 3 really roar. Certainly negligible during the day with background noise in an office, quite obtrusive on the couch while watching TV, but in the bedroom I think it's an impertinence. Admittedly, anyone who lives with a view of the city highway would probably disagree with me, but definitely too loud for me. Since it fulfills its purpose in itself, it comes in my study, for the bedroom another solution has to be found.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 02.06.2022
Tested review

Habe mir das Produkt mit der Hoffnung gekauft, tatsächlich die Temperatur in kleinen Räumen zu senken - leider erfolglos. Die Versandzeit war auch nicht die schnellste, allerdings nicht so dramatisch. Aufbau recht simpel und einfach. Für mich selbst auf der kleinsten Stufe zu laut im Schlafzimmer (sofern man die Kühlungsfunktion aktiviert - was ja auch der Sinn ist). Das mitgelieferte Kabel ist meiner Meinung nach auch zu kurz. Nach mehrmaligen Testen in wirklich kleinen Räumen, das Gerät den ganzen Tag im geschlossenen Raum kühlen zu lassen, zeigte sich hier keine Wirkung. Von 25 Grad Zimmertemperatur senkte sich kein Grad. Also für mich zeigte die Kühlfunktion absolut keine Wirkung und somit kein Unterschied zu meinem Standventilator. Schade, hatte mich sehr auf das Produkt gefreut.

I bought the product with the hope of actually lowering the temperature in small rooms - unfortunately without success. The shipping time wasn't the fastest either, but not that dramatic. Construction quite simple and easy. Too loud for me even on the lowest level in the bedroom (if you activate the cooling function - which is the point). The cable that came with it is too short in my opinion. After repeated tests in really small rooms, letting the device cool in a closed room all day, there was no effect here. Not a degree dropped from 25 degrees room temperature. So for me the cooling function had absolutely no effect and therefore no difference to my standing fan. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to the product.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 26.05.2022
Tested review

Da ich unterm Dach oft stickige, trockene Luft habe, ist dieses Gerät eine sinnvolle Unterstützung. Mit seinem großen Tank für am besten destilliertes Wasser (Einswürfel gehen womöglich auch) gelingt es in kurzer Zeit, die Luftfeuchtigkeit signifikant zu erhöhen. Die Ventilatorwirkung ist zusätzlich ganz nett. Der Kühleffekt hält sich zwar in Grenzen, aber bei hohen Temperaturen ist man auch dafür dankbar. Insgesamt kein schlechter Kauf, auch wenn das Plastikteil nicht gerade attraktiv ausschaut.

Since I often have stuffy, dry air under the roof, this device is a useful support. With its large tank for the best distilled water (one cube might also work) it is possible to significantly increase the humidity in a short time. The fan action is also quite nice. The cooling effect is limited, but you are thankful for it at high temperatures. Overall not a bad buy, even if the plastic part doesn't look very attractive.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 12.04.2019
Tested review

Da ich und mein Bruder in einer Dachgeschoss Wohnung leben haben wir uns jeweils Kühlgeräte für den kommenden Sommer organisiert.Habe mich für dieses entschieden da es mich optisch angesprochen hat.Vor einer Woche hab ich das Gerät nun bekommen und einer Test Phase unterzogen. Lieferung lief sauber ab ,nach zwei Tagen hat ich es schon da. Es ein mobiles Kombiegerät aus Luftkühler, Ventilator und Lufterfrischer. Den ersten Tag habe ich es auf dem Balkon weng aus lüften lassen da es am Anfang einen stärkeren Kunstoff Geruch hatte. Hatte sich dann aber schnell gelegt. Da es Rollen hat konnte ich es schnell zwischen den Räumen bewegen und dementsprechend auch schnell ein Plätzchen für gefunden. Nach Anleitung dann die Kühl elemente vorbereitet und an war der Gute. Im Betrieb gleich ne deutliche Erfrischung gespürt und zum testen aus gereizt was ging:-) Nach einiger Zeit die Raumtemperatur deutlich gesenkt und von der Leistung vollends zu frieden. Für meinen Geschmack könnte er vielleicht etwas leiser sein wobei ich ihn nach einiger Zeit auch nicht mehr wahrnahm. Anzumerken ist, ich hab eine 60 qm Wohnung mit größerem Wohnzimmer wo ich es getestet habe. Und jeweils die einzelnen Räume gekühlt. Dafür ist es super geeignet. Als Fazit kann ich sagen der Sommer kann kommen!:-)

Since me and my brother live in an attic apartment, we have organized cooling devices for the coming summer. I decided on this one because it appealed to me visually. A week ago I received the device and put it through a test phase. Delivery went smoothly, after two days I already got it. It is a mobile combination of air cooler, fan and air freshener. The first day I let it air out a little on the balcony because it had a stronger plastic smell at the beginning. But then it quickly subsided. Since it has wheels, I was able to move it quickly between rooms and quickly found a place for it. According to the instructions, the cooling elements were then prepared and the good thing was on. In operation, I immediately felt a clear refreshment and was excited to test what was possible :-) After a while, the room temperature was significantly reduced and I was completely satisfied with the performance. For my taste, it could perhaps be a little quieter, although after a while I didn't notice it anymore. It should be noted that I have a 60 square meter apartment with a larger living room where I tested it. And the individual rooms are cooled. It's great for that. As a conclusion I can say summer can come! :-)

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 10.04.2019
Tested review

Gestern habe ich das neue Kombigerät oneConcept Caribbean Blue bekommen. Es soll ein Geschenk werden. Ich habe Bekannte die ein Haus mit kleinen Zimmern haben und im Sommer wird es dort echt warm unter dem Dach. Das Kombigerät ist eine Kombination aus Ventilator, Luftkühler und Lufterfrischer. Der Ventilator kann in 3 Geschwindigkeitsstufen eingestellt werden und somit bis zu 400 m³ Luft in einer Stunde bewegen. Die Luftkühlung erfolgt durch Wasserverdunstung aus dem vorhandenem 4 Liter Wassertank. Den Effekt der Kühlung kann durch die zwei mitgelieferten Eispacks erhöht werden. Sehr kostengünstig ist der Stromverbrauch von 70 Watt. Das Kombigerät ist klein, handlich und mobil, kann also gut und schnell in einen anderen Raum gebracht werden. Bedient wird das Gerät durch 6 Funktionstasten, eine Fernbedienung ist nicht vorhanden. Die Lamellen des Ventilators können sowohl horizontal, als auch vertikal bewegt werden. Man sollte sich beim Kauf jedoch bewusst sein, dass es keine echte Klimaanlage ist sondern mit umweltfreundlicher Luftkühlung durch Wasserverdunstung arbeitet. Es ist daher eher in kleineren Räumen effektiv. Wenn der Sommer wieder heiß werden sollte, werde ich sicher erfahren ob es gut funktioniert und vielleicht werden wir dann etwas länger unterm Dach in gemütlicher Runde zusammen sitzen.

