Summerjam Stand Fan Set

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Top features
  • Two 41 cm stand-alone fans with 50 watts power each and height-adjustable stand
  • Cooling breeze: 5 blades for higher airflow
  • Low volume due to specially developed rotor blade
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Summerjam Stand Fan 2-pc Set 50W 3 Steps White
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Summer - sun - Summerjam: the Klarstein stand fan 2-piece set brings fresh breeze on hot days and cools overheated moods to a pleasant working temperature.

Its cooling performance is ensured by the specially developed rotor blades, which not only ensure low noise but also a high airflow. As a result, 69.18 m³ / min of air circulate over 3 selectable speed levels without annoying engine noise. This makes the stand-alone fan ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments such as office and sleeping areas. With 50 watts of power consumption, the stand fan is an extremely economical way to provide pleasant air conditions.

The horizontal swivel range may be extended to 80 ° for a targeted alignment of the airflow, and the fan head tilted vertically by 20 °. The slender design of the height-adjustable stand fan is suitable for creating a cooling air flow even on limited surfaces. The Summerjam always has a secure stance on its stable base.

The adjustable timer function is particularly convenient. Depending on the setting, the Klarstein Summerjam ensures refreshing air circulation for a defined period of time. All functions may also be selected by remote control.

With the Klarstein Summerjam stand fan 2-piece set, blow a fresh breeze through overheated rooms and make sunny days a pleasure again.

Available colours: 2-pc set white, 2-pc set black (item: 60002057), 2-pc grey (item: 60002059)

Set consists of

Summerjam Standing Fan 41cm 50W 3 Steps Black

Product number: 10031452

Included quantity: 2

Top features:

  • Freshness of your choice: powerful and stylish pedestal fan with 3 wind speeds
  • Powerful: 5-blade rotor (16"/ 41 cm) for a strong air flow of 4,150 m³ / h
  • Height adjustable: rotor head height adjustable by 20 cm
  • Individual: switchable horizontal oscillation by 80 ° and rotor head manually tiltable by 20 °
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant air flow that cools the body with every activity
  • Pleasantly quiet: only 57 dB operating noise at the highest level
  • Simple & intuitive: convenient control via control panel or remote control
  • Energy-saving & environmentally friendly: only 50 watts of power consumption in continuous operation
  • Safe tilt protection: thanks to a stable round base


  • On / off switch on the front
  • Switchable oscillation function: approx. 80 ° (horizontal)
  • Tiltable fan head: approx. 20 ° (vertical)
  • 4 timer setting options: 0.5 / 1/2/4 hours
  • Protective grille ensures safety during operation
  • Air flow: 4150 m³ / h
  • Power consumption: 50 watts
  • Max. operating noise: 57 dB
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ | 50/60 Hz
  • Remote control power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included)


  • Minimum height: about 108 cm
  • Maximum height: about 128 cm
  • Rotor diameter: about 41 cm
  • Diameter base: about 40 cm
  • Weight: about 5 kg
Customer opinions
From 9 Customer


From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 14.06.2021

Die Lüfter sind jetzt 2 Jahre im Einsatz und tun immer noch, was sie sollen: einen kühlenden Luftstrom zu erzeugen, ohne dabei mit Laufgeräuschen zu nerven. Beides gelingt angesichts des günstigen Set-Preises erstaunlich gut. Empfehlung!

The fans have now been in use for 2 years and still do what they are supposed to do: generate a cooling airflow without annoying running noises. Both work surprisingly well in view of the low set price. Recommendation!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 23.06.2020

Sehr guter Ventilator. Bedienung über die Fernbedienung ist recht einfach.

Very good fan. Operation via the remote control is quite simple.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 10.09.2019

5 Sterne delux

5 star deluxe

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 01.09.2019

Gutes Gerät, sehr niedriger Geräuchpegel. Zu empfehlen

Good device, very low noise level. To recommend

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 26.08.2019

Die Ventilatoren tun was sie sollen - Luft bewegen. Der Aufbau ist einfach und war schnell erledigt. Alles in allem ein empfehlenswertes Produkt.

The fans do what they are supposed to do - move air. The assembly is easy and was done quickly. All in all a recommendable product.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 05.08.2019

alles wie beschrieben!

everything as described!

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 24.09.2018

Gute Qualität zu einem fairen Preis.

Good quality at a fair price.

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 27.08.2018

Top Teile! Die Optik ist elegant und sie sind wirklich sehr ruhig. Das es Fernbedienungen gibt ist das Beste, weil man es vom Schreibtisch aus direkt regulieren kann, ohne ständig aufstehen zu müssen. Dies erleichtert es ungemein an einer bestimmten Aufgabe durchgängig zu arbeiten und gleichzeitig nicht zu zerfließen in der Hitze. Auch das es 2 Stück sind ist extrem gut, weil so das ganze Büro schön gleichmäßig was davon hat. Preis-Leistung mehr als erfüllt! Verbesserungsvorschlag: Das keine Batterien dabei sind entweder in die Beschreibung aufnehmen oder Batterien dazu legen ;-)

Top parts! The look is elegant and they are really very quiet. Having remote controls is the best because you can control it right from your desk without having to get up all the time. This makes it immensely easier to work consistently on a specific task and at the same time not melt away in the heat. The fact that there are 2 pieces is also extremely good, because the whole office benefits from it evenly. Value for money more than fulfilled! Suggestion for improvement: that no batteries are included, either include them in the description or add batteries ;-)

From Amazon-Benutzer Rated at 02.07.2018

Der Ventilator ist sehr gut verarbeitet, die Materialqualität ist ebenfalls gut. Leichte Bedienung, gute Funktionalität. Klare Empfehlung, würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen.

The fan is very well made, the material quality is also good. Easy to use, good functionality. Clear recommendation, I would buy again at any time.

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Customer opinions
Summerjam Stand Fan Set
  • Two 41 cm stand-alone fans with 50 watts power each and height-adjustable stand
  • Cooling breeze: 5 blades for higher airflow
  • Low volume due to specially developed rotor blade
99,99 €
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