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Buy affordable tower fans online - cool down rooms effectively, quietly and efficiently

Summer heat waves make you sweat, even when you are barely moving indoors. Tower fans are an excellent choice to help you cool down. You can buy them in our online shop in a variety of designs to suit your individual needs. This category portrait shows you which device features are of interest when selecting a suitable tower fan.

Tower fan - high benefit in private living space and in the office

A tower fan is quiet and far superior to other fans in terms of noise. It is therefore in great demand, especially for living areas. Especially if there is a bedroom or children's room nearby, you will love these low-noise tower fans. A tower fan that works quietly is also an excellent solution for the home office or the office. The tower fans that can be ordered in our online shop are also very powerful and give you a cool, pleasant breeze when the temperatures are high. Another big advantage is their small footprint. With their slender stature, the elongated tower fans can also be accommodated in narrow niches. They are also ideal for small rooms.

Tower fan available in a variety of models

If you compare the tower fans in our online shop, you will notice differences in the capacity given in watts. Powerful devices are suitable for long-term high temperatures and for areas where there is no risk of drafts. Some models have several modes that you can adjust to your individual needs. We also offer you tower fans with 75-degree oscillation. A tower fan with water cooling that can be ordered from us works according to the principle of latent heat of evaporation. In addition, you can order a tower fan with a remote control and conveniently operate the appropriate mode from afar. You can also choose from tower fans in timeless designs. Whether black, white or silver: Our tower fans are real design classics and fit perfectly into the modern, contemporary interior.

Buying advice on tower fans at Electronic Star

If you just want some cooling for the heat in the office, a 36-watt model reduces the risk of drafts. For those who want a stylish design solution, we recommend a very narrow and tall tower fan with water cooling. Should you want to continuously vary the intensity of the fan, you are well advised to use a device that has several modes. A tower fan with a remote control is an excellent solution in the office, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without wasting time getting up.


Are tower fans suitable for smart home applications?

In our online shop, tower fans are optionally available with app control. These can be conveniently operated from a smartphone and, with their smart features, are particularly suitable for users who are enthusiastic about technology.

How loud are tower fans?

Compared to other fans, a tower fan is quiet. During use, it only reaches around 55 to 65 decibels and does not disturb operational processes.

Which modes can be set for tower fans?

Most models that are equipped with several modes can be set to a normal and a night mode. In nature mode, the device simulates gusts of wind based on the intensity of the air flow. The gust of wind is similar to that in nature and is very pleasant for heated bodies.
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