Yesterday I received the new oneConcept Caribbean Blue combination device. It's supposed to be a gift. I have friends who have a house with small rooms and in the summer it gets really warm under the roof. The combination device is a combination of fan, air cooler and air freshener. The fan can be set to 3 speeds and thus move up to 400 m³ of air in one hour. The air is cooled by water evaporation from the existing 4 liter water tank. The cooling effect can be increased with the two included ice packs. The power consumption of 70 watts is very economical. The combination device is small, handy and mobile, so it can be moved quickly and easily to another room. The device is operated by 6 function keys, a remote control is not available. The fan blades can be moved both horizontally and vertically. When buying, however, you should be aware that it is not a real air conditioning system but works with environmentally friendly air cooling through water evaporation. It is therefore more effective in smaller spaces. When summer gets hot again, I'm sure I'll find out if it's working well and maybe we'll sit together a little longer under the roof in a relaxed atmosphere.

From Mario Rated at 09.01.2019
Tested review

Para ser un aire acondicionado portátil no hace prácticamente nada de ruido. Funciona perfectamente, tiene varias modalidades... muy contenta, la verdad!

For a portable air conditioner it makes practically no noise. It works perfectly, it has several modalities... very happy, really!

From Jimmi Rated at 09.01.2019
Tested review

Me ha encantado!! Lo utilizo todos los días. Tiene buena potencia, es alto y no ocupo mucho espacio! El modo noche me encanta sobre todo para ponérselo a los niños.

I loved it!! I use it every day. It has good power, it's tall and it doesn't take up much space! I love the night mode especially to put it on the children.

From Бояна Rated at 07.07.2017
Tested review

Охлажда приятно, предпочитам го пред климатика, защото охлажда по-нежно и по-естествено.

It cools nicely, I prefer it to the air conditioner because it cools more gently and more naturally.

From Vasil Rated at 06.07.2017
Tested review

Купих си го за общежитието и ни свърши добра работа. Сега си го взех за вкъщи и преди лягане стига да охлади малка стая. Изпълни очакванията ми. Препоръчвам.

I bought it for the dorm and it worked well for us. Now I took it home and before going to bed it is enough to cool a small room. It met my expectations. I recommend.

From Teodor Rated at 05.07.2017
Tested review

Не съм голям фен на климатиците и този охладител е добре и ми стига. Отначало търсех само вентилатор но накрая намерих това.

I am not a big fan of air conditioners and this cooler is fine and enough for me. At first I was only looking for a fan but I finally found this.

From Mária Rated at 02.07.2017
Tested review

splna ocakavania, cena,vykon, dizajn vsetko ok, som spokojna, odporucam. splna ocakavania, cena,vykon, dizajn vsetko ok, som spokojna, odporucam

full of expectations, price, performance, design, everything is ok, I am satisfied, I recommend it. full of expectations, price, performance, design, everything is ok, I am satisfied, I recommend it

From Renáta Rated at 02.07.2017
Tested review

Kupovala som si na intrak a boli sme spokojne. Teraz som si ho zobrala domov a malu izbu pred spanim vychladi. Splna moje ocakavania. Odpourcam.

I bought it for intrak and we were satisfied. Now I took it home and cools the small room before going to bed. Meets my expectations. I reject.

From Lubos Rated at 01.07.2017
Tested review

Niesom veľký fanúšik klimatizácií ale tento osviežovač je fajn a úplne stačí. Pôvodne som hľadal len ventilátor a nakoniec skončil s týmto.

I'm not a big fan of air conditioners, but this air freshener is nice and just enough. I was originally looking for just a fan and ended up with this one.

From Денис Rated at 29.06.2017
Tested review

изпълни очакванията ни, цена, мощност дизайн всичко е окей, спокойна съм, препоръчвам го.

it met our expectations, price, power, design, everything is okay, I'm calm, I recommend it.

From Tomáš Rated at 28.06.2017
Tested review

Prijeme chladi, vyhovuje mi to viac ako klima, je to take jemnejsiea prirodzenejsie.

We accept the cold, it suits me better than the climate, it's softer and more natural.

From Tres Rated at 28.06.2017
Tested review

Ниска цена, охлажда най-добре когато му сменям леда. Допълвам го на всеки 2-3 часа с лед, за да охлажда по-добре. Очаквах по-силно охлаждане но в крайна сметка за тази цена е окей...

Low price, cools best when I change the ice. I top it up every 2-3 hours with ice to keep it chilled better. I expected stronger cooling, but in the end, for this price, it's okay...

From noella Rated at 28.01.2017
Tested review

envoi / reçu rapidement,bien emballé,design moderne notice en français,montage des roulettes rapide même pour moi qui ne suis pas du tout bricoleuse petits récipients glacière/glaçons fournie une fois les glaçons fait on les mets dans le bac prévu avec de l'eau jusqu'au niveau minimum ou maximum selon ce qu'on désir on met en route et quel bonheur d'avoir de l'air frais dans une pièce ou parfois je ne m'y rendait même pas en pleine journée pour cause de chaleur trop forte,se déplace facilement d'une pièce à l'autre pourvu qu'il y ai une prise de courant pas trop loin car le câble n'est pas très long le débit d'air est réglable en 3 vitesses ce qui est super c'est qu'il y a des lamelles orientables donc on peut diriger l'air frais vers le haut ,vert le bas, ou les deux et un balayage en plus de tout ça de droite à gauche grâce à une touche """"swing""""pas de produit chimique puisque l'air est rafraîchit avec de l'eau, consommation d’énergie faible et nettoyage / entretien facile je prépare des glaçons d'avance (même en sachet) et j'alterne les récipients fournis dans le bac prévu je met aussi deux bouteilles d'eau au frigo pour alterner l'eau aussi comme ça le frais reste plus longtemps très contente de ce rafraîchisseur avec les journée chaudes qui arrivent c'est super""

sending / received quickly, well packaged, modern design instructions in French, quick assembly of wheels even for me who is not at all handyman small containers cooler / ice cubes provided once the ice cubes are made we put them in the tray provided with water to the minimum or maximum level depending on what you want to start and what a joy to have fresh air in a room where sometimes I didn't even go there in the middle of the day because of too much heat strong, moves easily from one room to another as long as there is a power outlet not too far because the cable is not very long the air flow is adjustable in 3 speeds which is great c is that there are adjustable slats so you can direct the fresh air up, green down, or both and a scan in addition to all that from right to left thanks to a """" swing button """"no chemicals since the air is refreshed with water, low energy consumption and easy cleaning / maintenance I pre prepare ice cubes in advance (even in a bag) and I alternate the containers provided in the tray provided I also put two bottles of water in the fridge to alternate the water also so that the freshness stays longer very happy with this cooler with the hot days coming it's great""

