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Active PA Speakers

Active/Powered PA Speakers at the Best Price!

The most important part of any DJ, musician and entertainer or instructors job is to get your music and your message out to your audience. One way to do this is to buy disco speakers in a package, or to choose active PA speakers with the power source already integrated inside. We have mapped out some of the benefits of buying powered PA speakers over passive designs for you so keep on reading to find out more.

You might be finding all this active, passive, powered, unpowered business a bit confusing. Unpowered speakers do not have built-in amps so you would also need to buy, at the very least an amplifier to work this them. These types of loudspeakers are most commonly used for budget setups where space and mobility is not an issue. The main advantage of buying powered PA speakers comes down to convenience. Before affordable active PA speaker products came about and were available to buy online, gigging musicians, entertainers and dance instructors had to haul around bulky sound equipment and accompanying cables - all of which have been replaced with the active PA speaker! All connections are simply built into the same cabinet as the active DJ speakers. This saves on space and means you no longer need to carry around heavy pieces and trip over quite as many wires and cables! This also rules out many problems for those of us who don't know how to match the right power and impedence. This is highly important as it can lead to anything from degraded sound quality to irreparable damaged to your complete PA system. Having the correct sound system configuration is crucial. Another leading benefit is that active PA speakers will usually have extra functions such as master volume control, separately adjustable controls for wireless microphones and are extremely versatile! Browse through our range of active PA speakers and each individual description contains all the information you need before buying powered PA speakers online.

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