Cycloony Mini BIke

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Product number: 10026399
Cycloony Mini BIke
81,99 € (incl. VAT)
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Top features

  • Portable exercise bike, suitable for installation under desks or in the living room

  • Motor operation, no looking required

  • 12 speed levels and training times individually selectable

Product description

The Cycloony MiniBike from Klarfit is the ideal fitness machine for those who want to do something good for their bodies during sedentary activities or for those who have limited space. Your leg and arm muscles can easily work out almost of their own accord, no matter if you are at home or at work. With the motor running, no looking is necessary, nor do you need to concentrate on the exercises. Once set in motion, the pedals turn at a constant speed, automatically taking your arms and legs along for the ride. The regular movements not only improve muscle and stamina, they are also ideal for gently training the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

The portable unit may be moved easily to any location thanks to its 4.6-kg weight, and it fits comfortably under your desk or in front of the TV in the living room. With minute-by-minute training sessions, adjustable by 5 minutes up, as well as a speed selectable between 12 individual speed stages, the Cyloony is the ideal training bicycle for short breaks throughout the day as well for longer training sequences.

Use the motorised minibike sitting or lying down to train different muscle groups of the legs, or place it on a table to exercise the arm muscles. A forward or reverse rotation may be selected in order to achieve an optimal result with different targeted movements. With the motor running, the Cycloony from Klarfit is the ideal movement trainer: simply set a suitable speed, and the automatic pedal rotation will ensure targeted and uniform movement of the limbs. Velcro straps on the pedals make sure that the feet or hands find an optimal grip and will not slip off during operation.

The device is controlled by the connected wired remote control. Via six clearly labeled buttons, the rotation speed may be increased or decreased, the chosen direction of rotation may be selected and the training time can be set. Press the ‘mode’ button to move the display of the LCD control display to show either the remaining training time, the virtual distance, the selected speed and the calories burned by the exercise session.

Please note that the unit is delivered partially assembled. With the included tool kit, even those who are not technically skilled can assemble the device and make it ready for use within 5-10 minutes.

Available colours: white/blue, black/orange.


  • Selectable forward or reverse motion
  • Training sessions per minutes  adjustable up by 5 minutes
  • Pedals with velcro strap for ideal fit
  • Calorie display
  • Distance display
  • Use when sitting or reclining
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • On / off switch on the front panel
  • Power consumption: 70 W
  • Power supply: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Delivered partially assembled
Product number: 10026399

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • 41 x 30 x 48cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 4.6kg

What will be delivered?

  • 1 x device
  • 2 x pedals
  • 2 x stand feet
  • 1 x tool and screw set
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)

Delivery & shipment

Ready for delivery

Shipping time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews
18 Ratings

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aber leider ist das Anlegen der Pedale nicht ganz einfach. Die Pedale dreht sich wenn man den Klettverschluß schließen will. Zur richtigen Benutzung braucht man eine zusätzliche Person die die Pedale anlegt wenn man/frau nicht mehr so gelenkig ist. Schade - die regelmäßige Benutzung hält sich in Grenzen.

but unfortunately putting on the pedals is not that easy. The pedals rotate when you want to close the Velcro. For correct use you need an additional person to put on the pedals when you are no longer so flexible. Too bad - regular use is limited.


Es wird immer noch benutzt, als Unterstützung nach einer ️OP. Man möchte doch wieder etwas fitter werden…

It's still used as a backup after a ️OP. You want to get fitter again...


Für meinen aktuellen gesundheitlichen Zustand genau passend. Macht sogar richtig Spaß, bis auf die gelegentliche Arbeitsverweigerung. Dann kommt eben AEG, also Ausschalten, Einschalten, geht wieder. Zu leicht ist er auch, muß also noch schwerer gemacht werden. Die Pedale sind nicht zu gebrauchen, da meine Füße immer herausrutschen und die Auflagefläche viel zu klein ist. Ich habe jetzt meine Clickis dran und die Fahrradschuhe an. So geht's.

Exactly right for my current state of health. It's actually really fun, except for the occasional refusal to work. Then comes AEG, meaning switch off, switch on, go again. It's also too light, so it needs to be made even heavier. The pedals are useless because my feet keep slipping out and the contact surface is much too small. I now have my clickis on and my cycling shoes on. That's how it's done.


Verpackung und Lieferung wann okay benutze das Karfit ist jetzt zwei Wochen täglich. Leider läuft es nicht ganz rund das ist mir unangenehm und es geht zurück

Packaging and delivery when okay use the Karfit is now two weeks daily. Unfortunately, things aren't running smoothly, which makes me uncomfortable and it's going back


Sehr gutes Gerät. Ich bin vor Kurzem an der Hüfte operiert und für mich ist dieses Gerät wie geschaffen. Bitte nicht mit Reha Ergo-Therapie Gerät zu verwechseln, das hier ist Strom betrieben.

Very good device. I recently had hip surgery and this device is perfect for me. Please do not confuse it with the rehab ergo therapy device, this one is powered by electricity.


Das Minifahrrad an sich ist nicht schlecht, nur die Handhabung hat mich nicht überzeugt. Wenn man ihn für die Beine nutzen will muss man etliche Stühle durchprobieren und dann mit viel Kissen arbeiten, bis man eine Höhe und einen Neigungswinkel gefunden hat, der passt und nicht zusätzlich belastet. Bei der Nutzung mit den Armen ist es genau das Gleiche. Ist der Tisch zu nieder gibt es tierische Rückenschmerzen, ist er zu hoch, tun die Schultern weh. Alles in allem ist mir das zu kompliziert und hat mich nicht überzeugt.