From Franck Rated at 27.01.2017
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Cet appareil est à ne pas confondre avec un climatiseur, il a le même but mais cela n'est pas la même chose, il s'agit d'un rafraîchisseur d'air. Le principe reprends ceux d'un ventilateur et d'un humidificateur. De l'eau est pompée dans un bac (que l'on peut refroidir avec 2 glaçons fournis), elle va aller humidifier un filtre à l'arrière ou est aspiré l'air pour ensuite ""recracher"" l'air qui sera humidifié et frais.Il est possible soit de l'utiliser uniquement en ventilateur soit en rafraîchisseur d'air (bouton COOL), 3 vitesses sont disponibles. Un bouton SWING permet de faire osciller les pales du ventilateur.En fonctionnement, à vitesse maxi c'est bruyant à l'utilisation, gênant si l'on a près de soit le soir sur le canapé par exemple, les vitesses en dessous sont supportables. L'effet est agréable, on a certes pas de l'air frais comme sortie d'un climatiseur, mais il est bien rafraîchissant.En fonctionnement ""COOL"" on sens quand même une différence, l'air est bien rafraîchit en passant par le filtre, ne vous attendez pas à un brumisateur non plus, l'air est frais mais on est loin d'avoir de l'eau recrachée.Sa taille fait qu'il se déplace facilement (encore plus grâce aux roulettes), il ne prend pas trop de place pour se ranger.Coté points négatifs j'aurais placé le câble électrique sur le coté la il est un peu gênant pour manipuler les filtres, lorsque vous recharger en eau, ne sortez pas totalement le bac car la pompe y est fixée c'est pas difficile de la remettre en place, mais plus simple aurait pu être fait.Avec 4L de capacité de réservoir, l'autonomie est très bonne, l'avantage est qu'il est sans entretien, pas besoin de prise d'air extérieur comme sur une clim, il est autonome et en forte chaleur l'effet produit est apaisant et agréable.

This device is not to be confused with an air conditioner, it has the same purpose but it is not the same thing, it is an air cooler. The principle takes up those of a ventilator and a humidifier. Water is pumped into a tank (which can be cooled with 2 ice cubes provided), it will go to moisten a filter at the back where the air is sucked in and then "spit out" the air which will be humidified and fresh. It is possible either to use it only as a fan or as an air cooler (COOL button), 3 speeds are available. A SWING button allows the blades of the fan to oscillate. In operation, at maximum speed it is noisy to use, annoying if you are near either in the evening on the sofa for example, the speeds below are bearable . The effect is pleasant, we certainly don't have fresh air like the output of an air conditioner, but it is very refreshing. In ""COOL"" operation, we still feel a difference, the air is well refreshed as it passes. by the filter, don't expect a fogger either, the air is fresh but we are far from having spit water. Its size makes it easy to move (even more so thanks to the wheels), it does not take up too much space to store. On the negative side I would have placed the electric cable on the side it is a bit awkward to handle the filters, when you refill with water, do not completely take out the tank because the pump there is fixed it is not difficult to put it back in place, but simpler could have been done. With 4L of tank capacity, the autonomy is very good, the advantage is that it is maintenance free, no need for a plug of outside air like an air conditioner, it is autonomous and in high heat the effect produced is soothing and pleasant.

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precisazione del manuale, è multilingua ed anche in italiano. anche se grazie alle figure e alla semplicità nel realizzarlo lo rende pratico e intuitivo per quasi tutti gli utenti.

specification of the manual, it is multilingual and also in Italian. although thanks to the figures and the simplicity in making it, it makes it practical and intuitive for almost all users.

