Maxfresh Fan Air Cooler Humidifier

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Top features
  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier & night mode
  • Low noise: quiet operation with 51 dB
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant cooling directed at the body

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Maxfresh Fan Air Cooler Humidifier 4-in-1 Function Oscillation 6L Water Tank 55W Timer Function

Maximum refreshment with an economical 55 watts! The Klarstein Maxfresh 4-in-1 air cooler brings pinpoint cooling on hot summer days. As a fan, air cooler and humidifier in one, it provides a refreshing air flow and a cool head everywhere - thanks to the night mode, it also makes it easier for you to sleep on hot summer nights. The convenient switch-off timer, which can be pre-programmed up to 15 hours in advance, is particularly impressive.

The Klarstein Maxfresh has three different operating modes: normal mode, a nature mode that simulates the rising and falling of the wind, and a night mode that also reduces the wind speed until it stops operating altogether. In combination with the air cooler function, the refreshing effect is enhanced by the evaporation of water. For a long operating time, the tank can be filled with up to 6 litres of water, while two replaceable cooling packs additionally lower the temperature. The water tank can be completely removed for easy filling, cleaning and emptying.

Limitless refreshment: Thanks to handles and built-in floor rollers, the Klarstein Maxfresh air cooler is completely mobile, and reaches every corner of the room thanks to the oscillation function.

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Product details

Top features:

  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier & night mode
  • Low noise: quiet operation with 51 dB
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant cooling directed at the body
  • Cool for hours: two cooling packs and 6L water tank
  • Refreshing breeze: 4 wind speeds, nature and sleep mode as well as timer function


  • Economical 4-in-1 air cooler
  • Operating modes: Normal, Night mode, Nature mode
  • Nature mode: increasing and decreasing ventilation speed
  • Night mode: increasing and decreasing ventilation speed with a gradual reduction in speed until it switches off
  • Timer: 1-hour intervals, adjustable between 1 and 15 hours
  • 6-litre water tank for long cooling capacity without refilling
  • LED display with self-explanatory symbol display
  • 6-button control section on the upper side
  • Ice packs to increase cooling capacity
  • Adjustable ventilation louvres
  • Water level indicator on the front
  • Water outlet protection via acoustic signal tone
  • Four 360° floor rollers for easy positioning
  • Foldable transport handle
  • Air flow rate: 444 m³/h
  • Power: 55 W
  • Power supply remote control: 2 x 1.5 V AA battery (not included in delivery)
  • Power supply: 220-240 V~ | 50 Hz

Scope of delivery:


  • 29 x 74.5 x 34 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: 1.10 m
  • Weight: approx. 6.6 kg

Customer opinions

From 13 Customer
From Amazon user Rated at 18.08.2021
Tested review

We chose this air cooler because of its price/performance ratings. Our children are allergy-triggered asthmatics and tolerate the heating air poorly.
So we needed a device to improve the air. The humidifier is ideal for this. Our children can breathe again. Our initial concerns that the unit would consume too much electricity were unfounded.
The cooler consumes just as much as a conventional light bulb. Absolutely recommended purchase.

From Amazon user Rated at 19.06.2021
Tested review

The fan with cooling function is very unobtrusive in appearance.
I installed and switched on the unit using the instructions provided. For filling the water, the appliance has a large drawer that is very easy to remove and reinsert. I had previously put the batteries supplied in the freezer. When I switched it on for the first time, I first tried the fan-only function, and I found the result very good. After inserting the batteries, it was time for the cooling function. You have several levels, I also found the cooling result very good and pleasant. Exactly as described, the unit is made for smaller rooms, and it is very well sufficient for that.
I also find it very positive that the device is very light and has wheels. So you can easily move it around the room for your needs. The material is light and very cleanly finished.
I'm already looking forward to the not-so-hot days!

From Amazon user Rated at 16.06.2021
Tested review

We bought this air conditioner because our bedroom is under the roof and in summer it sometimes makes sleeping unbearable.
The unit is easy to use and very handy because it is on 4 wheels and you can push it anywhere. In the lower part of the appliance there is a drawer in which you fill cold water for cooling and put in 2 freezer batteries. The unit makes a slight wind noise on level 1, which I don't find annoying, but you can turn it up to several levels, which makes it a little louder. You can set the slats to "wind" and the air will blow in different directions. There is also a timer so that it switches off automatically and, of course, a remote control.

