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Mobile Air Conditioners

Mobile air conditioning - pleasant coolness anywhere

When it gets unbearably hot outside in summer, a mobile air conditioner is a perfect solution for cooling down your own home or in the office. Unlike permanently installed air conditioners, mobile air conditioners offer the advantage of flexibility and mobility as they can be easily moved from room to room and do not require complex installation. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about portable air conditioners.

Mobile air conditioners: There are these types

Mobile air conditioners come in a variety of designs and sizes. Here is an overview of the most important types:

  • Mobile air conditioner with an exhaust hose: This type of air conditioner requires an exhaust hose that directs the warm air outside. Most models come with a window kit that allows the exhaust hose to be installed in a window or door.

  • Mobile air conditioner without an exhaust hose: This type of air conditioner works differently than conventional air conditioners. They cool the air in the room by evaporating water and do not require an exhaust air hose. However, they are not as effective as portable air conditioners with an exhaust hose.

  • Small air conditioner: They are particularly suitable for small spaces or for use when travelling because they are compact and light and can be easily stored in a suitcase or backpack.

What a mobile air conditioner is used for

Mobile air conditioners are usually equipped with various functions to optimally regulate the room climate. Here is an overview of the most important features:

  • Temperature control: Most models have a temperature control that allows you to set the desired room temperature.

  • Timer function: With the timer function you can set when the device should switch on and off. This saves energy and ensures that the room is only cooled when you are actually using it.

  • Dehumidification: Many models can also be used as dehumidifiers. This is particularly helpful in damp rooms such as bathrooms or basements.

  • Air purification: Some models have an air filter that removes dust and pollutants from the air, resulting in better indoor air quality.

You should pay attention to this when buying a mobile air conditioner

Before you buy a portable air conditioner, you should consider which features are important to you and which type of air conditioner best suits your needs. If you can work in a room with windows or doors, an air conditioner with an exhaust hose is recommended as it is more effective and energy efficient. However, if you cannot or do not want to install an exhaust hose, you should consider a mobile air conditioner without an exhaust hose. Note, however, that these usually only provide a slight cooling of the room.

A small air conditioner is suitable for small rooms or when travelling. However, keep in mind that these are usually less powerful and only suitable for small rooms.

Other factors that you should consider when making a purchase decision are the volume of the device, the cooling capacity, the energy efficiency class and the size of the water tank (for models without an exhaust hose).

If you want to buy a mobile air conditioner, you should pay particular attention to the quality and performance of the device. Less expensive models often have a lower cooling capacity and are louder than high-quality models. You should also pay attention to the energy efficiency class to save on electricity costs.

Frequently asked questions about mobile air conditioners

Does a mobile air conditioner always need an exhaust hose?

No, there is also an air conditioner without an exhaust air hose that cools by evaporating water. However, this is far less effective than a mobile air conditioner with an exhaust hose.

How much space does a mobile air conditioner need?

It depends on the size of the device. The compact mobile air conditioner without an exhaust hose requires little space, while larger models require more space.

How loud are mobile air conditioners?

It depends on the individual air conditioning system. In general, however, models with a higher cooling capacity are louder. Pay attention to information about the volume of the device in the product description.

How often do I have to fill up the water tank of an air conditioner without an exhaust hose?

The frequency with which the water tank of an air conditioner without an exhaust hose needs to be refilled depends on the size of the water tank and the period of use. Normally, however, the water tank needs to be refilled every few hours to ensure uninterrupted cooling.

Can I also use a mobile air conditioner in winter?

Yes, many models also have a heating function and can be used for heating in winter. However, they are usually less effective than conventional heaters.

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