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Beschreibung Die Carribean Blue gehört zu den eher kleineren Klimaanlagen und ist im eigentlichen Sinne eher eine Kombination von Ventilator und Kühlgerät. Die Farbe ist ansprechend und vermittelt Kühle, da der Wassertank in Blau gehalten ist. Der Rest des Gerätes ist in der Farbe Schwarz/Weiß gehalten. Das unübersehbare Bedienfeld befindet sich direkt auf der Front des Gerätes und ist farblich in Weiß abgesetzt. Die große Tastatur, erlaubt auch älteren Personen die einzelnen Funktionen gut und vor allem einfach, einzustellen. An den Außenseiten befinden sich eingelassene Griffe, die den Transport erleichtern. Hinzu kommen 4 Rollen, die das Gerät einfach von einem Standort zum anderen rollen lässt. Die Rollen sind leichtläufig und rollen perfekt sowohl auf glatten wie auch auf Teppichböden. 2 Eisboxen werden mit Wasser befüllt und im Gefriergerät gefrostet. Der Wassertank hat eine Füllstandsanzeige von 4 Litern. Inbetriebnahme Vor der ersten Inbetriebnahme müssen die 4 Rollen mittels des mitgelieferten Montageschlüssels angebracht werden. Danach sollte man das Gerät kurz mit einem nebelfeuchten Tuch reinigen. Und nun kann man das Gerät auch schon vorbereiten. Man gibt Wasser in den Tank (aber Achtung! max. Markierung beachten, diese liegt bei 4 Litern) für zusätzliche Kühlung legt man die mitgelieferten und vorher gefrorenen Eisboxen mit in den Wasserbehälter. Über das Bedienfeld kann nun das Gerät eingeschaltet und die entsprechende Ventilatorgeschwindigkeit gewählt werden. Für zusätzliche Kühlung (Klimaanlage) drückt man die „cool“ Taste, die einfach zur gewählten Geschwindigkeit gedrückt wird. Die Ventilationslamellen können ebenfalls ganz individuell angepasst werden. Sie drücken kühle Luft sowohl in vertikaler wie auch horizontaler Position heraus. Funktionen Das Gerät verfügt über drei unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeiten: • niedrig • mittel • hoch Funktionsweise Wie bereits erwähnt ist dieses Gerät ein erweiterter Ventilator mit zusätzlichen Funktionen. Er wälzt nicht nur die Luft um, sondern kühlt sie auch bei zusätzlicher Einstellung der cool Funktion. Außerdem verfügt auch dieses kleine Gerät über einen Filter, der die angesaugte Luft vor der Herausgabe von Partikeln reinigt. Das Carribean Blue Gerät kühlt die Luft mittels Wasserverdunstung, liegen die Kühlboxen im Wassertank, wird die Luft zusätzlich gekühlt. Außerdem versorgt das Gerät die Luft mit zusätzlicher Feuchtigkeit. Meine Erfahrungen Dadurch, dass alle wesentlichen Tasten direkt auf der Front angebracht sind, ist die Handhabung leicht und völlig unkompliziert. Der Wassertank lässt sich leicht befüllen. Der Raum wird angenehm erfrischt und gekühlt. Die beweglichen Lamellen sorgen dafür, dass der Raum komplett gekühlt wird. Leider musste ich bei diesem Gerät feststellen, dass es extrem laut ist. Will man in Ruhe ein Buch lesen oder ein Schläfchen halten, ist das Geräusch doch eher störend. Ist man aber mit mehreren Personen in einem Raum, oder hört Musik, schaut Fernsehen usw. dann ist der Lärm nicht mehr vernehmbar. Ansonsten reinigt es die Luft gut, sorgt für eine angenehme Kühle und erfrischt den Raum für mehrere Stunden. Allerdings ist mir bei diesem Gerät, im Gegensatz zu den vorangegangenen Testgeräten, aufgefallen, dass die Kühlfunktion recht schnell eintritt. In null-komma-nix ist der Raum angenehm gekühlt (bei den anderen Geräten dauerte das zwischen 0,30 Min bis zu 1 Std.!). Was bleibt noch zu bemerken? • Ganz wichtig! Die Swing Taste! Mit Hilfe dieser Taste kann man die Lamellen einstellen. Und zwar so, wie man es selbst haben möchte. Die Lamellen sind extrem beweglich und lassen sich sowohl vertikal wie auch horizontal einstellen, so kann man den jeweiligen Kühlwinkel selbst bestimmen. • Die Ventilatoreigenschaft bewegt bis zu 400 m³ Luft die Stunde! Fazit Obwohl es sich hier um ein relativ kleines Gerät handelt, sorgt es doch effektiv für rasche Abkühlung in warmen Räumen. Das leichte Gewicht und die leichtläufigen Räder sorgen für eine gute M

Description The Caribbean Blue is one of the smaller air conditioners and is actually more of a combination of fan and cooling unit. The color is appealing and conveys coolness as the water tank is blue. The rest of the device is black and white in color. The conspicuous control panel is located directly on the front of the device and is contrasting in white. The large keyboard also allows older people to set the individual functions well and, above all, easily. On the outside there are recessed handles that make transport easier. In addition, there are 4 wheels that allow the device to be easily rolled from one location to another. The castors are smooth-running and roll perfectly on both smooth and carpeted floors. 2 ice boxes are filled with water and frozen in the freezer. The water tank has a level indicator of 4 liters. Start-up Before the first start-up, the 4 castors must be attached using the assembly key supplied. The device should then be cleaned briefly with a damp cloth. And now you can prepare the device. You put water in the tank (but be careful! Observe the max. marking, this is 4 liters) for additional cooling you put the supplied and previously frozen ice boxes in the water tank. The device can now be switched on via the control panel and the corresponding fan speed can be selected. For additional cooling (air conditioning) one presses the "cool" button, which is simply pressed at the selected speed. The ventilation slats can also be individually adjusted. They push cool air out in both vertical and horizontal positions. Functions The device has three different speeds: • low • medium • high How it works As already mentioned, this device is an advanced fan with additional functions. It not only circulates the air, but also cools it when the cool function is also set. In addition, this small device also has a filter that cleans the sucked air from particles before releasing it. The Caribbean Blue device cools the air by means of water evaporation. If the cool boxes are in the water tank, the air is additionally cooled. The device also supplies the air with additional moisture. My experiences Since all the essential buttons are located directly on the front, handling is easy and completely uncomplicated. The water tank is easy to fill. The room is pleasantly refreshed and cooled. The movable slats ensure that the room is completely cooled. Unfortunately, I found out that this device is extremely loud. If you want to read a book in peace or take a nap, the noise is rather annoying. But if you are in a room with several people, or if you are listening to music, watching TV, etc., then the noise is no longer audible. Otherwise, it cleans the air well, provides a pleasant coolness and refreshes the room for several hours. However, I noticed with this device, in contrast to the previous test devices, that the cooling function occurs quite quickly. The room is pleasantly cooled in no time at all (with the other devices, this took between 0.30 minutes and 1 hour!). What else is left to note? • Very important! The swing button! This button can be used to adjust the slats. And in the way you want it to be. The fins are extremely flexible and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, so you can determine the respective cooling angle yourself. • The fan property moves up to 400 m³ of air per hour! Conclusion Although this is a relatively small device, it effectively ensures rapid cooling in warm rooms. The light weight and smooth-running wheels ensure a good M