From Amazon user Rated at 09.06.2021
Tested review

The air cooler is not only visually beautiful, it also looks good for its size. It's light in weight, even more practical with the cool carrying handle, but you can also roll me comfortably from A to B.
It is easy to operate, you don't even have to read the instruction manual, and with the remote control you can control it from the comfort of your sofa.

From Amazon user Rated at 03.06.2021
Tested review

I have it in the bedroom, the noise level is pleasant, it makes super fresh cool air, the remote control is great and you can turn off the lights.
My bedroom is 20 square metres and has a pleasant 18 degrees when operated correctly

From Amazon user Rated at 02.06.2021
Tested review

I am totally thrilled

From Amazon user Rated at 30.05.2021
Tested review

A great device, exceeds my expectations. The unit is barely audible at the two lower ventilation levels, making it suitable for my bedroom.
The fan noise is audible at the two highest ventilation levels, but it doesn't bother me even when I'm watching TV.
Very good ventilation and good cooling. Of course, the unit cannot be compared to an air conditioner.
But, I am vol satisfied with it.

From Amazon user Rated at 15.05.2021
Tested review

Since we have an uninsulated attic flat and the air is unbearably stuffy in summer, despite air conditioning, we decided on this air freshener fan.
The ice packs in combination with the night mode provide pleasant cooling. Despite the many settings and programmings, everything is simple and neatly presented on a beautiful display with few buttons. The volume is fine and on the lowest setting we can run it at night without waking up my noise-sensitive partner.
I would say the summer can come!

From Amazon user Rated at 22.04.2021
Tested review

We have been using the Maxfresh daily for 2 weeks now.
The difference to conventional fans is very big, I think.
The water container, which I always fill with well chilled water and ice cubes,
our bedroom already cools down very quickly and well, so that you have a pleasant temperature in the room and it makes sleeping bearable.
I also find the unit very pleasant in terms of noise level. You notice it, but it's still quiet.
A big plus on the unit is the slats. This allows you to adjust the air circulation well and you don't have to be blown on. There is also a remote control. If the air cooler gets too much for me at night, I can switch it off using the remote control without having to leave the bed.
My conclusion:
A TOP device which I would order again at any time

From Amazon user Rated at 11.04.2021
Tested review

I received the product a few days ago. The delivery was fast.
After last summer, when the temperature in my flat reached more than 30 degrees even at night, I decided to get something to prevent my flat from going to hell.
The machine is very easy to use and comes with a remote control. Basically, it's an air cooler, fan and humidifier. All functions are easy to control and manage. It gives a nice chill, can also swing and bring a nice wind. There was a bit of a smell at first but only because it was being used for the first time. It is also quiet. It also has a beautiful design and thanks to the wheels it can be moved easily. The water tank is quite big, so I hope I won't have to fill it too often. There are also two additional ice boxes. It does its job. I am now ready for the summer. 5 stars from me.

From Amazon user Rated at 19.03.2021
Tested review

The Maxfresh air cooler operates relatively quietly and therefore does not interfere with work in the home office. The air is pleasantly cooled, also thanks to the large water tank and the two cooling batteries included. The remote control is very practical and with the timer function the appliance can switch itself off, e.g. if you leave it running at night in summer. Good value for money.

From Amazon user Rated at 09.03.2021
Tested review

The fan keeps its promise. The water tank has been filled for over a week and the air is super fresh. my plants seem to have been doing better for a week now and the humid air makes them breathe much better. I'm looking forward to trying out the cooling function in the summer.

The product looks nice and seems to be made of high quality. Would definitely recommend

From Amazon user Rated at 05.03.2021
Tested review

This air cooler is very effective, with a simple water cooling system that works well. Very easy to use and good to carry around the house.
I would just give it a longer power cord.

Customer opinions

Maxfresh Fan Air Cooler Humidifier

  • 4-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler, humidifier & night mode
  • Low noise: quiet operation with 51 dB
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant cooling directed at the body
163,19 €
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