The mini bike itself is not bad, only the handling did not convince me. If you want to use it for your legs, you have to try a number of chairs and then work with lots of cushions until you find a height and angle of inclination that fits and doesn't add extra strain. It's exactly the same when using it with your arms. If the table is too low, there is animal back pain, if it is too high, your shoulders hurt. All in all, it's too complicated for me and didn't convince me.


Das Gerät ist Super, verarbeitung Top

The device is super, processing top


Es war alles ok.

Everything was fine.


Fernbedienung zu kurz

Remote control too short


Das Gerät selber ist sehr gut. Nur ist es sehr schwer im sitzen das Gerät zu treten weil es ständig wegrutscht. Bessere Stadfestigkeit wäre von großenm Vorteil. Noch was stört mich sehr das das Gerät im Betrieb ständdig piepst

The device itself is very good. Only it is very difficult to kick the device while sitting because it constantly slips away. Better city stability would be a great advantage. Another thing that bothers me a lot is that the device beeps constantly during operation


The th read of the controller is short

The th read of the controller is short


Ansich nicht schlecht bietet aber zu wenig Herausforderungen geht viel zu leicht auch im schwersten Modus für die Leistung viel zu teuer hab es nach Knie Prothese gekauft war aber selbst gleich nach reha Aufenthalt keine wirkliche Hilfe nur sinnloses Gestammel ohne Anforderung Würde es nicht mehr kaufen Ein einfaches billigeres währe warscheinlich intensiver gewesen.

Not bad in itself but offers too few challenges is much too easy even in the most difficult mode for the performance much too expensive bought it after knee prosthesis was but even immediately after rehab stay no real help just pointless stammering without requirement Wouldn't buy it again A simple one cheaper would probably have been more intense.


Ich habe das Gerät für meine Tochter gekauft, sie ist schwer behindert und kann selbstständig nichts machen. Mit diesem Gerät kann sie üben und macht sie Spaß. Das Gerät hat ein Motor eingebaut und durch die Fernbedienung verschiedene Geschwindigkeiten nutzen.

I bought the device for my daughter, she is severely disabled and cannot do anything on her own. With this device she can practice and have fun. The device has a built-in motor and can be used at different speeds with the remote control.


Das Gerät könnte einen etwas stabileren Stand haben. Die Bedienung ist einfach.

The device could have been a little more stable. Operation is easy.


Erfüllt die Erwartungen.

Meets expectations.


Leider fehlt die Montageanleitung. Ansonsten verlief der erste Test zu meiner Zufriedenheit. Die Standfestigkeit könnte verbessert werden.

Unfortunately the assembly instructions are missing. Otherwise, the first test went to my satisfaction. The stability could be improved.


Das Gerät hätte zwar 5 Sterne verdient bekommt von mir aber nur 4Sterne da ich die Bedienungsanleitung mieserabel finde. Das Gerät hat 5 Programme es steht nirgens was diese 5 Programme bewirken.. Zum Beispiel Länge der Laufzeit und Schnelligkeit.

The device would have deserved 5 stars but only 4 stars from me because I find the operating instructions lousy. The device has 5 programs, nowhere does it say what these 5 programs do. For example, length of runtime and speed.


Mi è appena arrivata questa mini bike e debbo dire di essere rimasto molto soddisfatto dal risultato ottenuto. A differenza delle normali cyclette funziona a corrente, la pedalata avviene sia manualmente che attraverso il computer interno. La cyclette si presenta con un mini computer situato nella parte frontale da dove è possibile : Regolare la velocità di andatura Scegliere le modalità disponibili Visualizzare su un mini display valori come le calorie bruciate, la velocità raggiunta, il tempo e cosi via dicendo Nella confezione ho trovato: La mini cyclette Un cartone in polistirolo con i pedali e piedi Una bustina con le viti ed una piccola chiave inglese Prima di connettere la presa di corrente in dotazione e quindi iniziare a pedalare, bisogna montare piedi e pedali attraverso le viti e lo strumento presente nella confezione. Dopo aver fatto questo, basterà premere il tasto power per accendere il display, posizionare i piedi, scegliere la modalità e iniziare a bruciare grassi comodamente seduti dal divano o poltrona. Se siete alla ricerca di una comoda cyclette che non occupi spazio in casa e che sia efficiente, adatta a coloro che non possono fare attività sportiva o sono sedentari, allora questo è il prodotto che fa al caso vostro.

This mini bike has just arrived and I must say that I was very satisfied with the result. Unlike normal exercise bikes, it works on current, pedaling takes place both manually and through the internal computer. The exercise bike comes with a mini computer located on the front from where it is possible to: Adjust the speed of the ride Choose the available modes View values such as the calories burned, the speed reached, the time and so on on a mini display In the package I have found: The mini exercise bike A polystyrene cardboard with the pedals and feet A bag with the screws and a small wrench present in the package. After doing this, just press the power button to turn on the display, position your feet, choose the mode and start burning fat while sitting comfortably on the sofa or armchair. If you are looking for a comfortable exercise bike that does not take up space in the house and is efficient, suitable for those who cannot do sports or are sedentary, then this is the product for you.