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Ist ultraleicht und grad mal so Kniehoch. Mit den 4 Rollen problemlos navigierbar. Die müssen nur noch aufgeschraubt werden. Kann nur direkt am Gerät bedient werden. Kein StandBy – richtiger Ausknopf. Sehr einfacher Aufbau. Unten ein Wassertank (ich würde destilliertes Wasser empfehlen, um den Reinigungsaufwand und möglichen Keimungsbefall in Grenzen zu halten). Empfohlen wird etwa 1 x pro Woche den Wasserbehälter und den Filter zu reinigen. In diesen kann man 2 (beiliegende) Kühlakkus oder mehr (einfach handelsübliche ins Gefrierfach legen und dann in den Wassertank) reinpacken. Dann das Gerät einschalten. Das Gerät funktioniert mit oder ohne Kühlakkus/Wasser. Dann eben nur die entsprechenden Programme. Ohne Wasser z.B. nur als Ventilator usw. Das Wasser (plus die Kühlakkus) macht die ausströmende Luft natürlich nochmals merkbar kühler. Man muss jedoch bedenken, dass gerade in so richtig schwülen Sommern, durch das Gerät die Luftfeuchtigkeit nochmals etwas erhöht wird und das nicht, wie eine echte Klimaanlage die Luft entfeuchtet bzw. die heiße Luft, durch einen Abluftschlauch, nach draußen befördert wird !!! Es ist (eben nur) ein Ventilator, der aber eben kühlere (aber auch feuchtere) Luft (als ein einfacher Ventilator) produzieren und abgeben kann. Wer also eher trockene, statt feuchte Luft mag, sollte sich hier vielleicht noch einen Luftentfeuchter zulegen. Von der Lautstärke her ist er nicht gerade flüsterleise. Für ins Schlafzimmer reicht es da nicht. Auf Stufe 1 klingt er schon in etwa so laut, wie eine ältere Dunstabzugshaube auf 2. Die hinteren Lamellen muss man händisch einstellen (nach oben oder unten blasend). Die vorderen werden über Vane aktiviert, die drehen sich dann langsam nach rechts/links. Es gibt also einfachen Ventilator (mit Oszillierend oder ohne) und zuschaltbare Kühle (durch Wasser und Kühlakkus). Der Ventilator hat noch 3 Geschwindigkeiten.

It's ultra light and just about knee high. Easily navigable with the 4 wheels. They just have to be screwed on. Can only be operated directly on the device. No stand-by - real switch off. Very simple construction. Below a water tank (I would recommend distilled water to limit the cleaning effort and possible germination). It is recommended to clean the water tank and the filter about once a week. In these you can pack 2 (enclosed) ice packs or more (simply put commercially available ones in the freezer and then in the water tank). Then switch on the device. The device works with or without cold packs/water. Then only the appropriate programs. Without water, for example, only as a fan, etc. The water (plus the cold packs) naturally makes the outflowing air noticeably cooler. However, you have to consider that, especially in really humid summers, the air humidity is increased again somewhat by the device and that the air is not dehumidified like a real air conditioning system or the hot air is transported outside through an exhaust air hose !!! It is (just) a fan, but it can produce and emit cooler (but also more humid) air (than a simple fan). So if you like dry rather than humid air, you might want to get a dehumidifier here. In terms of volume, it's not exactly whisper-quiet. It's not enough for the bedroom. At level 1 it sounds about as loud as an older extractor hood at level 2. You have to adjust the rear fins manually (blowing up or down). The front ones are activated via vanes, which then slowly rotate left/right. So there is a simple fan (with oscillating or without) and switchable cooling (through water and ice packs). The fan still has 3 speeds.

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Inzwischen gab es schon einige heiße Tage hier in Köln, wo das Thermometer in der Sonne auch schon mal 40 Grad angezeigt hat. Dementsprechend warm ist es auch in der Wohnung, wenn man die Fenster nicht verdunkelt und alles offen hat. Zu Testzwecken bekam ich kostenlos die oneConcept CarribeanBlue Mobile Klimaanlage zugeschickt, die ich auch gleich auf Herz und Nieren getestet habe. Die mobile Klimaanlage kommt gut verpackt in einem stabilen Karton bei einem zu Hause an. Oben drauf befindet sich ein Styropor Teilchen in dem die Rollen liegen und die beiden Kühlakkus. Die mobile Klimaanlage ist in der Farbe schwarz und hat eine Größe von 25 x 55 x 28cm. Vom Gewicht her ist sie angenehm leicht und auch ohne die Rollen könnte man sie mit ihren 4,6 Kilos ohne Probleme an den Griffen umher tragen. Die Rollen sind schnell angesteckt und ansonsten muss man nichts weiter machen. Nur noch hinten in den Wassertank Wasser einfüllen, bis zu 4 Litern, und man sollte darauf achten, die Minimal und Maximal Anzeige nicht zu über- oder unterschreiten. Wenn es in der Wohnung richtig heiß ist und man eine Abkühlung möchte, kann man die beiden Kühlakkus, die vorher im Gefrierfach liegen sollte, mit in den Wassertank geben. So verstärkt man den Kühleffekt um einiges. Macht man dieses sollte man immer auf die Markierung achten, da das Wasser steigt, wenn man die Kühlakkus dazu legt. Ganz oben befindet sich das Bedienfeld. Hier hat man die Tasten Ein / Aus, Speed, Swing und Cool. Mit der Speed Taste kann ich die Geschwindigkeit erhöhen, mit der Swing Taste kann ich die Lamellen verändern und so selber bestimmen, wie ich den Luftzug haben möchte und die Cool Taste bewirkt, dass ich die Kühlfunktion einschalte. Den Wassertank kann man auf der Rückseite ein wenig herausziehen. Das schöne daran ist aber, das man ihn auf der Vorderseite unten auch sehen kann und man dort auch die Wasserstandsanzeige im Auge hat. Auf der dritten Stufe ist sie schon recht laut, aber man kann sich dennoch gut Unterhalten dabei oder auch Fernsehen schauen ohne das es stört. An heißen Tagen kühlt die Klimaanlage auf erträgliche Temperaturen runter und man schwitzt nicht mehr. Einen 40 Quadratmeter Raum schafft dieses Teilchen auf jeden Fall angenehm kühl zu halten. Mit den Kühlakkus oder auch mi,t Eiswürfel hat man an heißen Tagen eine geniale Abkühlung, da die Cool Funktion wirklich kalte Luft in den Raum bläst. Und das wirklich innerhalb weniger Sekunden. Ich kann diese mobile Klimaanlage mit einem guten Gewissen weiterempfehlen und vergebe fünf Sterne.

