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Built-in Wine Coolers

Built-in wine coolers: Elegant storage for fine wines

Are you a wine lover with a passion for the perfect storage of your fine wines? Then a built-in wine cooler is just right for your home. These specialised refrigerators are designed to store wine bottles at optimal temperature and humidity. This is how the wines maintain their quality and taste.

Built-in wine coolers fit seamlessly into the design of your kitchen or living room. They are designed to look like a piece of furniture or part of the kitchen decor. They offer not only a functional but also a visually appealing solution for presenting your wine collection.

These refrigerators come in different sizes and with different capacities. This means you can choose a model that exactly suits your needs. Whether you are a casual connoisseur or a serious collector.

There are features such as UV-protected glass doors, LED interior lighting and adjustable temperature zones. This way, you can ensure that every wine is stored under ideal conditions.

Invest in a built-in wine fridge and enjoy the luxury of always serving wine at the perfect temperature. At the same time, you can make a stylish statement in your living space.

Features of built-in wine coolers: What you should know

If you're considering purchasing a built-in wine cooler to properly store your wine collection, there are a number of features you should consider. A well-equipped wine cooler can make the difference in whether your wines reach their full potential. Here are some key features to keep an eye on.

Different temperature settings

Built-in wine cooler with 2 zones or more: Ideal for storing red and white wines at their respective ideal temperatures. You can set up different areas for different types of wine.

UV protection

UV-protected glass door: To protect your wines from harmful UV rays that can spoil the wine, the refrigerator should have a UV-protected glass.

Vibration protection

Low-vibration: To protect the wine from disturbances that could affect the sedimentation process, it is important that the wine refrigerator is designed to be low-vibration.

Moisture control

Humidity regulation: Constant humidity is important to protect the corks from drying out and thus ensure the airtightness of the bottles.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency: An energy-efficient wine cooler not only saves costs, it also protects the environment.

High-quality shelves

Sturdy shelves: Shelves that can support the weight of wines and may be adjustable to accommodate different sized bottles.

LED lighting

LED interior lighting: On the one hand, this offers an atmospheric presentation of your wines and, on the other hand, does not give off any heat that could disturb the climate in the refrigerator.

Security features

Lockable door: To ensure the safety of your wine collection, especially if you have children in the household or value security.

User-friendly control panel

Digital control panel: An intuitive control panel makes it easy to monitor and adjust temperature.

Buying a built-in wine cooler: What you should consider

When choosing a built-in wine cooler, you should look for these features to ensure that your wine is stored in the best possible conditions. It is worth investing in a model that offers all of these features to ensure the long-term enjoyment and quality of your wine collection.

Size is also important. Whether a wine cooler for installation with 60 cm, 57.5 cm or 55.5 cm, the refrigerator should fit perfectly into your interior.


What size should my built-in wine cooler be?

The size of your built-in wine cooler should depend on the space you have available and the number of bottles you want to store. Consider where the refrigerator will be placed and whether you prefer a narrow, tall refrigerator or a smaller "cube". Built-in wine coolers come in different heights and widths to suit the kitchen and can be integrated under the worktop as undercounter wine coolers.

Should I choose a built-in wine cooler with one or more temperature zones?

The decision whether to choose a wine cooler with one or more temperature zones depends on whether you want to store different types of wine that require different storage conditions. For a diverse collection that includes both red and white wines, models with two temperature zones are recommended.

What functions are important in a built-in wine cooler?

When buying a built-in wine cooler, you should look for features that ensure optimal storage, such as UV protection to protect the wine from sunlight, an anti-vibration system to not disrupt the wine's ageing process, and adjustable humidity to protect the corks from drying out. In addition, good insulation, adjustable feet for a secure stand, and a low noise level are desirable.
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