In the meantime there have already been a few hot days here in Cologne, where the thermometer in the sun has sometimes shown 40 degrees. It is correspondingly warm in the apartment if the windows are not blacked out and everything is open. For test purposes, I was sent the oneConcept CarribeanBlue Mobile air conditioner free of charge, which I immediately put through its paces. The mobile air conditioner arrives at home well packed in a sturdy box. On top of that there is a piece of styrofoam in which the rollers and the two cold packs are. The mobile air conditioner is black in color and has a size of 25 x 55 x 28 cm. In terms of weight, it is pleasantly light and even without the wheels you could carry it around with its 4.6 kilos by the handles without any problems. The rolls are quickly attached and otherwise you don't have to do anything else. Just fill the back of the water tank with water, up to 4 liters, and you should be careful not to exceed or fall below the minimum and maximum display. If it is really hot in the apartment and you want to cool down, you can put the two cold packs that should have been in the freezer beforehand into the water tank. This increases the cooling effect a lot. If you do this, you should always pay attention to the marking, as the water will rise if you put the ice packs next to it. The control panel is at the top. Here you have the buttons On / Off, Speed, Swing and Cool. With the Speed button I can increase the speed, with the Swing button I can change the slats and thus determine how I want the airflow to be and the Cool button causes me to switch on the cooling function. The water tank can be pulled out a little on the back. But the nice thing about it is that you can also see it on the front below and you can also see the water level indicator there. On the third level it is already quite loud, but you can still have a good conversation or watch TV without it being annoying. On hot days, the air conditioning cools down to bearable temperatures and you no longer sweat. This particle definitely manages to keep a 40 square meter room pleasantly cool. With the cold packs or with ice cubes, you can cool off brilliantly on hot days, as the cool function blows really cold air into the room. And really within a few seconds. I can recommend this mobile air conditioner with a clear conscience and give it five stars.

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I metereologi hanno previsto che quest'estate sarà la più calda degli ultimi anni. Con temperature troppo calde, che cominciano già dalle prime ore del mattino, non si riesce molto a stare all'aria aperta. Dentro casa, si muore...non si respira! La mia tecnica è quella di uscire presto, magari andando al mare e quando non è possibile andare un paio d'ore al parco. Vado a fare la spesa molto presto e per il resto della giornata si rientra a casa e si cerca di starci fino al pomeriggio. Sia per gli adulti e maggiormente per gli anziani e bambini il troppo sole e le ore più calde sono da evitare. In casa l'unico rimedio è quello di procurarsi ventilatori e condizionatori per stemperare l'aria e poter respirare e non boccheggiare. Io, in casa, uso questo ventilatore/condizionatore della OneConcept 61lccmpda6l-_sl1500_ Che inoltre è anche depuratore d'aria! Le sue piccole dimensioni permettono di poterlo tenere in qualsiasi stanza: • 25 x 55 x 28 cm (LxAxP) Peso: 4,6 Kg 13083309_556642714496314_1247714731849665026_n13087644_556642837829635_7830495268718781352_n Nella scatola troverete: • Dispositivo • 2 x Portaghiaccio • 4 x Ruote • Chiavi per il montaggio • Tanica dell'acqua • Manuale di istruzioni in lingua tedesca, inglese, francese ed italiana Questo dispositivo smuove fino a 400m³ di aria in un'ora e con un serbatoio dell'acqua da 4 litri per una potenza refrigerante che dura a lungo. 13055394_556642821162970_6291581720336852106_n13043638_556642764496309_6468549682301928279_n13077092_556642734496312_1654922481452225700_n Comodo, pratico e facile da usare. Non avrete l'ingombro e la difficiltà di dove posizionarlo per via di tubi di scarico perchè no ne ha bisogno, funziona semplicemente collegandolo alla presa della corrente. Pratico da spostare grazie alle maniglie laterali 13076934_556642771162975_8673858677220310389_n Facilissimo da usare, nella parte frontale superiore abbiamo 6 tasti per la potenza e le funzioni 13096257_556642777829641_6133301469235998272_n Lamelle del ventilatore con movimento in orizzontale ed in verticale 13076658_556642801162972_648654994254295772_n Messo in funzione è molto silenzioso, ma vi accorgerete della sua presenza grazie all'aria che smuove. Nella parte posteriore abbiamo il filtro che, tranquillamente dopo tanto uso, può essere sostituito 13062019_556642811162971_4167809609776489857_n13062363_556642744496311_8943808563677812717_n Ad un costo molto accessibile avrete a casa un dispositivo che vi farà da ventilatore, condizionatore e purificatore d'aria. 3 dispotivi in 1. Inoltre avrete risparmio di energia e poco ingombro in casa. Lo trovo una gran soluzione per chi non può installare considizonatori portatili ocn tubi di scarico , oppure non vuole spendere una gran cifra per condizionatori fissi. Avrete un grande aiuto durante tutta l'estate

Meteorologists have predicted that this summer will be the hottest in years. With temperatures that are too hot, starting from the early hours of the morning, it is not possible to stay outdoors very much. Inside the house, you die... you can't breathe! My technique is to go out early, perhaps going to the beach and when it's not possible to go to the park for a couple of hours. I go shopping very early and for the rest of the day we go home and try to stay there until the afternoon. For both adults and more for the elderly and children, too much sun and the hottest hours are to be avoided. At home, the only remedy is to get fans and air conditioners to dilute the air and be able to breathe and not gasp. At home, I use this fan/air conditioner from OneConcept 61lccmpda6l-_sl1500_ Which is also an air purifier! Le sue piccole dimensioni permettono di poterlo tenere in qualsiasi stanza: • 25 x 55 x 28 cm (LxAxP) Peso: 4,6 Kg 13083309_556642714496314_1247714731849665026_n13087644_556642837829635_7830495268718781352_n Nella scatola troverete: • Dispositivo • 2 x Portaghiaccio • 4 x Ruote • Chiavi per il montaggio • Tanica • Instruction manual in German, English, French and Italian This device moves up to 400m³ of air per hour and with a 4 liter water tank for long lasting cooling power. 13055394_556642821162970_6291581720336852106_n13043638_556642764496309_6468549682301928279_n13077092_556642734496312_1657492240_2240_1657492240_2248 You will not have the clutter and the difficulty of where to place it due to drain pipes because it doesn't need them, it works simply by connecting it to the socket. Pratico da spostare grazie alle maniglie laterali 13076934_556642771162975_8673858677220310389_n Facilissimo da usare, nella parte frontale superiore abbiamo 6 tasti per la potenza e le funzioni 13096257_556642777829641_6133301469235998272_n Lamelle del ventilatore con movimento in orizzontale ed in verticale 13076658_556642801162972_648654994254295772_n Messo in funzione è molto silenzioso, ma vi accorgerete della sua presenza thanks to the moving air. In the back we have the filter which, after so much use, can easily be replaced 13062019_556642811162971_4167809609776489857_n13062363_556642744496311_8943808563677812717_n At a very affordable cost at home, a device that will serve as a fan, air conditioner and purifier. 3 devices in 1. You will also have energy savings and little space in the house. I find it a great solution for those who cannot install portable air conditioners with exhaust pipes, or do not want to spend a lot of money on fixed air conditioners. You will have great help throughout the summer

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Ho destinato questo condizionatore-ventilatore ai nonni. Avete presente le persone di una certa età che ""Forare i muri di casa?!? No!!!"" o ancora ""No, costa troppo e lo userei poco... "". Ecco, sono loro che poi ti dispiace vedere soffrire quando le previsioni meteo per l'estate sono sempre più nefaste (che poi dipende dai punti di vista) - per me il caldo torrido della scorsa estate - seppure ho l'aria condizionata sia sul posto di lavoro che a casa - è stata un incubo. Quest'anno ho deciso di pensare per tempo anche a loro e questa mi sembra un'ottima soluzione perché in poco spazio, in totale libertà (lo si può spostare dove meglio si crede o anche riporre in un ripostiglio quando non lo si usa) regala un po' di refrigerio. Arriva in una bella scatola di cartone che può essere riutilizzata per riporlo quando la stagione afosa sarà terminata, e già sull'imballo è chiaramente specificato che le istruzioni sono anche in italiano. Il fascicoletto che è contenuto all'interno - dove appunto c'è anche la parte in italiano - dice, oltre alle specifiche tecniche, anche ciò che si può intuire comunque da soli (c'è inoltre una bella immagine esplicativa che dice tutto e che ho riportato qui sotto). Appena aprirete la confezione, troverete - separati dal condizionatore con un ripiano di polistirolo quattro rotelle (per montarle aiutatevi con la chiave contenuta nella stessa busta del fascicoletto delle spiegazioni) e due flaconcini per il ghiaccio. Questi servono per aumentare la capacità refrigerante dell'apparecchio. Vanno prima riempiti d'acqua fino al livello indicato dalla tacca e poi messi in freezer per farli ghiacciare. Al momento dell'utilizzo del dispositivo possono essere aggiunti nella vaschetta. Il funzionamento dell'apparecchio è comunque molto semplice (ecco perché non ho pensieri a lasciarlo nelle mani di due persone che non hanno molta confidenza con la tecnologia). Lo si può usare come semplice ventilatore: schiacciando il tasto swing, dopo aver collegato l'apparecchio alla presa di corrente, l'aria viene smossa attraverso le lamelle. Se invece si vuole usare come condizionatore basta riempire d'acqua la vaschetta posta alla base (si sfila dal retro, facendo attenzione a spostare il motorino) e poi azionare il pulsante cool. Potete mettervi i ghiaccioli, come ho detto sopra, per aumentare il potere refrigerante. Essendo un dispositivo 3 in uno, la terza funzione è quella di purificare l'aria: grazie al sistema di filtraggio interno blocca la polvere. Il serbatoio contiene circa 4 litri: consiglio di inserire prima i ghiacciolini dell'acqua per evitare che il livello della stessa passi il limite massimo. Ci sono poi tre pulsanti per regolarne la potenza. Chiaramente funziona senza necessitare di liquido refrigerante e consumando solo 70 W!!!! Tutti i filtri si rimuovono facilmente e possono essere lavati a mano. Così come è facile spolverare l'esterno. Lo vedete anche voi: esteticamente è ben fatto e molto bello. Testato in questi giorni, anche se non c'è la classica afa di luglio/agosto, sono soddisfattissima. Penso che averci pensato per tempo mi abbia garantito la sicurezza di trovare ancora il prodotto disponibile (perché sono sicura andrà a ruba) ed essere pronta, almeno psicologicamente, al grande caldo.

I intended this air conditioner-fan for my grandparents. Do you know people of a certain age who "" Drill the walls of the house?!? No!!!"" or again ""No, it costs too much and I wouldn't use it much..."". Well, it's them you're sorry to see suffer when the weather forecast for the summer is increasingly bad (which depends on your point of view) - for me the torrid heat of last summer - even if I have air conditioning both on site at work and at home - it was a nightmare. This year I decided to think about them in time too and this seems to me to be an excellent solution because in a small space, in total freedom (you can move it wherever you want or even store it in a closet when you're not using it) as a gift some refreshment. It arrives in a beautiful cardboard box that can be reused for storage when the sultry season is over, and it is already clearly specified on the packaging that the instructions are also in Italian. The booklet that is contained inside - where there is also the part in Italian - says, in addition to the technical specifications, also what you can guess by yourself anyway (there is also a nice explanatory image that says it all and that I have reported below). As soon as you open the package, you will find - separated from the air conditioner by a polystyrene shelf - four wheels (to assemble them, help yourself with the key contained in the same envelope as the explanation booklet) and two vials for ice. These serve to increase the cooling capacity of the appliance. They must first be filled with water up to the level indicated by the notch and then placed in the freezer to freeze them. When using the device, they can be added to the tray. However, the operation of the device is very simple (that's why I have no worries about leaving it in the hands of two people who are not very familiar with technology). It can be used as a simple fan: by pressing the swing button, after connecting the appliance to the socket, the air is moved through the blades. If, on the other hand, you want to use it as an air conditioner, just fill the tray at the base with water (it can be removed from the back, being careful to move the motor) and then press the cool button. You can put popsicles in it, as I said above, to increase the cooling power. Being a 3-in-one device, the third function is to purify the air: thanks to the internal filtering system, it blocks dust. The tank holds about 4 litres: I recommend inserting the ice cubes first to prevent the water level from exceeding the maximum limit. Then there are three buttons to adjust its power. Clearly it works without the need for coolant and consuming only 70W!!!! All filters are easily removed and can be washed by hand. Just as it is easy to dust the outside. You can see it too: aesthetically it is well done and very beautiful. Tested these days, even if there isn't the classic July/August heat, I'm very satisfied. I think having thought about it in time has guaranteed me the security of still finding the product available (because I'm sure it will sell out quickly) and being ready, at least psychologically, for the great heat.

From lucia Rated at 16.04.2016
Tested review

Era da tempo che pensavo di acquistare un condizionatore da utilizzare in camera da letto, in estate non riesco mai a dormire dal troppo caldo, ma c'era sempre l'idea di non voler rompere il muro per poterlo installare. Appena ho visto questo condizionatore, ho pensato, credo proprio che sia quello che fa al caso mio! Niente buchi al muro, si può spostare e rinfrescare la camera che si desidera,molto comodo e pratico. Facile da spostare, grazie alle sue quattro ruote, che ci aiuteranno a portarlo dove ci farà più comodo Arriva in tempi brevissimi, tutto imballato per bene per non ricevere danni in caso di urti. E' corredato dal suo libretto di istruzioni in tedesco e inglese, in modo che possiamo capire come farlo funzionare La prima cosa da dire è che sembra piccolo, quindi ci si domanda se effettivamente faccia quello per cui è stato concepito, poco ingombro, risparmio in termini di corrente elettrica, ma potenza di 70 W per cui riesce a rinfrescare benissimo un'intera stanza.E' stato concepito principalmente come climatizzatore ma è anche un ventilatore con depuratore d'aria e umidificatore. Il condizionatore CarribeanBlue della oneConcept soffierà tra le nostre quattro mura di casa, anche nelle giornate più calde d'estate, un fresco venticello. Il Ventilatore ha tre livelli di potenza e smuove fino a 400m³ di aria in un'ora L'utilizzo è semplicissimo, si può usare come un normale ventilatore, senza aggiungere acqua, l'aria verrà prodotta attraverso le lame con un movimento oscillatorio ed a tre diversi livelli di velocità in verticale ed in orizzontale producendo così una brezza rinfrescante.Se aggiungiamo acqua e ghiaccio, otteniamo un abbassamento della temperatura, per cui avremo aria fredda erogata dal ventilatore e quindi le funzioni di un vero condizionatore Se questo non bastasse, oltre che funzionare come ventilatore e climatizzatore, depura anche l'aria, infatti l'aria che viene aspirata dal sistema di ventilazione, viene anche pulita dalla polvere, tramite un efficace sistema di filtraggio Tutti i filtri si possono rimuovere facilmente e pulire a mano. Il funzionamento delle singole funzioni (COOL/SWING), così come l'impostazione delle diverse velocità del ventilatore (0-1-2-3) avviene tramite l'attivazione di sei pulsanti di grandi dimensioni presenti nella parte anteriore. Funziona benissimo, trovo che anche il design sia molto bello, con forme molto armoniose, nella sua compattezza è anche molto pratico da tenere in un angolo della casa quando non si utilizza. Si adatta perfettamente ad ogni tipo di ambiente, si può scegliere fra due colori, consigliato

I've been thinking about buying an air conditioner to use in the bedroom for some time, in the summer I can never sleep because it's too hot, but there was always the idea of not wanting to break the wall to be able to install it. As soon as I saw this conditioner, I thought, I think this is the one for me! No holes in the wall, you can move and refresh the room you want, very comfortable and practical. Easy to move, thanks to its four wheels, which will help us take it where it will be more convenient for us. It arrives in a very short time, all packed well so as not to receive damage in the event of a bump. It is accompanied by its instruction booklet in German and English, so that we can understand how to make it work The first thing to say is that it seems small, so one wonders if it actually does what it was designed for, small footprint, savings in terms of electricity, but a power of 70 W so it can cool an entire room very well. It was mainly conceived as an air conditioner but it is also a fan with an air purifier and humidifier. Even on the hottest summer days, the oneConcept CarribeanBlue air conditioner will blow a fresh breeze into our four walls. The fan has three power levels and moves up to 400m³ of air in an hour. The use is very simple, it can be used as a normal fan, without adding water, the air will be produced through the blades with an oscillating movement and at three different vertical and horizontal speed levels thus producing a refreshing breeze. If we add water and ice, we obtain a lowering of the temperature, so we will have cold air supplied by the fan and therefore the functions of a real air conditioner. that functioning as a fan and air conditioner, also purifies the air, in fact the air that is sucked in by the ventilation system is also cleaned of dust, through an effective filtering system. All filters can be easily removed and cleaned by hand. The functioning of the individual functions (COOL/SWING), as well as the setting of the different fan speeds (0-1-2-3) takes place through the activation of six large buttons on the front. It works very well, I find that the design is also very beautiful, with very harmonious shapes, in its compactness it is also very practical to keep in a corner of the house when not in use. It adapts perfectly to any type of environment, you can choose between two colors, recommended

From Marc Rated at 23.06.2015
Tested review

Ce rafraichisseur d'air possède 3 fonctions : - ventilateur - rafraichisseur d'air - humidificateur d'air Le fonctionnement est extrêmement simple : vous remplissez le réservoir d'eau situé en bas de l'appareil (voir photo 2). Vous pouvez ajouter deux packs frigorifiques (fournis avec) afin d'augmenter l'efficacité de l'appareil. Une fois ceci fait, 6 boutons permettent le fonctionnement (photo 1). Le premier déclenche le ventilateur, les quatre du milieu servent à régler la vitesse de celui-ci et le dernier permet d'actionner la fonction d'évaporation de l'eau et ainsi rafraichir la pièce. Difficile de faire plus simple. Concernant le produit, les matériaux utilisés pour la coque sont des plastiques de qualité : solides et bien assemblés. L'accès au réservoir et au filtre (qui permet d'assainir l'air envoyé) est simple et rapide (voir photo 2). A l'utilisation, l'appareil reste relativement silencieux. Son côté compact (poids et taille) et ses roulettes lui assurent un côté nomade intéressant (la photo 3 peut vous donner une idée de sa taille). Enfin, et c'est bien là le plus important : ce rafraichisseur d'air est efficace ! J'ai pu l'utiliser dans plusieurs pièces, dont une de 48m². L'appareil assure très bien son rôle : le courant d'air envoyé apparaît bien plus frais que l'air ambiant (alors à 26,2°C). Après environ 1h d'utilisation, la pièce était à une température de 23,6°C. Vraiment pas mal !

This air cooler has 3 functions: - fan - air cooler - air humidifier Operation is extremely simple: you fill the water tank located at the bottom of the device (see photo 2). You can add two cooling packs (supplied with) to increase the efficiency of the device. Once this is done, 6 buttons allow operation (photo 1). The first triggers the fan, the four in the middle are used to adjust its speed and the last allows you to activate the water evaporation function and thus cool the room. It's hard to make it simpler. Regarding the product, the materials used for the hull are quality plastics: solid and well assembled. Access to the tank and the filter (which cleans the air sent) is simple and quick (see photo 2). In use, the device remains relatively quiet. Its compact side (weight and size) and its casters give it an interesting nomadic side (photo 3 can give you an idea of its size). Finally, and this is the most important thing: this air freshener is effective! I was able to use it in several rooms, including one of 48m². The device fulfills its role very well: the current of air sent appears much cooler than the ambient air (then at 26.2°C). After about 1 hour of use, the room was at a temperature of 23.6°C. Really not bad!

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CarribeanBlue Air Cooler

  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Fresh breeze: three wind speeds with up to 400 m³ / h air flow
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